Moving from Illinois to Arizona


Moving from Illinois to Arizona

Arizona is a beautiful state home to some of the most impressive landmarks in the country. If you are starting the journey of moving from Illinois to Arizona, you will be in for some interesting changes. Fortunately, the changes that Arizona brings can be pleasant and stunning to look at. In Arizona, there is no shortage of towns, landmarks, and events to look forward to. There is even a great economy to think about when making the move from state to state.

While Arizona is different from Illinois, there are many significant benefits to living in Arizona. Here's everything you need to know before you make the big move.

Benefits of Moving from Illinois to Arizona

Beautiful Scenery

Arizona is home to the Grand Canyon, which is easily one of the biggest tourist attractions in Arizona (and the country). Being able to visit the Grand Canyon any time that you like is a tremendous benefit if you are someone who loves to view beautiful landscapes. However, there is more than the Grand Canyon to admire within Arizona. The truth is that Arizona is filled with landscapes to explore and photograph daily. In many parts of Arizona, there are stunning mountain ranges.

Warm Weather

One of the biggest benefits of living in Arizona (especially if you are moving directly from Illinois) is the heat. Many people choose to move from colder and more northern states to Arizona due to the warm weather. In the summertime, Arizona temperatures can hover around 90 degrees and above. In the wintertime, the temperature rarely dips below 40 degrees. As a result, the weather is consistently warm throughout the year in Arizona. This is a big plus for those who cannot stand cold weather. During the winter, the mountain ranges are covered in snow, making them a beautiful sight to see.

Plenty of Outdoor Activities

Arizona is filled with outdoor activities to participate in all around the state. Because Arizona has such a diverse landscape, there are many types of activities that you can do to keep yourself entertained or improve your physical health.

Hiking is available year-round and camping. In the winter, many people enjoy skiing and snowboarding. In the summer, water-based activities are a favorite. Boating, fishing, water skiing, and much more are widely loved by the people of Arizona.

Great Economy

The economy is another significant benefit of moving from Illinois to Arizona. Arizona has a great economy within the United States. Arizona ranks third in the United States for its economy. Arizona also ranks fourth for employment and population growth. With a constant influx of new jobs and new people, the economy is growing steadily, despite factors such as the pandemic.

While the education system is not among the highest in the country, there has been a sharp rise in the state’s economy within the last ten years. Even as the Coronavirus has made an economic impact across the globe, Arizona’s economy is still predicted to grow.

The Most Popular Cities in Arizona


In Phoenix, Arizona, there are currently over 1,000,000 people living in the city as of 2019. Phoenix is a beautiful city that attracts millions of tourists every year. The city has a wide range of things to do, such as visiting golf courses and attending museums. There are also mountains to visit and trails to hike on. Phoenix attracts many photographers to the city, as there is a lot of man-made beauty and natural beauty.


The second most popular city in Arizona is Tucson. Tucson is another beautiful city, though its beauty differs from Phoenix. Tucson has many activities to enjoy and sights to see, although most of them have been closed off because of the current climate. Tucson prioritizes the safety of its population and the safety of tourists. Because of this, they have shut most of the tourist attractions down. When the time is right, however, the attractions will be open and flourishing.


The third most popular city in Arizona is Mesa. Mesa has a population of nearly 500,000 people. If you are someone who enjoys exploring and spending time outdoors, then Mesa is a great option for you. While Mesa is a fairly urban city, there is a powerful community of people who enjoy taking part in an outdoor lifestyle. Mesa is very close to national parks and forests, providing many opportunities to explore and take hiking trips.

Cost of Moving from Illinois to Arizona

The average line haul cost of moving from Illinois to Arizona with North American is $3,900. There are many variables that will determine the exact cost such as the actual distance of the move and the number of items being moved. The easiest way to get an accurate quote is by using our Quote on Demand tool listed above.

Average cost to move: $3,900

How to Move from Illinois to Arizona

To effectively move from Illinois to Arizona, there will be a lot of planning and organizing needed on your part. Not only will you need to organize your trip, but you will also need to execute it. Packing, driving, and moving can feel tedious and overwhelming. Luckily, North American has over 80 years of moving service under the company’s belt. North American can help you make the process of moving to another state smoother than you thought possible.

Calling North American today can help you get a head start on your trip of moving away from Illinois and joining the Arizona population.

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