Moving from Seattle to Phoenix

Moving from Seattle to Phoenix

Are you planning a move from Seattle to Phoenix anytime soon? Regardless of your reasons for moving, Phoenix is one of the best places to live in the US. With an average 66% improved living cost than Seattle and over 300 sunny days in a year, almost nothing can go wrong in Phoenix.

Forget the overcast skies and drizzles typical in Seattle, and welcome to a magnificent state rich in heritage and history and impressive scenery as well as warm weather. Phoenix is the home to many Americans with a rich taste for an affordable lifestyle and endless opportunities, regardless of your needs.

Here is an in-depth guide on the benefits of moving from Seattle to Phoenix, the costs involved, and how to move.

Moving from Seattle to Phoenix

Benefits of Moving from Seattle to Phoenix

  1. Affordable Living
  2. Are you worried about not finding affordable housing? Surprisingly, owning a home in Phoenix is much more viable than in Seattle. In Phoenix, the median cost of a home is $239,400, while in Seattle, the median price is a whopping $714,400.

    Clearly, the $475,000 difference is a notable factor to consider and celebrate when moving to Phoenix. Additionally, renting in Phoenix is also cheaper than in Seattle. The average job growth rate in Phoenix for the next decade is predicted to be 34%.

    Besides the low housing costs, Phoenix residents enjoy affordable basic expenses. Food, groceries, and transportation costs are generally cheaper in Phoenix. However, utility costs may be slightly higher due to balancing the year-round warm weather, which still gives Phoenix a competitive advantage.

  3. Amazing Weather
  4. Are you tired of the unpleasant Seattle weather? You will ultimately enjoy your move to the Valley of the Sun. Seattle experiences almost constant rainy weather, with a winter of 30s in the low and 40s in the high. During summer, Seattle averages the 50s in the low and mid-70s in the high.

    On the other hand, Phoenix winters are delightful and tend to attract stunning snowbirds around November. January and December are the coldest months, with average lows of 44°F and highs of 68°F. Expect to enjoy plenty of outdoor activities during your Phoenix stay.

  5. Crime Rates
  6. While both Seattle and Phoenix have relatively high crime rates, Seattle is far from safe compared to Phoenix. Generally, Phoenix is common for its laid-back and friendly attitude. Unlike Seattle, Phoenix is a nice place to start a family due to the availability of close-knit communities where friendly neighbors are willing to lend a helping hand.

  7. Plenty of Outdoor Activities
  8. The city’s beautiful weather allows you to enjoy a myriad of outdoor activities alone or with some company. Phoenix has a diverse landscape comprising mountains, desert valleys, sparkling lakes, and a superb rock formation. Many spots provide thrills if you enjoy nature-related activities such as hiking, rock climbing, or camping.

    Generally, Phoenix is considered a rich tourism spot globally. People worldwide visit Phoenix to check out and enjoy its vibrant nightclubs, Jack-Nicklaus-designed golf courses, and top-of-the-line spa resorts. Other fantastic tourist attractions in Phoenix that you can enjoy upon your move include the breathtaking Grand Canyon, fascinating Petrified Forest, historic Sahuaro Ranch, and a wide range of cultural museums.

  9. Saving on Taxes
  10. By moving to Phoenix, you will save money on sales and property taxes. Currently, in Seattle, residents pay 10.1% tax. However, the sales tax rate in Phoenix is 8.6%. The property tax in Seattle is 0.99%, while in Phoenix, it is 0.77%.

    How to Move from Seattle to Phoenix

    Moving from Seattle to Phoenix requires a long-distance mover. The difference between these two locations involves moving across states, which may slightly complicate the moving process. Such long-distance moves tend to be challenging in different aspects.

    As such, long-distance moves require extra planning, additional attention to detail, and the presence of a world-class mover. Combining these elements ensures a seamless long-distance move.

    Aspects to consider before and during a long-distance move include time constraints, scheduling conflict, safe transportation, and packing. Therefore, it is best to work with a professional mover for your Seattle to Phoenix move due to its complexities.

    NorthAmerican Moving Services has decades of experience and knows what it takes to guarantee a seamless long-distance moving process. We can outline the moving process for you and implement a professional, reliable, and fast long-distance move plan. We walk with you from the first step to the last step in your new Phoenix home or office. Call NorthAmerican Moving Services today to help you move from Seattle to Phoenix.

    Cost of Moving from Seattle to Phoenix

    The average cost of a move from Seattle to Phoenix is $2,915.36. However, these costs generally vary depending on several factors. Different factors go into calculating Seattle to Phoenix moving costs, including:

    • The actual distance of the move
    • The number of items you are moving
    • Packing and unpacking services
    • Unique and fragile item
    • Any additional services.

    However, the best way to determine the exact moving costs is by using our quote estimation tool for your long-distance move. You can also contact us directly to come with a fair estimate for your Seattle to Phoenix move.

    Costs of moving from Seattle to Phoenix

    Most Popular Areas in Phoenix

    Looking for the best neighborhoods to move to in Phoenix? Below are the most popular areas in Phoenix to move in:

    • Arcadia
    • Arcadia is easily one of the most desirable neighborhoods in Phoenix for several reasons. It is located near Camelback Mountains Scottsdale. The neighborhood offers urban living with a rural family feel.

      It is a picturesque and popular neighborhood featuring bushy citrus grove-lined streets. Arcadia is located just a few minutes from the best dining and shopping locally. In addition, it has great schools and is the perfect neighborhood to raise a family.

    • Uptown and Downtown Phoenix
    • The uptown offers residents exciting urban and tranquil suburban lifestyles. You will find top-rated schools and parks in Uptown Phoenix. On the other hand, Downtown Phoenix has a lot more to offer in terms of amenities. Downtown Phoenix is a central business, entertainment, residential, and shopping center area with other family-friendly features.

    • Central Corridor
    • This is a popular neighborhood for commuters due to its proximity to Downtown. It has great public transportation and a favorable selection of real estate.

    • Paradise Valley
    • It is considered one of the best Phoenix neighborhoods. It is also located close to Downtown, making it ideal for fast-paced professionals.

    • Ahwatukee Foothills
    • This is a beautiful planned suburban development with thousands of residents. It has plenty of open space, parks, and top-rated schools, making it ideal for raising a family.

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