Moving from Michigan to Arizona

Moving from Michigan to Arizona

Whether you just got married, are relocating due to a job change, or sincerely just want to embark on a new life adventure, moving out west is a great decision. Arizona’s Grand Canyon state offers more than just epic tourist attractions and incredible scenery; it’s a wonderful place to call home. When you choose to move from Michigan to Arizona, you’ll reap the benefits of steady sunshine, warm temps, and dry heat, as well as a variety of gorgeous landmarks, trendy cities, and so much more.

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Benefits of Moving from Michigan to Arizona

Sunny, Warmer Weather

Say goodbye to the harsh Michigan winters and say hello to year-round sunshine that allows you to spend time in the great outdoors. Although you’ll have to get accustomed to the much hotter temperatures, we promise you won’t miss the humidity of the Midwest once you’re in Arizona’s dry heat. The state’s humidity level is actually lower than any other state, making it more comfortable for many residents!

Reasonable Cost of Living

Although the cost of living is slightly higher than that in Michigan (around 15.5% more) and lies just above the U.S. average, it’s fine if you get to avoid snow and humidity, right? You’ll see that it’s still much less expensive than living in another state like California or New York. However, it’s important to note that you’ll save some decent money on taxes when you move to AZ, as they have one of the lowest tax burdens in the United States. Many older adults flock to Arizona because they don’t have social security tax. Plus, you’ll probably make more money at your job anyway, so it will even out.

Beautiful Parks & Recreation

There’s much more to see in Arizona than just the vast and majestic Grand Canyon. Residents regularly enjoy the beautiful hiking trails at Red Rock State Park and the strangely intriguing Petrified Forest National Park.

You can also explore the towering cacti in the Saguaro National Park and Flagstaff’s ancient Walnut Canyon. Overall, you certainly won’t be short of a fun adventure featuring dazzling landscapes.

Prime Location

Arizona is positioned conveniently near popular cities and other must-visit states like California, Colorado, Utah, and Nevada. Depending on where exactly you plan to live, you can enjoy a quick weekend getaway at the beach near Baja, CA, embark on a long hike in the mountains in Glen Canyon National Recreation Area in Utah, or enjoy a night on the town in Las Vegas, NV. It’s safe to say that you have an all-access pass to some of the best locations in the southwest when you live in AZ.

Thriving Job Market

You’re bound to find a good-paying job in Arizona, as the average worker (in Phoenix) typically makes over $50,000 per year. There are tons of jobs available, especially in the tourism, financial, and technology industries, as AZ is home to giant tech corporations such as GoDaddy and InfusionSoft. The employment rate only continues to grow with each passing year, promising a positive future for many new residents.

Cost of Moving from Michigan to Arizona

The average line haul cost of a move from Michigan to Arizona using North American is $3,900. Obviously, there are many factors that go into calculating moving costs: the number of belongings you’re moving, the distance you’re traveling, packing and unpacking, unique items, and much more, so the best bet to know the actual cost is to fill out the Quote on Demand above. Here at North American Moving Services, you’ll receive the highest level of customer service at a fair and affordable price. You can trust our moving specialists to ensure that all your valuable items are packed, shipped, and unloaded quickly and safely.

Average cost to move: $3,900

Most Popular Cities in Arizona


Glendale can be a wonderful place to live if you’re searching for an affordable home in Arizona with modest living expenses and a friendly, small-town atmosphere of around 230,000. Real estate prices are lower than Arizona’s average, making this city an inexpensive place to own property. And if you’re a service worker, you’ll be sure to pick up a job quickly. If you’re a waterpark junkie, you’ll love that you live near the largest water park in Arizona (Wet ‘n Wild Phoenix). And if you’re a die-hard football or hockey fan, you’ll appreciate being in the same city as the Arizona Cardinals and Phoenix Coyotes.


Phoenix is the marvelous and well-known capital of Arizona, also known as the “Valley of the Sun.” It offers a booming diverse and contemporary culture and a vibrant community atmosphere. There’s also never a shortage of things to do in this giant metropolis of over 1.5 million (especially outside). Residents who appreciate bigger city living will appreciate the skyscrapers and bustling city life downtown, while the calmer crowd will enjoy the lovely suburban neighborhoods. There’s truly something for everyone in Phoenix, AZ.

How to Move from Michigan to Arizona

We understand that it can be overwhelming when you finally decide to make your move from Michigan to Arizona. You need a solid plan in place to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Transferring to another state, especially one that’s far away, also involves extensive organization and efficient coordination.

There are many aspects of moving out of state. Only a few of these include: finalizing your budget (and sticking to it), finding your new home or apartment, choosing your move date, hiring a dependable moving company, packing your items, developing a travel and transport plan for you and your stuff, and unloading your belongings once you arrive.

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