Moving from New York City to New Jersey

Moving from New York City to New Jersey

Living in New York City (NYC) is fascinating and feels magical at times. Many people worldwide are thrilled by the thought of this city’s adrenaline-filled lifestyle and robust economy. However, many New Yorkers are increasingly leaving this city to New Jersey (NJ), and you may wonder why?

While living in New York is many people’s dream, the city is also considered one of the most expensive and populated places to live in the US. NYC is also ranked among the most expensive cities globally. It may be regarded as a desirable place to live where dreams come true, but only if you can afford the robust lifestyle.

The cost of living is one of the main reasons many are moving from NYC to NJ. New Jersey offers a quick and reliable alternative due to its proximity. The stress of the busy schedule and large crowds in NYC can take a toll on anyone, but NJ offers some serenity after a hectic day’s work. Also, what you pay for an ordinary apartment in NYC, can get you a luxury one in New Jersey.

Moving from New York City to New Jersey

Benefits of Moving from NYC to NJ

With more than 8.4 million people, living in NYC can be hectic, especially if you are on a budget or struggling with some basic needs. On the other hand, NJ is generally cheap, making it a favorable destination for many New Yorkers to relocate. For whatever reason people move, here are some more benefits of moving from NYC to NJ.

Cheaper Housing

NYC has some of the highest rent rates in the US, and living here requires you to have a high income. It is also estimated the costs will continue to rise. These high rent prices can make life in this city a challenge. But moving to NJ gives you a cheaper alternative. Cheap rentals are one of the primary reasons for relocating from NYC to NJ. Renting and buying real estate is much more affordable in NJ.

You can take a Train to Work

If you live in New Jersey but work in New York, you can easily take the train to work, which is cheaper than driving to work while living in NY. It’s even quicker if you live in the northern or north-central regions of NJ because it can take you only 30 minutes to one hour to work. Alternatively, take a ferry across the Hudson River. This allows you to work in NY and still live in NJ affordably.

Driving a Car is Affordable

With the large crowds in New York, driving your car is hard, not to mention the expensive parking garages. It can cost you $250 to $500 or more for parking in NYC. Traffic can often be awful, taking up to an hour driving to work or home, even if you live within the city. In New Jersey, there is a more suburban feel in many areas where you can freely park safely in driveways and apartment parking lots.

Calmness and Peaceful Moments

New York City may offer the modern lifestyle that everyone is craving, but the busy schedules, crowd, stress, and overworked people can leave you drained. New Jersey also provides a similar setup but a more quiet and serene life. In NJ, it’s easy to relax after a day’s work in a restaurant or bar, which is also more affordable than in NY, away from the crowd and noise. The beaches in NJ are also more beautiful than NY, thus giving you more favorite and peaceful places for fun and relaxing.

Lower Taxes

Besides rent being cheaper, you will enjoy lower taxes if you relocate to NJ. For instance, in NJ, the sales tax is about 3.5%, while it’s 8.5% in NY. There is no sales tax on clothes, which is excellent for fashion enthusiasts. This is unimaginable compared to the expensive clothes stores in NY. If you are looking to save more on your cost of living, moving from NYC to NJ is a smart move. But how do you move from New York to New Jersey?

How to Move from NYC to NJ

Now that you have decided to move from New York to New Jersey, the next important step you should take is finding a reliable and reputable moving company. Such movers will help you understand moving costs and their reliability based on the number of belongings being moved and the place. Although the distance from NY to NJ is short, it’s not going to be as easy and fast as you may think. A smart way would be proper planning and preparation before moving.

Hiring professional movers will help you save more time, energy, and money. When looking for a reliable moving company, there are some things you should do. You can start by asking your co-workers, family, and friends for the best company like North American Van Lines. We have a reputable record and years of experience since 1933 and over 500 agent locations countrywide.

Our company is the answer to moving from New York to New Jersey. We understand the worries and the fears of many people while moving property. It takes time to pack and finish, which also requires a great deal of energy mentally and physically. But our more than 80 years of experience has established us as an excellent entity in the industry.

Cost of Moving from NYC to NJ

When you choose a professional moving company such as North American Van Lines, you will always get value for your money. The company will consider the item’s weight, the distance of the destination, unpacking and parking services, and the number of items being moved. Such factors determine the actual cost, but the average cost of moving from New York to New Jersey is $ 2,316.11. Also, as you move to New Jersey, take time and know the most popular cities in the state.

Costs of Moving from New York City to New Jersey

Most Popular Cities in New Jersey

Convenience should be the leading factor in where you want to live in NJ. While it may be more affordable than NY, you should ensure the city you plan to move to offers you what you want to achieve. Here are the most popular cities in NJ.

Jersey City

If you plan to live in NJ but still work in NY, Jersey City is a convenient place to consider. The city is located in Hudson County and has the largest population. Jersey City serves as a distribution, transportation, and manufacturing center because it’s part of the New York metro region. Living in this city can help you achieve your reasons for moving away from NY due to its closeness.


This is one of the oldest cities in the United States after its incorporation in 1836. Also, if you are looking to advance your education, Newark is known for its universities and colleges, like the New Jersey Institute of Technology, among others. As one of the oldest places in the US, it holds some beautiful sceneries and outstanding facilities. For instance, take time and enjoy the convenience of commuting at reasonable prices through the Big Apple.


Paterson is the third-largest city after Newark, with an average household income of about $56,398. The rental cost in recent years was at an average of $1,193, making it much cheaper than New York.

Why North American Van Lines?

When people move from NYC to NJ, it’s mainly searching for a cheaper location and a quieter place to live. The only sensible or reasonable thing is hiring an affordable moving company, and North American Van Lines offers the best and unmatched rates. Our industrial experience spanning decades shows we are a seasoned full-service mover. But here is more.

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North American Van Lines has one of the largest fleets in the nation, with over 500 local movers. We can serve you from the furthest locations, even if it’s Arizona or Arkansas. Our 24-hour customer service makes our enviable resources reliable and capable of giving you quality.

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