Moving from Pennsylvania to Texas

Moving From Pennsylvania to Texas [Benefits, Cost & How To]

With all the benefits that come from moving from Pennsylvania to Texas, it is no surprise that so many people decide to do it. Whether you are looking for a job, a lower cost of living, or just want a change of scenery, this guide will help you plan your move to the Lone Star State.

Moving From Pennsylvania to Texas

Benefits of Moving From Pennsylvania to Texas

Pennsylvania is a great state to live in, but moving to Texas can be very exciting as well. There are many things that you will gain from going to the western side of the country and you can enjoy it knowing you made the right choice.

Before we discuss how much it will cost to move from Pennsylvania to Texas, let’s take a look at why people are making this move in the first place.

High Employment Rate

The economy of Texas is growing at a fast rate. As more and more people move to the state, there are plenty of opportunities for people looking for work. This is great news for people who need a job or want a better career opportunity.

Lower Cost of Living

One of the most obvious benefits of moving from Pennsylvania to Texas is the lower cost of living. This means that groceries, utilities, transportation, healthcare, housing costs, and more are dramatically less expensive than in Pennsylvania.

Great Weather

One of the main reasons why people move away from Pennsylvania to Texas is because of its climate. Did you know there were more days over 100 degrees in Dallas-Fort Worth than in any other U.S city? For those who like hot weather, Texas is a great place to be.

Housing Prices Are Lower

Housing costs are a major factor when it comes to deciding whether or not you can afford to live somewhere. In Pennsylvania, housing prices have been rising over time due to factors such as higher taxes and increased regulation. Texas has a more relaxed regulatory environment, less stringent tax conditions, and the ability to build new homes more quickly.

No State Income Tax

Unlike Pennsylvania, there is no personal or corporate income tax in Texas. This means that your paycheck will go further! These savings could add up to hundreds of dollars per month—that’s money you can use towards things like rent or your mortgage.

Safer Neighborhoods

The crime rate is much lower in Texas than in many other states, including Pennsylvania. It's safer to raise a family and enjoy life without the constant worry about crime than it is elsewhere.

Beautiful Landscape

When you live in Pennsylvania, you're surrounded by mountains and rolling hills. While this can be a beautiful sight, if you want open spaces where you can see for miles, then moving to Texas may be your best option.

How To Move From Pennsylvania to Texas

Moving is stressful enough as it is, but add in the extra complication of moving your family and possessions across long distances, and you’ve got a recipe for both stress and exhaustion.

Most people find that getting a professional company to help with their move makes everything easier and quicker. Your professional moving company will coordinate and perform all of the tasks involved with safely and efficiently delivering your belongings to your new home.

Cost of Moving From Pennsylvania to Texas

The average cost of a move from Pennsylvania to Texas is $4,023.19. However, the exact cost will vary based on many variables like distance, number of items, and special belongings. Fill out the Quote on Demand above to find out exactly how much your move will cost. It's quick, easy, and you’ll get instant results within just a few minutes!

Cost of moving from Pennsylvania to Texas

Most Popular Cities in Texas

Texas is home to some of the most populous cities in America. With places like Austin, Houston, and Dallas becoming fast-paced hubs for business, tech, and culture these days, it’s no wonder so many folks are now moving to the Lone Star State in droves. But what exactly makes each of these cities such popular destinations?'

San Antonio

The Alamo, the River Walk, and the San Antonio Spurs are just some of the highlights that make San Antonio a premier city in Texas. Home to major companies like USAA and Valero, as well as innovative health care facilities like UT Health San Antonio, this city truly offers something for everyone.


The most surprising thing about Austin, Texas, is that it’s not that surprising. The “Live Music Capital of the World” label is simply a result of its excellent musicians, venues, and fans. The city's love of breakfast tacos and barbecue is a product of its deep roots in Texas traditions and its residents' unpretentious desire for good food. Its quirky vibe is as natural as its many waterways and green spaces.


Did you know Houston has one of the hottest food scenes in the country? Or that it's one of the most diverse cities on the planet and home to multiple art galleries and museums in greater Houston? Well, now you know.

If you are planning a move, Houston is a great place to live and work, with opportunities in many different fields. The cost of living is reasonable, and if you want to relax, there are plenty of beaches along Galveston Bay.


Dallas is recognized worldwide as a financial center with a thriving economy. It's also an art, culture, and food Mecca, with the world-class Dallas Museum of Art and Perot Museum of Nature and Science.

In addition to being Texas’s third most populous city, it is the ninth most populous city in the country. If you’re looking for a large city with plenty to offer, look no further than Dallas!

Fort Worth

Comfortable temperatures and a variety of activities make Fort Worth one of the most popular cities in Texas. It is known as the "City of Cowboys and Culture" and is the world's only museum devoted to American Western art and one of the largest collections of Western art in the world. It is also home to the world's largest honky-tonk, Billy Bob's Texas.

El Paso

El Paso is the perfect place to experience the best of Texas. It is the perfect blend of city amenities, authenticity, and beauty. The mountain views make it hard to beat, yet there’s plenty to do and see in town. Filled with interesting architecture, delicious food, and historical museums, this bustling city has something for everyone. Whether you’re interested in history or just want to have a good time without breaking the bank.

Corpus Christi

Corpus Christi has been voted the best beach and best family vacation destination in Texas by numerous magazines and newspapers and offers something for everyone. The warm climate makes it a great place to swim or fish year-round, and history buffs can also explore the USS Lexington.

From being a stunningly beautiful city to having a long list of great activities, Corpus Christi, Texas has a lot going for it.

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