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The Best Places to Live in Texas: A Movers Guide

Texas, commonly known as the Lone Star state, occupies the most extensive land in the south-central U.S. Most of its regions remain delineated with water bodies. To the East, you will find the Red River. Sabine River acts as most of its border to Louisiana on the East, and the Gulf of Mexico separates it from Mexico. Its capital sits in Austin, a city with a rich history.

What is Living in Texas Like?

Living in Texas is like being home and on vacation at the same time. Whether you are a historian, an adventurer, an antiquer, or a foodie, Texas has several activities that fit everyone's budget and lifestyle. Begin your day with beach activities such as surfing at the Texas Gulf Coast and enjoy your evening watching various sporting activities such as San Antonio Rampage and the Texas Stars hockey at Cedar Park. Whether you are a visitor or a resident who loves hockey games, you will always find an action by visiting North Richland Hills and Corpus Christi.

You will always find activities to spend quality time with family and friends thanks to its vastness in terms of economy, history, culture, physical attractions, and weather. If you are relocating to Texas, you will find a series of vast regions. From densely populated coastal plains, high plains, mountain terrains to low prairies. For this reason, you will need a comprehensive moving-to-Texas guide by a moving company to actualize your dream once you find a new home in Texas.

Top Reasons to Relocate to Texas

There is no shortage of reasons to move to this great state. Texas has something for everyone, whether you are looking for a new adventure, exciting job opportunities, warm weather, or top-rated learning institutions. The vast terrains spread from north to south are home to a diverse population and different cities attracting thousands of people yearly. The Lone Star State has become among the most visited states for the following reasons:

1. No State Income Tax in Texas

Texas is among at least seven U.S. states that do not have a state income tax. This tax-friendly state enables visitors and Texans to save more than those in states with taxes on personal income. Relocating to Texas means you will have more disposable income to put in your child's college fund or enjoy the state's beautiful scenery.

2. Many Great Schools in Texas

Often, one of the main factors most people consider before relocating is schools. Texas' school districts offer excellent academics, sports, and art programs. A report by the U.S. News & World Report's annual ranking shows that Texas is home to at least 10 percent of the top 100 ranked high schools in the U.S. Besides, the state's Elementary schools remain among the top schools with the best curriculums.

3. Low Home Prices and Low Cost of Living in Texas

You can afford a home in Texas, unlike in many populous states. Moving to this no-state income tax state means you can save more to pay a down payment for a bigger house, unlike in highly taxed states. The median listing home price for a home in San Antonio is approximately $243,300 and $273,443 in Huston.

4. Presence of Master-Planned Communities in Texas

Most cities in Texas boast of a master-planned community. Texan developers include an integrated approach while building homes. This strategy implies that you can easily access amenities such as playgrounds, recreation centers, shopping centers, and top-rated district schools from your home.

5. Booming Economy and Growing Job Market in Texas

The state is among those with many employment opportunities. Reports by the Dallas Morning News depicted that its sectors created 1,000 jobs daily in 2019. The unemployment rate in Texas stands at 4.1 percent despite a downshift in economic growth in 2023. Texas abounds with opportunities for you to plan a start-up or look for a high-tech industry job.

6. Texans Boast for Warm Weather Year-Round

In Texas, you get to experience warm weather on most days. If you are tired of harsh winter and cold weather, move to Texas and enjoy dry heat no matter the destination you choose. Although the heat may reach as high as 90s°F in summer, Texas abounds with community pools for you to enjoy a cool afternoon. Mostly, northern cities such as Dallas-Forth Worth record a high of 55 degrees. Besides, if you choose Austin and Houston, January temperature will only rise to at most 61 degrees.

7. Diverse Culture and Friendly People in Texas

With a population of approximately 28,995,881, the people enjoy the vastness and diversity of cultural life. Besides, the state is known for its cowboy heritage, diverse agricultural wealth, natural gas or oil production, and a rich cosmopolitan cultural life.

8. Plenty of Safe Cities and Suburbs in Texas

Security and safety are also among the top reason people relocate to Texas. With a violent crime rate below 0.5 per 1,000, in most Texas cities, the state is among the safest and family-friendly places to call home. The top five safest cities in Texas include Hutto, Fulshear, Trophy Club, and Colleyville and Murphy, according to statistics from the total crime rate of 2018.

List of The Best Places to Live in Texas

The following list comprises top places with the best living conditions, job opportunities, and great schools in friendly neighborhoods.

1. Fort Worth

The city remains among the places with low violent crime rates, low cost of living, and affordable housing in Texas. Fort Worth is known for TUC football teams and Texas's TCU university. The medium housing price in Fort Worth stands at $154,300, which is affordable when compared to other most populous cities in the U.S. Besides, the city's cost of living is 0.2% below the average cost in the U.S.

The city is home to Museums Amon Carter Museum of American Art, the Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame, and the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History. Besides, you can always access natural parks such as the Fort Worth Zoo from popular neighborhoods, including Austin Heights Rivercrest, and Westover Hills.

2. Plano

If you are in Plano, you can access Dallas' museums and theaters. Plano remains the greenest suburb known for attracting cooperate investors such as Dell services and Pizza Hut. Located in the East of Dallas, Plano city has 285,537 people and a median home value of $320,100. The median average income in Plano is higher than the U.S. average.

3. Houston

If you are interested in relocating to southeast Texas, then Houston should be your destination. With a population of 2,320,660, the city is among the most affordable places to live in the U.S. Travelling in and out of the city is convenient thanks to the major airport, such as Houston Hobby and George Bush International.

Most Houston residents own affordable homes valued at $171,800. The most sought-after neighborhoods in Houston include West University Place, The Museum District, and River Oaks. In 2020 the unemployment rate in this city was at 9.3%. The city is home to Fortune 500 companies such as Center Point Energy and FMC Technologies, creating hundreds of jobs yearly. The city has its share of fun activities such as bike rides and professional sports by major league teams such as Texans (NFL) and Houston Rockets (NBA) with arenas in Houston.

4. San Antonio

The city is home to many veterans and thousands of tourists. Residents benefit from jobs in the hospitality and tourism sectors. In 2020, the average unemployment rate was at 8.6%. The city is known as a family town that is home to San Antonio Missions National Historic Park. Texas' second-largest city offers affordable housing and a low cost of living compared to the U.S. average. People with a military background will find San Antonio a favorable destination. This military city is home to the Joint Base San Antonio and various leading industries.

5. Dallas

Live in Texas's financial hub, Dallas. With at least 169,400 dollars for median housing price, this Texan city is affordable compared to other cities in the U.S. It is the economic and cultural center of four North Texas cities and Dallas-Fort Worth suburbs. If you choose to live in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metro Area, you can access more facilities than those living in surrounding towns such as Frisco, Plano, McKinney, and Arlington.

Moving to Texas Checklist

No matter the Texas city you have chosen, remember that moving is not an easy task. Consider the following checklist to help you prepare for a seamless transition:

  • Find a reputable moving company

  • Research your neighborhood

  • Be strategic about any new purchases as you prepare to relocate

  • Have an adjustable budget

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