Moving from Illinois to Arizona

Moving from Illinois to Arizona

Arizona is a beautiful state home to some of the country's most impressive landmarks. If you are starting the journey of moving from Illinois to Arizona, you will be in for some exciting changes. Fortunately, the changes that Arizona brings can be pleasant and stunning to look at. Arizona has no shortage of towns, landmarks, and events to look forward to. There is even an excellent economy to consider when moving from state to state.

Planning on moving from Illinois to Arizona? We’re here to walk you through the many benefits you can look forward to and the best cities to consider relocating to.

Moving from IL to AZ

Benefits of Moving from Illinois to Arizona

Moving from Illinois to Arizona is a significant change. The Midwest is much different than the desert landscapes. Everything, from the weather to the cities and people, differs from the fast-paced lifestyle of Chicago or the Illinois suburbs. Before committing to relocation, ensuring the benefits align with your desired life is crucial.

Some benefits you can look forward to if you move from Illinois to Arizona include:

Cost of Living Difference

Illinois, as a whole, is much more affordable than Arizona. Midwest states tend to have a lower cost of living than states in the West. However, if you're moving from Chicago to Arizona, you'll find Arizona is more affordable. According to, the cost of living in Chicago is 4.4% higher than Arizona.

Arizona has many affordable cities and neighborhoods found throughout the state. Some of the most affordable places to live include Phoenix and Tucson. Phoenix is also significantly more affordable than Chicago, so you can enjoy the big city feel for a fraction of the cost.

Beautiful Views

Arizona is home to the Grand Canyon, which is easily one of the biggest tourist attractions in Arizona (and the country). Being able to visit the Grand Canyon any time that you like is a tremendous benefit if you are someone who loves to view beautiful landscapes. However, there is more than the Grand Canyon to admire within Arizona. The truth is that Arizona is filled with landscapes to explore and photograph daily. In many parts of Arizona, there are stunning mountain ranges.

Active Outdoor Lifestyle

Arizona is filled with outdoor activities to participate in all around the state. Because Arizona has such a diverse landscape, there are many types of activities that you can do to keep yourself entertained or improve your physical health.

Hiking is available year-round and camping. In the winter, many people enjoy skiing and snowboarding. In the summer, water-based activities are a favorite. Boating, fishing, water skiing, and much more are widely loved by the people of Arizona.

Better Traffic and Commute

Phoenix, Arizona, has a population of around 1.6 million, while Chicago has 2.6 million. So, even in the biggest city in Arizona, you won't need to worry about long commutes stuck in traffic or crowds of people. Arizona is also much more spread out than Chicago. Outside of the occasional rush hour traffic in Phoenix, traffic patterns can be much more manageable, resulting in more time back in your day to spend at home with family. 

Over 300 Golf Courses

Arizona is a golf lover's paradise. No matter what city you move to when you relocate from Illinois to Arizona, you'll always have a place to golf on the weekends. There are well over 300 golf courses across the state. The cities with the most golf courses include Phoenix and Scottsdale. The best golf course in the state is The Estancia Club in Scottsdale, and the second best is Forest Highlands Golf Club: Canyon in Flagstaff. 

The abundance of golf courses also makes Arizona a great place to consider retiring, especially if you're looking to escape the harsh winters of Illinois!

Best Cities to Live in Arizona 

Arizona is home to many different desert cities. When relocating from Illinois to Arizona, consider what you want from a city. Also, consider exploring job opportunities, attractions, and community events before moving. Five of the best cities in Arizona include:

  • Tucson: Known as the second most popular city in the state, Tucson is a stunning city with many outdoor tourist attractions. It has a smaller town feel than Phoenix and family-friendly suburbs. 
  • Mesa: An urban city perfect for individuals looking for an outdoor lifestyle. Mesa has quick access to some of the best national parks, forests and hiking trails.
  • Scottsdale: The perfect spot for a younger crowd. Scottsdale has a great nightlife scene, affordable apartments and vibrant restaurants and bars.
  • Phoenix: With over 1.6 million residents, Phoenix is the largest city in Arizona. It's also home to professional sports teams, colleges, and some of the best suburbs in the state.
  • Flagstaff: A small town surrounded by breathtaking nature. Flagstaff is a beautiful mountain town and one of the only cities in Arizona that experience all four seasons.

Cost of Moving from Illinois to Arizona

Cost of moving from Illinois to Arizona on average is 3,900 US dollarsThe average line haul cost of moving from Illinois to Arizona with North American is $3,900. There are many variables that will determine the exact cost, such as the actual distance of the move and the number of items being moved. The easiest way to get an accurate quote is by using our Quote on Demand tool listed above.

How to Move from Illinois to Arizona

So, how far is Illinois from Arizona? Illinois is over 1,552 miles away from Arizona. So, you must move your belongings across multiple state lines before settling down. The good news is hiring professional movers will help you save time and money in the long run.

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