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Countries That Pay You to Move There

Moving overseas isn’t as expensive as you might think. In fact, there are some countries that pay you to move there. It’s an incredible opportunity for people with the right skills, resources, experience, and background. These programs not only help cover the costs of relocation, but they also fast-track your visa application ‒ smoothing your way through what can otherwise be a lengthy and complicated process.

Why There Are Places That Will Pay You to Move There

Be aware, these offers generally come with a few conditions. They aren't vacation offers. Governments have created them as a way to help rejuvenate communities struggling with:

  • Declining Populations. All over the world, people have been leaving small towns for big cities. In some places, the trend has become so pronounced that officials have started offering money to reverse the process and inject new life into rural areas.
  • Brain Drain. Lack of educated workers often slows economic growth. Communities can’t function without doctors, engineers, and entrepreneurs. By subsidizing foreign talent, countries hope to encourage growth, improve basic services, and expand their business sector.
  • Dilapidated Properties. As a result of population loss, buildings in many historic towns have fallen into disrepair. In some cases, city leaders are willing to provide generous stipends to outsiders to move in and restore these old homes.

Most countries that pay you to move there require at least a one to three-year commitment. A remote town in Switzerland will give you and your family $35,000 or more if you’re willing to stay for at least ten years! So if you’re serious about life overseas, here are some of the countries willing to help you achieve your dream.

Top Five Places That Will Pay You to Move There Internationally

If you're ready to pack those bags and move overseas, here are the top five places that will pay to move there internationally:

1. Chile

Want to start your own business in Chile? Start-Up Chile is a program in Santiago that offers funding to entrepreneurs. With this program, you can receive up to $80,000 in equity-free funding plus a one-year visa.

The program has three different tiers: build, ignite, and growth. Each tier is geared towards different start-ups and businesses. It's recommended that you read through the tiers to see if you qualify should you decide Chile is the best place that will pay you to move there for your goals and aspirations. The program backs around 100 start-ups a year, so you must plan to secure funding.

2. Italy

Have you always dreamed of moving to Italy? Now is your chance. Italy has a great, well-thought-out program for students, making it one of Europe's best places that will pay you to move there internationally. Their program is called Invest Your Talent in Italy. Students can apply for $10,000 of funding and a one-year visa with this program. Applicants must reside in one of the participating countries and also enroll in an Invest Your Talent in Italy course.

Not a student? Candela, Italy, is looking for individuals to move to their small town to help increase the population size. With this program, individuals can receive up to 800 euros, and families of four or more can receive 2000 euros to move there. This is one of the best places that will pay you to move there. The only requirement is once you move, you must secure a job that pays at least 7500 euros a year.

3. Ireland

Dreaming of living in Ireland one day? The country will pay you to move to one of its smaller offshore islands. There are over 30 different islands with a total population of less than 3,000. Under its Our Living Islands Policy, Ireland will offer individuals and families a grant of up to €84,000 ($92,297) to make the move.

Many of the properties on the islands have been vacant for decades and were built before 1993. Individuals who qualify for the program must purchase a property on the island and use the grant to refurbish the home. This is a great program to consider, especially if you love the outdoors, hiking opportunities, and the lush greenery of Ireland.

3. Spain

Spain is one of the easiest and cheapest countries to move to from the USA. Spain has an Entrepreneur's Visa program providing individuals with funding to start their own businesses. Entrepreneurs who qualify can get up to $50,000 in funding plus a one-year visa. To apply, you need:

  • To fill out the application
  • Provide a photograph and a valid passport
  • Show proof of sufficient financial resources
  • Submit criminal record
  • Copy of the favorable report

You will also be required to submit other paperwork for the one-year visa.

If you aren't an entrepreneur or don't plan on starting a business anytime soon, Ponga also has a relocation program. Ponga is located in northwestern Spain and has a population of less than 600. The program pays couples €3000 to move there and an additional €3000 for every child they have. However, families are legally bound to live in Ponga for at least five years.

4. Greece

Ready to trade in the fast-paced life for a simple life on an island in Greece? Antikythera, Greece, is a small island known for its rich history and culture. The problem is the population has decreased significantly. Its island currently has a population of less than 50. 

To help combat the ongoing decline, the Greek Orthodox Churn is offering a monthly stipend of 500 euros to anyone who will move there. Households that take the offer are expected to live in Antikythera for at least three years. The cost of living is low, plus you'll get to enjoy the stunning beaches and nature the island of Antikythera has to offer. What more could you ask for?

5. Denmark

As an entrepreneur, Denmark is one of the best places that will pay you to move there. Their government-run program, Start-up Denmark, welcomes entrepreneurs to launch their businesses in cleantech, design, tech, or life science. If the program approves your business plan, you can receive up to 143,328 DKK ($20,846) of funding. The funding increases if you have children or a spouse who will also be accompanying you in Denmark. You'll also get instant access to healthcare once approved.

The goal is to attract top talent to help continue building on their thriving economy and position themselves as one of the best countries for entrepreneurship. It's a great program to consider, especially if you're looking for a place that will pay you to move there in Europe.

The best part? A visa will get you access to the entire European Union.

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That’s only skimming the surface of the opportunities available if you’re looking for a place that will pay you to move there. There are 20+ other countries with different programs worth considering if you’re ready to make that international move!

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