Moving from New Jersey to Pennsylvania

Moving from New Jersey to Pennsylvania

If you are planning to move to Pennsylvania, be prepared to find welcoming communities, stunning scenery, and plenty of exciting things to do. Pennsylvania is a state rich in American history and full of job opportunities. Residents enjoy the beauty of the outdoors, great food, exciting professional sports, and so much more at a surprisingly affordable price. With so much to offer, there are plenty of reasons to get excited about relocating from New Jersey to the Keystone State.

Moving from New Jersey to Pennsylvania

Benefits of Moving from New Jersey to Pennsylvania

Plenty of Job Opportunities

Home to 22 Fortune 500 companies, Pennsylvania is the land of opportunity. The state’s job market is built on a foundation of major corporations and established industries but also attracts startups and entrepreneurs. Thanks to the affordable cost of living, many businesses have chosen to lay down their roots in the state, which has led to a boost in tech, manufacturing, and robotics jobs. In fact, an innovative program known as Ben Franklin Technology Partners has contributed to the state’s technology growth and has helped to create nearly 150,000 jobs since it was founded in 1983.

It’s Affordable

One of the reasons Pennsylvania is such an attractive place to live is because it offers a high-quality of life with a low cost of living. There’s no shortage of affordable places to live in Pennsylvania, including small towns like Bethlehem as well as suburbs of larger cities. You will even find that major cities like Pittsburgh and Philadelphia offer a significantly lower cost of living compared to other East Coast metropolitan areas. In fact, Jersey City is 45% more expensive than Philadelphia and the median home cost is 216% more in New Jersey!

Rich in History

Pennsylvania is one of the most historic cities in America. It’s the place where the Declaration of Independence was signed and the U.S. Constitution was written, and it’s home to countless historic sites including the Liberty Bell, Gettysburg National Military Park, Independence Hall, and so many others. In fact, visitors can even follow the Pennsylvania Trails of History to journey through our nation’s farming, industrial, military, and community roots. You could spend several days exploring museums, historic homes, revolutionary battlefields, and scenic views of colonial America.

Close Proximity to Great Locations

Pennsylvania’s location makes it easy to access a number of incredible locations. Philadelphia is about an hour from Atlantic City and about two hours from New York City. You can also reach Washington D.C. in about three hours and Boston in six hours. Pittsburgh is also located just a few hours from Niagara Falls and Toronto. When you live in Pennsylvania, you get to enjoy easy access to a number of fabulous locations without paying the hefty price tag.

Excellent Education

It’s always a plus to live in a state with excellent educational opportunities and Pennsylvania is packed with top-notch colleges and universities. Among these include the prestigious Carnegie Mellon, University of Pennsylvania, the University of Pittsburgh, Temple University, and of course, Penn State.

Most Popular Cities to Live in Pennsylvania


Philadelphia is the 6th largest city in American, so it should come as no surprise that it’s packed with plenty of amenities. For starters, it is home to some incredible historic sites like Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell. It is also a great city for employment and is home to huge companies like AmerisourceBergen, Comcast, Lincoln National Corporation, Universal Health Services, and Genesis Healthcare among many others. The cost of living in Philly is also significantly lower than many other major metropolitan areas and there are plenty of unique and affordable neighborhoods. Philly also has fantastic public transportation, plenty of green space, and loads of family-friendly attractions. Not to mention its location makes it easy to enjoy a weekend getaway to a number of incredible places.


Packed with diverse neighborhoods, gorgeous downtown views, incredible bridges, and top-notch sports teams, it’s no wonder Pittsburgh ranks among the top cities to live in the U.S. It’s residents share a fierce pride and love for their city and they enjoy a great quality of life at a price more affordable than most other large cities. Packed with parks, entertainment, great restaurants, and great schools, Pittsburgh attracts newcomers who are looking for a strong sense of community and plenty of exciting things to see and do.

Cost of Moving from New Jersey to Pennsylvania

Expenses can quickly add up during a move and that’s why it’s important to use a professional moving company that is both reliable and affordable. At North American, we understand how stressful moving can be and we offer up-front pricing and competitive rates so you can rest assured you are getting the best possible price. The average cost to move from New Jersey to Pennsylvania with North American is $2,313.80. Of course, there are several variables that will determine the exact cost such as the distance of your move, the number of items being moved, and additional services such as packing or special handling. The easiest way to get an accurate quote is by using our Quote on Demand tool listed above.

Cost to move to New Jersey from Pennsylvania

How to Move from New Jersey to Pennsylvania

Moving can be stressful but moving from one city to another can present even more challenges. That’s why it’s important to move with a professional moving company like North American who can coordinate every aspect of your move from beginning to end. North American has been moving customers like you for more than 85 years so we know exactly what it takes to navigate a long-distance move. We provide our customers with the help they need every step of the way from packing and loading their belongings to safely and efficiently transporting them to their new home. We want your relocation to be as easy and hassle-free as possible so call us today and find out more about our convenient and affordable moving services.

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