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Moving to Columbus OH? Here’s What Living Here is Like

According to the World Population Review, Columbus is the biggest city in Ohio. It is also the 14th largest city in the USA and the county seat of Franklin County. With an increase in the annual population growth, the city also has a steady yearly growth of 0.85%.
Moving to Columbus, Ohio

In 2012, the city was among one of the top 50 cities in America by as per BusinessWeek. Forbes also gave her an A rating as one of the top cities for business in the States. There's no doubt Columbia is an amazing city (number 3) to relocate to and do business.

Apart from the affordable cost of living, here are other top reasons to relocate to Columbus.

Cost of Living

Compared to other cities in the United States, Columbus's cost of living is 10% lower than the national average. Both housing and transportation expenses are also lower than the national average. In addition, groceries are easily affordable and manageable.

Based on the US average of 100, the cost of living, population, and commute time are lower than this set average.

Job Market

No need to worry if companies will hire you once you relocate to Columbus. Getting a job is easy since many large companies have their headquarters based in the city. With a career such as information technology, food and nutrition, health care, insurance, retail, and finance, there is an assurance of getting hired.

Top recruiters include JPMorgan Chase & Co., Nationwide Insurance, American Electric Power, L Brands (Victoria's Secret, Bath & Body Works, and more), and Honda of America. It's a city full of healthier job opportunities.

Best Place to Live

Upper Arlington is the best city to live in when you relocate to Columbus. The town is located just 10 minutes west of downtown and is adorned with good schools. There are affordable transport means and amazing picnic sites.

You will find larger stores such as Lane Avenue shops. Leál Boutique inMall Way at Old Arlington, makes shopping for special occasion easier. Grab your breakfast and lunch at South of Lane and a pick-me-up at Purple Sage Bakery. You will get several delicacies in different magnificent restaurants in the city.

Summer Getaways

Rejuvenate and relax in one of the Columbus finest hotels. Experience first-class treatment at an affordable price in one of the county's mansions. Then explore the historic Cleveland, Ohio, where you will view Lake Erie as you get served tasty meals.

Some of the inns available for check-in are; the Lake house Inn along the shore of Lake Erie, Bear Creek Farm Bed and Breakfast, Trumbull, and Porter Hotel, among other beautiful inns. Columbus is an affordable city that offers great summer and winter fulfillment to everyone.

Be ready to have fun and visit Amish Country for historic and festival updates.

Best Schools and Universities

Families with school-going children find the city not only accommodative but also offer a wide range of schools. Columbus Public School System is put in place to ensure all students get quality education. Ohio State University is the leading college that attracts many students.

Other colleges in the area include:

  • Capital University: University located in Bexley. It's known for music and law schools in downtown Columbus,

  • Franklin University: A business college that offers associates, bachelors, master's, and doctoral degrees on the city's near eastside.

  • Columbus College of Art & Design (CCAD): Attracts art students from all over the country and is located on the Columbus eastside.

  • Ohio Dominican University: For online classes, adult education, military, and undergraduate. It's a private university located in the Sunbury area.

  • DeVry University: All students interested in technical courses are welcome to join DeVry University. Coding and medical classes are also available.

Diverse Neighborhood

Diversity is the heartbeat of society, as you will learn when you move to Columbus. In the rich suburbs of Columbus, diversity is on the increase. From Urbancrest, Dublin, Gahanna to Reynoldsburg, is a home to different groups of people. Most of the neighborhood includes Downtown, German Village, and, The Short, the Victorian and Italian Villages.

Downtown is the civic district and the city's primary business location. There is an increase in town-houses making the town a good residential place. It also offers an attractive place to work with a touch of urban lifestyle.

Short North Village hosts the Columbus artists, food vendors, and regional musicians at Goodale Park. It's a Community Festival (ComFest) that lasts for three days. The ComFest is made possible with the help of the Victorian and Italian Villages. The community also hosts Gallery Hop, which showcases exhibits, gallery, and with couples of street performers to complete the Fest.

German Village has beautiful tree-lined streets with red bricks all over the place. Most of the roads and homes use red bricks. Each summer calls for two-to-three Shakespeare plays at the Schiller Park.

The diversity of the Columbus neighborhood makes it a perfect place for you.

Moving Companies

Once you settle on relocating to Columbus, it's time to pick a moving company. One of the best Columbus moving companies in the North American Van Lines. The company prides itself in having five different moving agents located in Columbus, Ohio area. All the agents undergo accreditation by the BBB, bonded and fully licensed. They offer both commercial and residential relocation services.

North American Van Lines trains employees to offer high-standard services with excellent customer service. Don't worry about furniture disassembly and pricing; they are the best in the market with packing and unpacking services all-inclusive.

Relax as you know how North American Van Lines can help you move to Columbus.

History and Culture

The 6th Annual Columbus Coffee Festival is said to return soon, and locals can't keep calm. Citizens embrace their culture through food, drinks, music arts, and their annual festivals. Columbus has markets, parks, museums, zoos, historic neighborhoods, and nature trails worth your visit.

Bike lovers are welcome to bike the Olentangy Greenway Trail. It's an eye-catching trail starting from Antrim Park on the northwest side of Columbus.

Time Management Tips While in Columbus

For a happy stay and fewer complaints, always avoid days before a public holiday. If you're going to do your business well, mornings are the perfect choice for you. Often, afternoons are so crowded, and you may have to wait for long.

Monday's and Friday's are crowded, and this leaves you with mid-week to make any purchase comfortably. But if you like crowded places (which is currently restricted by the COVID-19 pandemic), consider Mondays, Fridays, Public holidays, and days before.

The first and last days of the month make a business attractive since people go for urgent business. So as a business person, you might consider marketing your business more as you wait for those two days. Remember to pick your lunch early since most hotel staff also break for lunch, leaving less personnel to avoid delay waiting for the meals.

Columbus was declared a capital city after Ohio became a State in 1803. Since then, many industries and companies have relocated their headquarters in the city. It's centrally well located and easily accessible within Ohio State, with its Suburb Grove City taking credit for its beautiful parks. With many job opportunities and space for fun, Columbus is your number one city to relocate in, grow and settle hassle-free.