International Claims

In order to expedite the processing of your claim, we have provided an on-line claim form.

northAmerican International takes great care to ensure that your possessions reach their destination safely. Unfortunately, there are occasions when damages do occur despite our best efforts. We regret if you found the handling of your shipment to be less than satisfactory.

You will find the links to this form below. Please read the instructions carefully before proceeding on to the form.


Please try to complete the claim form with as much detail as you can. In certain circumstances we may appoint a Loss Adjuster to review your claim. Listed below are some guidelines to help you complete this form:

Telephone Numbers: Please provide your phone number so we can contact you if we need additional information about your claim.

Disposal of Damaged Items: Do not dispose of any damaged items because we may need to inspect them.

Filing Limit: All Claims must be received within 30 days from the date of delivery of your shipment.

Inventory #: Please include your Inventory Number, which you will find on the Packing Inventory.

Cause of Loss: Please indicate the cause of loss from the list shown below:

  • Denting/Chipping
  • Scratched
  • Water/Moisture Damage
  • Fire
  • Missing
  • Breakage
  • Stained/Marked
  • Destroyed

Claim Forms

Please choose one of the following options to submit your claim:

On-line Claim Form - Click here to fill out and submit your claim on-line.

Printable Claim Form - Click here to view a printable version of our claim form. Print the form, fill it out and then send it to us by fax or mail.

Download Adobe Acrobat ReaderNOTE: Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view the printable version of the Claims form. Click to download a free copy.

Use the following to submit the printable claim form:

northAmerican International
Claim Services Dept.
PO Box 988
Ft Wayne, IN 46801

If you have any question regarding our claim form, please contact us:

Phone: 260-429-3009
Toll Free: 1800-470-2851 Option #4 (8AM-5PM EST)
Fax: (260) 429-3461