Moving from New York to New Jersey

Moving from New York to New Jersey

New York City may be the place where dreams come true, but only for those who can afford to live there. New Jersey is located just across the river and has so much to offer without the hefty price tag. Sure, it may be small but New Jersey is packed with amenities including a beautiful change of seasons, gorgeous beaches, incredible scenery, great schools, and easy access to arts, culture, and entertainment. You can still enjoy the amenities of a big city, but life is slower paced, people are friendlier, and housing is more affordable. As you prepare to move from New York, here are just a few of the highlights of life in the Garden State.

Benefits of Moving from New York to New Jersey

Beautiful Change of Season

New Jersey is a beautiful state that gets to enjoy a little bit of every kind of weather. From hot and humid summers to snowy winters, Jersey residents are treated to a lovely change of season. Each season brings endless beauty and new possibilities for recreation from apple picking in fall to relaxing on the beach in the summer. If you love experiencing a true change of season, New Jersey is the place for you.

Close Proximity to NYC

New Jersey is the perfect place for those who want to have easy access to all the amenities of New York City. Jersey City is located just across the Hudson River and travel time to and from NYC is less than 30 minutes. That means you can easily hop on over to Manhattan for a fun night out or even to work. New Jersey residents get to enjoy all of the amenities of New York City without the hefty price tag.

It’s More Affordable

Living in New Jersey doesn’t exactly come cheap, but housing prices are certainly cheaper than those in New York City. Manhattan is the most expensive place to live in the country so many people choose to live in New Jersey and commute to work in the Big Apple.

Beautiful Beaches

New Jersey residents are treated to 130 miles of sandy beaches along the Atlantic Ocean. This makes it easy to enjoy a relaxing day on the beach during the summer. Many people also love walking along the New Jersey boardwalk and taking in gorgeous views of the water. When you live in New Jersey, you can vacation anytime you want because no matter where you live in the state, a beach is never far away.

Excellent Schools

New Jersey is serious about education and they boast some of the best schools in the country. Not only is the state home to the prestigious Princeton University, but they have the top standardized test scores and the #1 highest high school graduation rate in the country. This is just one of many reasons why New Jersey is ranked among the top places to raise a family.

Great Food

If you enjoy the nostalgia of sitting in a corner booth at a local restaurant, you are in for a treat because New Jersey is the diner capital of the world. Aside from those mouthwatering burgers and fries, New Jersey also hosts a number of delicious eateries featuring cuisine from all over the world. They also boast some of the best pizza, bagels, and pork rolls you can find.


If safety is one of your top priorities you have come to the right place. According to FBI reporting, New Jersey’s property and violent crime rates are far lower than the national average. The state is dotted with plenty of small towns and medium sized cities that are some of the safest places to live in the country. Overall, New Jersey ranks among the top 10 safest states in America.

Most Popular Cities to Live in New Jersey


Newark is the largest city in the Garden State and is full of diversity, beautiful scenery, and incredible amenities. It is not nearly as expensive as nearby New York, which is one of the main reasons so many people choose to make it their home. They can still enjoy easy access to the Big Apple without paying the exorbitant price. Residents get to enjoy an urban suburban mix, although there is a slower pace of life than neighboring New York. Packed with parks, natural scenery, restaurants, bars, and coffee shops, Newark appeals to all ages and even families looking to escape the hustle and bustle of big city life.

Jersey City

If you want to enjoy great views of the New York skyline and access to all of the Big Apple’s amenities without the expense, Jersey City is the place to live. Located directly adjacent to Manhattan, Jersey City is an ideal location for those who work in Manhattan and are looking for an easy commute. There are a number of more affordable apartments and condominiums in Jersey City which make it far more affordable than Manhattan. Transportation to and from the city are easy thanks to the PATH train and you can easily enjoy the amenities of New York City. If you don’t feel like going far, there is plenty of fun in Jersey City as well. You can enjoy great restaurants, exciting nightlife, and beautiful parks right there in Jersey, making it the perfect alternative to living in Manhattan.

Cost of Moving from New York to New Jersey

When choosing a professional moving company, it’s important to look for someone who is both reliable and affordable. North American strives to provide customers with excellent service at a price that won’t break their budget. The average cost to move from New York to New Jersey with North American is $2,316. Of course, the exact cost will depend on a number of factors including the exact distance of the move and the number of items being moved. You can get a quote today using our convenient Quote on Demand tool.

How to Move from New York to New Jersey

Moving from one city to another requires a lot of preparation and this can be overwhelming when you have so many other things on your mind. Apart from packing all of your belongings, there are lots of other decisions to be made throughout the moving process. Hiring a professional moving company like North American can save you time, money, and energy. North American has over 85 years of moving experience so we know exactly what it takes to execute a seamless interstate move. You can avoid much of the stress of moving by allowing our team of professionals to assist you with packing, transport, and other tasks. We can also help navigate the transport of your belongings so they arrive safely and on time to your new home. At North American, we understand how challenging a move can be and we will be here to handle everything for you from start to finish.

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