Moving from California to Illinois

Moving from California to Illinois

California is a "perfect" state. Whether you live in San Francisco, San Diego, or Los Angeles, it has everything from mountains, national parks, lively cities, and beautiful beaches. However, the rising cost of living, high taxes, and the growing threat of wildfires have made living in California more challenging. That's why many individuals and families are waving goodbye to the West Coast to settle down in the Midwest.

Illinois is a great state to consider relocating to, as it has affordable suburbs and a lively city. Whether you want to retire somewhere affordable or start a family in a quaint suburb, you'll find that Illinois has everything you need for the next phase of your life.

Here's what you need to know before moving to Illinois from California.

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Benefits of Moving from California to Illinois

According to the North American Van Lines® Migration Map, California has seen a significant uptick in outbound migration over the last few years. Many individuals are leaving the state because of the rising cost of housing and everyday essentials and housing. They also find they can afford a better quality of life in different states. Some benefits you can look forward to once you make the move to Illinois include:

Cost of Living Difference

According to My Life Elsewhere, the cost of living in California is 22.3% more expensive than in Illinois. Individuals can expect to pay more for everything, including housing, childcare, and everyday essentials. Renting and owning a home is also much more expensive in California. According to Zillow, the value of a house in California is around $783,666, while Illinois is only $257,7738. 

If you're moving from California to Illinois, you'll find that the affordable cost of living will make life easier and more enjoyable. You'll have more money to invest in your future, enjoy vacations, or invest in a bigger home in a better neighborhood.

Rich Sports History of Illinois

Illinoisans are serious about their sports. Whether it's baseball, football, or basketball, sports are deeply ingrained in the culture. Locals love spending time at tailgates and bars, cheering on their favorite teams with friends and family. 

Illinois has many professional sports teams for hockey, basketball, baseball, and football. Some of the biggest professional sports teams in Illinois include:

  • Chicago Bears
  • Chicago Cubs
  • Chicago Bulls
  • Chicago White Sox
  • Chicago Blackhawks

Most of the professional sports teams are located in Chicago. If you're a big sports fan, consider moving closer to Chicago to enjoy live sporting events in your free time. 

Better Traffic and Commute

California is notorious for bumper-to-bumper traffic in the big cities. The state also doesn't have the best public transportation, so many individuals rely on their cars to get to work.

If you’re moving from California to Illinois, you’ll be happy to know the traffic is only terrible in the bustling city of Chicago. If you live in Chicago, you'll find that the city has an impressive public transportation system. So you can easily take the train or bus to work and not need to sit in traffic after work. If you commute to the city, you'll still find the traffic much less severe than any of the major cities in California. 

Illinois City Life

Illinois is home to the third-most populous city in the United States. Chicago has a population of 2.6 million individuals and has some of the best suburbs, food, arts, and community culture. If you love New York City and Los Angeles but are overwhelmed by the sheer size of the cities, you'll find Chicago an enjoyable alternative. If you've never been to Chicago, some attractions you should consider checking out once you're done moving from California to Illinois include:

  • The Art Institute of Chicago
  • Field Museum
  • Millennium Park
  • Navy Pier 
  • Cloud Gate
  • Lincoln Park Zoo
  • Shedd Aquarium

Best Cities to Live in Illinois

From the Midwest kindness to the vibrant suburbs and cities, there are many benefits to moving from California to Illinois. Once you commit to the move, you'll find it easy to make Illinois your home. Not sure where you want to move to? Here are five of the best cities in Illinois to consider moving to:

  • Chicago: The third-largest city in the United States, Chicago’s booming economy is filled with job opportunities, and its vibrant art scene and affordable suburbs make it a great city for young professionals, college graduates, and families. 
  • Springfield: Centrally located in the middle of Illinois, Springfield is a small city with a quaint vibe. It's known for its affordable suburbs, friendly neighborhoods, and charming appearance.
  • Rockford: The perfect Midwest suburb. Rockford is safe, fun, and beautiful. It has many great restaurants, parks, and family-friendly weekend attractions.
  • Peoria: Perfectly located on Peoria Lake, Peoria is a beautiful city with a robust economy. It has an impressive public transportation system, lively cultural activities, and a low cost of living. This endearing city in Illinois is for families and individuals who want to live in. a city with a small-town feel.
  • Edwardsville: Charming and quaint, Edwardsville has many top-rated schools and safe communities. The city also has an impressive nightlife scene for young professionals. 

Cost of moving from California to Illinois

Long-distance moves are challenging. If you’re wondering how far California is from Illinois, it’s around 2,081 miles away. So, you'll want to take some time to plan and budget accordingly. While moving by yourself may seem like the most affordable solution, there are a ton of unexpected expenses you'll need to account for, including renting a van, buying gas, and ordering moving supplies.

As you prepare to move from California to Illinois, you are probably concerned about the cost of your move. Long-distance moves can be expensive, so it’s important to choose a moving company that offers excellent service at an affordable price. North American is proud to offer superior service and competitive pricing. The average linehaul moving cost from California to Illinois with North American Van Lines is $6,000.

Average cost to move: $6000

The actual price will be dependent on other variables such as the number of items being moved, the exact distance of the move, and any additional moving services such as packing and unpacking. The best way to get an accurate quote is by using our Quote on Demand tool above or calling our customer service representatives.

At North American Van Lines, we have over 90 years of experience helping individuals, families, and corporations move to Illinois from California. We create custom moving plans for all of our customers, so you only pay for the moving services you need. We also offer specialty services like auto shipping and storage units to ensure you're taken care of throughout your long-distance relocation. 

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