Moving from California to Kentucky

Moving from California to Kentucky

California is a beautiful coastal state, but it can be an expensive and hectic place to live. Many people want to leave behind the sunny state for a more comfortable living situation. Moving from California to Kentucky means you can continue to enjoy outdoor adventures and tasty food while reducing your expenses and getting more elbow room!

Relocating to Kentucky from California is an excellent decision. From delicious food to famous horse races to historical landmarks, keep reading to find out what Kentucky offers!

Moving from California to Kentucky

Benefits of Moving from California to Kentucky

There are benefits of leaving the Golden State and heading to Bluegrass country! If you’re still hesitant about this relocation, consider the enticing benefits of Kentucky.

Low Cost of Living

Compared to bustling California, Kentucky has a low cost of living, meaning a gallon of milk and the gas for your car will cost considerably less. California is known for its exorbitant prices because many people love to live there.

But Kentucky can offer much of the same adventures and comfort at a lower price. Expect necessities like rent and utility bills to be lower, as well as the fun things like dining out or buying a six-pack of beer!

Outdoor Adventures

People that live in California get to experience a range of outdoor activities. There are places to hike, beaches to swim, and other outdoor excursions. But Kentucky also has plenty to offer in the way of outdoor fun! You can take a wonderful hike up the Appalachian Mountains or visit Kentucky Lake, a beautiful blue body of water that offers an ocean-like experience.

Developing Workforce

California has a strong workforce in the tech and hospitality industries, but Kentucky can hold its own in terms of stable work and decent pay. The state has a growing workforce, from sales jobs to public health positions and more. Many people feel the wages are better than in California when factoring in the cost of living in each state.

Southern Food

California has tasty seafood and great tacos, but how can that compare to the warmth and comfort of classic Southern BBQ? You can try famous state staples like the Derby Pie, a Mutton Barbecue, or a refreshing Mint Julep! If you love bourbon, you can explore Kentucky’s famous Bourbon Trail, featuring eleven distinct distilleries with bold and inventive flavors.

The Kentucky Derby

You don’t need to be interested in horses or horse racing to be enticed by the world-famous Kentucky Derby. From the pastel suits to the extravagant hats, the Derby is a unique and memorable experience that people flock to from out of state. When you live in the Bluegrass State, you can enjoy this event every year!

Cost of Moving from California to Kentucky

We know cross country moving can be stressful. At North American, we strive to make every move hassle-free and worry-free. Long distance moves can also be costly, so we keep our prices low and flexible. We work with your budget to create custom moving plans, so you don’t need to spend extra money!

The average line haul moving cost from California to Kentucky with North American is $4,800. Many factors go into calculating moving costs. The distance you’re going, the time of year you’re moving, and the number of items you have all play a role in pricing. Your best bet to know the true cost is to fill out the Quote on Demand tool above.

While the cost of living in Kentucky is much lower than in California, the cost of moving can be a massive financial hurdle. We want to help you relocate with ease and peace of mind at reasonable prices.

Average cost to move: $4,800

Most Popular Cities in Kentucky


Many people don’t realize how steeped in history this city is. Louisville is the capital of and the largest city in Kentucky. It has a myriad of activities and locations, such as the famed Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs.

You can also celebrate baseball history at the fascinating Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory where the bats are still produced. And, of course, it’s packed with tasty distilleries where you can relax with friends.


Lexington, Kentucky is more beautiful than you may believe, with historical mansions and cemeteries, arboretums, lakes, and Romanesque gatehouses. Take tours of famed politicians’ former estates and explore the yummy food available in Downtown Lexington. Lexington offers a unique combination of quaint farm life with the fine dining and museums you expect in a major city.

Bowling Green

Bowling Green is a charming city to visit in Kentucky, offering informational museums to tour and magical caves to explore. Visit the Corvette Museum to see the insane prototypes and classic cars, or visit the Lost River Cave to have an outdoor adventure and a peaceful boat ride.

For a wilder ride, you can visit the Beech Bend amusement park for family thrills! Despite all that Bowling Green has to offer residents and visitors, it’s one of the most affordable cities to live in.

How to Move from California to Kentucky

Once you decide to relocate to the Bluegrass State, now comes the headache of packing and making the long-distance move. But North American moving wants to help you transition to Kentucky as seamlessly as possible, so you and all of your belongings can arrive safely.

Rather than take on this massive move on your own, trust North American to carry you through this relocation with our 88+ years of moving experience. We will take care of all the moving logistics, including supplies like moving and packing materials, and help with packing household items, moving furniture and appliances, and shipping large or valuable items.

Call North American today and let our professionals help make your relocation stress-free!

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