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Car Shipping Services

Got a move coming up, and you need auto shipping? Whether it's your family's second car, a prized vintage automobile, or a speedboat, we can move your vehicle to your new home. Our auto transport services include both open car carrier transport, such as auto manufacturers use to move new cars to dealerships, and enclosed car carrier transport to keep your vehicle even safer from the elements.

We offer transportation services for cars, trucks, SUVs, vans, and boats. We handle your classic cars and high-value vehicles with care! Domestic and international auto shipping is available, as is door-to-door car shipping.

How Long Will It Take To Ship My Car?

How long it takes to move your car to its new location depends on the distance it needs to be moved. However, a typical car shipment takes 3-7 business days from pickup to delivery. Your moving consultant will give you an auto quote with more specific details about the timing of both loading and delivery. One of the many benefits of moving your vehicle with northAmerican is that we can guarantee the dates for vehicle pickup and delivery!

Reasons To Ship Your Car Instead of Buying New

When deciding whether to ship a car vs. buying a new car, consider the amount of money involved. Shipping costs are almost always cheaper than buying a new car. In addition to the cost savings, there are a few other reasons to ship vs. buying:

  • Save time vs. shopping for a new car and then negotiating
  • Less stressful. No one likes the stress of dealing with car salespeople.

How to choose a reputable Car Shipping Company

Choosing a car shipping company is a big decision, but it doesn't have to be difficult. Here are some tips to make sure you're choosing a reputable car shipping company.

  1. Do Your Research
  2. Before hiring a car shipping company, research the various options so you'll have all the information you need to make an informed choice. Start by reading reviews posted online by previous customers. Look for testimonials from local businesses that ship cars. Ask friends and neighbors if they've used a particular company before. And ask around town to find out which companies are reliable.

  3. Know What You Need
  4. It's also important to understand exactly what kind of vehicle shipping you need. Will you be transporting a single car or several vehicles? Are you looking for door-to-door delivery, or do you just need a pickup and drop-off point? How far away does the destination address need to be? Knowing these details will help you narrow down your search and ensure you hire the right type of car shipping company.

  5. Be Flexible
  6. Once you've narrowed down your choices, you may still be able to save money by being flexible with your dates. For instance, if you're planning to move during the summer months, you might be able to negotiate a lower rate. Or, if you're moving across state lines, you might be able to save money by booking your shipment early.

  7. Compare Rates
  8. Compare rates between different car shipping companies to see which ones fit your needs. Remember that you won't necessarily get the lowest price by going directly to the shipper; you may save more money by dealing with a third party like a broker or agent.

  9. Consider Insurance
  10. You'll probably want to purchase insurance to protect yourself if anything goes wrong with your vehicle during transit. However, you shouldn't assume that every car shipping company will cover everything. Before signing on the dotted line, read the fine print carefully to ensure you're covered for everything.

  11. Check References
  12. Ask for references from past clients and verify their credentials. Also, look for customer service representatives willing to share feedback about their experiences with the company.

  13. Choose Someone Who Knows the Industry

A professional car shipping company knows the ins and outs of the industry. They should be familiar with regulations, safety standards, and the latest trends and technologies. When choosing a company specializing in auto transportation, you'll avoid having to worry about things like proper packing materials, customs clearance procedures, and damage prevention.

Why NorthAmerican for your Car Shipping Needs

At northAmerican, we're experts in moving all sorts of things -- and part of getting your belongings to the right location is choosing the right form of transportation. That's why we recommend using car carrier trucks to transport your vehicles. For additional peace of mind, our car shipping services provide coverage for repairs in case of damage: Up to $100,000 valuation at zero deductible per vehicle. Your auto-shipping quote will reflect the valuation.

Our vehicle transportation services are safe, reliable, affordable, and convenient. Our invoicing for this service is simple -- you'll receive a single invoice that includes all charges for shipping your car, truck, racecar, snowmobile, fishing boat, you name it! And if we cannot meet the contracted date and time, we'll provide you with a rental car at no cost.

We've been moving our customers' household belongings for over 75 years and have been transporting cars, recreational vehicles, and other motorized vehicles for almost as long. Contact your local northAmerican agent for a quote on vehicle transportation you can trust!

What to Know Before Your Vehicle is Shipped with northAmerican

Before your vehicle is picked up, you'll need to:

  • Disable the alarm system
  • Make sure the gas tank is no more than half full
  • Remove all your items from inside the vehicle
  • Note the vehicle's condition and mileage
  • Remove or secure vehicle accessories

Vehicle not running? We can still move it for you. However, be sure to tell your moving consultant this information at the time of your auto transportation quote so we can plan accordingly.

When it comes time for your vehicle to be picked up, you can meet the driver at your home, your office, or another specified location. We try to make it as convenient as possible to ship your car or other vehicles with us!