Moving from Houston to Austin

Moving from Houston to Austin: Costs + Benefits

Moving from Houston to Austin is an exciting change. Although both cities have their Texas characteristics, Austin has a smaller population than Houston and is famed for its music venues, street art, and more liberal culture. Should you want to head back to Houston to visit friends and family, you'll be a mere three-hour drive away.

Despite the relative closeness of these two cities, moving is a time-consuming process, and you have to have the right packing materials to care for delicate belongings. However, before we get into the nitty-gritty of what moving from Houston to Austin entails, let's dive into the many benefits you'll get to enjoy by living in the beautiful city of Austin.

Benefits of Moving from Houston to Austin

Amazing Weather

We're not about to claim that Houston doesn't have nice weather, but here's a perk about moving to Austin—you don't have to worry about a direct hurricane hit. If you love Houston's sunny weather, you'll be happy to know that you'll get an extra 24 days of it in Austin. On average, Houston has 204 sunny days in a year, whereas Austin has 228 days.

Increased Safety

Austin is a safer and cleaner city than Houston. It's also a quieter environment, which is why so many families prefer to live there. Of course, with safety comes higher prices of real estate. However, homes in Austin tend to appreciate in value quicker than homes in Houston.

Unbeatable Music Scene

Austin is home to over 250 live music spots. That's right—you can visit a new venue every day for over half a year without repeating the same one. Austin also hosts numerous music festivals throughout the year, including the Austin City Limits Music Festival and JMBYLA Austin.

Impressive Artwork

You've likely heard chatter about Austin's stunning street art. You could dedicate days to exploring its streets and admiring the work of its creative locals. To get you started, we recommend heading to South Congress. There's plenty of art within buildings, too; the Elisabet Ney Museum in Hyde Park and Austin Art Garage are excellent places to admire local artwork.

Diverse Environment

Austin attracts people from a variety of ethnic and gender diversities. It's a welcoming community that has strong ties to Hispanic and Asian cultures. It's also well known for being a welcoming city for the LGBTQ+ community. Because of this, Austin attracts people from a wide range of backgrounds.

Excellent Barbecue

Austin is famous for its delicious barbecue. Not sure where to start? Head over to Franklin Barbecue, but only when you have a lot of time—you might have to stand in line for hours! Street food is popular in Austin, so you'll stumble across plenty of food trucks serving up unique dishes too.

Tech Lover's Paradise

Austin is an excellent place for people who enjoy a modern tech environment. Your first thought for finding a tech job might be in the Silicon Valley, but consider this: Austin is home to local major tech companies such as Salesforce and Cloudflare. It's also an excellent place for recent college graduates to dip their toes into their first tech job.

Bask by a Lake

Houston can feel suffocating with its vast population and city sprawl. However, Austin offers a more tranquil city feel, helped in part by its lakes. Three lakes in Austin provide beautiful scenery, a place to exercise, and the opportunity to hop on a boat and get out on the water.

Health Mecca

Fitness-oriented people attract fitness-oriented people, and Austin is a city with lots of health-conscious individuals. If you're already a fitness junkie, you'll fit right into Austin's health culture. If your goal is to improve your health, you'll undoubtedly feel inspiration from the number of people jogging by the river, exercising in a park, and working out at one of many gyms. To top it all off, you'll have countless health food stores at your fingertips.

Massive Pool

It may seem odd to include a pool on the benefits of moving to Austin, but hear us out—Barton Springs offers a massive outdoor public pool. Best of all? It's free to use during off-hours. Since temperatures in Austin reach over 100 degrees during the summer, you'll surely feel tempted to try it out.

Cost of Moving from Houston to Austin

A question that likely came to mind as you're preparing to move across Texas is: how much will my move cost? On average, it costs approximately $2,440.41 to move from Houston to Austin. As you can imagine, this is a rough estimate—many factors determine your move's exact cost.

Below are some services that go into determining the final price:

  • The number of belongings you'll be moving
  • Distance between your old and new address
  • Whether you want to include packing and unpacking services
  • Special items you may have that need extra care

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How to Move from Houston to Austin

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