Moving from Texas to Minnesota

Moving from Texas to Minnesota

Moving from Texas to Minnesota is an exciting experience, and there are a lot of great opportunities for you to enjoy in your new state! With some of the country’s most beautiful lakes and forests, several great universities, and tons of recreational activities, Minnesota is an awesome location to move to.

Moving from Texas to Minnesota

Benefits of Moving From Texas to Minnesota

Outdoor Recreation

As the “Land of 10,000 Lakes,” Minnesota offers plenty of opportunities for enjoying the water. Minnesota is an excellent location due to its boating, canoeing, and fishing. In the winter, enjoy figure skating, ice fishing, snowboarding, or snowmobiling. Otherwise, try a game of Minnesota’s favorite sport: hockey.


Minnesota has a thriving economy and is a great place to find meaningful employment. The headquarters of some of the largest companies in the country are located in Minnesota. UnitedHealth, Target, and Best Buy all have their company headquarters in this midwestern state. In addition to public companies, Minnesota has several non-profit organizations, including the Mayo Clinic, Scholarship America, and the University of Minnesota.


While Minnesota and Texas have a similar cost of living (both states being cheaper than the national average), Minnesota boasts a significantly lower cost of medical expenses. Between the Mayo Clinic and the Children’s Hospitals of Minnesota, the state provides some of the best access to healthcare in the country. Their medical assistance program covers many services and treatments.


Everyone knows about Minnesota's love of hockey. However, Minnesota also boasts over 400 golf courses across the state, making it one of the best states for golfers. In the winter, Minnesota is an excellent place for cross country skiing, figure skating, and snowboarding.


Minnesota is one of the best-educated states in the country. Minnesota comes in first in the country in the percentage of the population who completed high school, and the state often competes for first place regarding the highest ACT scores.

Minnesota is home to many top-ranked universities. The University of Minnesota – Twin Cities is one such school and is one of the best universities for veterans to attend. Many know the university for its advancements in the medical community, and it was faculty members of the University of Minnesota who invented the pacemaker and several forms of cancer therapy.

Most Popular Cities in Minnesota


You don’t lose out on any experiences when moving to Minneapolis. This riverside city has a thriving art community, a strong economy, and excellent dining options. One of the two “Twin Cities,” Minneapolis is also home to the Mall of America and the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden. The Minnehaha Regional Park is a beautiful area located within the city that has waterfalls and green spaces, and in the summer, it hosts live music and events.

St. Paul

St. Paul makes up the other half of the “Twin Cities.” St. Paul has an older-world feel than Minneapolis, despite being in close proximity. The city has well-preserved French-Victorian architecture that makes it feel like another world. St. Paul is home to the Minnesota State Fair, the Cathedral of St. Paul, and several specialized museums. Also, St. Paul is full of arts and entertainment. The city has multiple venues to bring in everything from big-name artists to performing circuses. St. Paul offers a variety of art classes if you would rather make the art yourself.


Plymouth is another excellent choice when it comes to living in Minnesota. The city is less populated than the “Twin Cities,” but that doesn’t mean that there is less to do. Plymouth has excellent park systems and well-maintained trails that span across the entire city.

If you’re interested in outdoor recreation, Plymouth is the home of Eagle Lake Recreational Park, which offers opportunities for walking or biking in the warmer months and cross-country skiing and snowshoeing in the winter. Plymouth has some of the most beautiful lakes in the state at French Regional Park and Parkers Lake Park.

Each year, just five miles outside of Plymouth, Maple Grove hosts Ice Skating at Central Park, where individuals and families alike can enjoy the small town’s ice skating trail.


Located on the shores of Lake Superior, the views and scenery found in Duluth make it one of the most popular cities in Minnesota. The city’s inherent beauty isn’t the only reason for its fame. Duluth is also home to the Great Lakes Aquarium, the only freshwater aquarium in the United States.

In Duluth, you can experience the famous Minnesota North Shore Scenic Drive and view the oldest working light station in Minnesota. The beautiful drive will also allow you to see dense green forests, streams, and several gorgeous waterfalls.

Duluth’s Aerial Lift Bridge is a unique work of architecture spanning the entire Duluth Harbor canal entrance, and the view of the Duluth Harbor from the top is worth visiting!

Cost of Moving from Texas to Minnesota

The average line haul moving cost from Texas to Minnesota with North American is $3,900. Everyone’s circumstances are unique, and many factors go into moving costs: the number of possessions you must transport, whether you are moving any special items, the total distance and whether you want help with packing and unpacking services. The best way to be sure of your cost to move is to fill out the Quote on Demand above.

Cost of moving from Texas to Minnesota

How To Move from Texas to Minnesota

Moving long distance can be difficult, but North American is determined to help each step of the way. North American has over 88 years of experience, giving us the knowledge and expertise to make sure we can help you move easily and efficiently.

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