Moving from Boston to Texas

Moving from Boston to Texas

If you are planning to move to Texas, you aren’t alone. The Lone Star State is the second most populous state in the country and it attracts thousands of newcomers every year. In fact, Texas is home to 5 of the nation’s 11 fastest growing cities. So, why is everyone moving to Texas? The state boasts an amazing economy, warm weather, affordable housing, great schools, and loads of year-round activities. As you prepare to relocate from Boston, here are just a few of the benefits of making your home in the great state of Texas!

Moving from Boston to Texas

Benefits of Moving from Boston to Texas

Jobs, Jobs, and More Jobs

It’s no secret that the Texas economy is thriving, with many of the state’s cities experiencing incredible growth. Texas boasts the 12th best economy in the country, as well as the 9th largest economy in the entire world! The local job market is driven by both start-ups and major industry leaders, including a number of Fortune 500 companies that are headquartered in the state. Among these top companies are Tesla, Black and Decker, Amazon, CBRE, Oracle, HP, and so many more. Residents can find a job across a variety of sectors including technology, healthcare, education, oil, business, aerospace, and engineering. Texas currently ranks first place for job growth and the trend doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon.

Strong Wages

Not only will Texans find a wealth of job opportunities, but they can expect higher wages for those jobs too! In Dallas, for example, the average salary is $67,500, well above the national average. Overall, the average salary in the state is roughly $40,000, nearly $10,000 higher than the national average.

Affordable Cost of Living

You may be frustrated by the high cost of living in the Boston area, so you will be pleased to know that you can find plenty of affordable housing options in and around major cities in Texas. In fact, many of the best places to live in the state are quite affordable. For instance, the median home prices in San Antonio, one of the most popular cities in Texas, is just $289,000. That’s a far cry from the $750,000 median home price in Boston! It’s not just San Antonio that is affordable. Dallas and Houston sit just under the national average for cost of living and Austin is about 5% below the national average. In addition to lower housing costs, Texas has no income tax. That means those higher wages will certainly go much further in the Lone Star State.

Warm Weather

Are you ready to leave those cold winters behind? You are in for a treat with the year-round warmth in Texas. We all know Texas can get really hot in the summer. In fact, average summer temperatures range between 80-100 degrees. However, for the other nine months of the year, the temperatures in Texas are mild with little to no snow and plenty of sunshine. The warm weather makes it easy to enjoy the outdoors year-round in Texas.

Exciting Sports Culture

If you love sports, you have come to the right place. The Lone Star State is home to several winning national sports league franchises including the Dallas Cowboys and Houston Texans in NFL, the San Antonio Spurs, Houston Rockets, and Dallas Mavericks in NBA, the Texas Rangers and Houston Astros in MLB, the Dallas Stars in NHL, and of course...the world-famous rodeo. The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo is the largest rodeo in the world and one of the most popular sporting events in Texas.

Great Food

Food lovers can rejoice because Texans are certainly known for incredible food! After all, they practically invented barbeque. Texas is known all over the world for its affinity for good barbeque but there is more to the Lone Star State than pork. The state is filled with incredible restaurants and unique food trucks, each offering its own unique southern cuisine. Texas’s close proximity to Mexico is also evident in its food and is the reason why Texas is the original home of Tex-Mex.

Friendly People

Texans are known for their southern hospitality and you are likely to get a “Howdy ma’am” while you are out and about. The people are warm, kind, and down to earth which makes it the perfect place to raise a family. There’s just something special about the welcoming faces and all-around kindness in the great state of Texas.

Most Popular Cities to Live in Texas


Houston is the most populous city in Texas and is also one of the fastest-growing cities in America. A hot job market combined with a low cost of living and year-round warmth and sunshine makes Houston a great place to live. The city boasts unique urban neighborhoods as well as affordable family-friendly suburbs. It also attracts new residents looking for jobs because it has the second-most Fortune 500 headquarters in one city, falling only behind New York. Houston also boasts the largest medical district in the world, along with top-notch schools, a world-class dining scene, and plenty to see and do.


Dallas is one of the fastest-growing cities in America and one of the best places to live in the country. With a blazing economy, friendly culture, warm weather, and endless things to do, it’s no wonder so many people are flocking to this amazing city. Dallas is home to 22 of America’s 500 largest companies and has ranked first in job growth. In addition to the plethora of jobs, Dallas is also very affordable for a major city. The city is easy to get around, and residents do not have to rely on public transportation. It is also home to exciting sports, thrilling nightlife, fabulous restaurants, and plenty of arts and culture.

San Antonio

San Antonio draws thousands of visitors each year thanks to famous attractions like The Alamo, Sea World, Six Flags, Fiesta Texas, and the River Walk. San Antonio offers big city amenities with a relaxed and inviting atmosphere. Locals enjoy the delicious food, rich culture and history, loads of festivals and events, and cheering on the San Antonio Spurs. Thanks to its affordable cost of living, ample sunshine, easy commutes, and laid-back lifestyle, San Antonio ranks among the top 35 best cities to live in America.

Cost of Moving from Boston to Texas

Moving expenses can quickly add up when you are moving across the country. That’s why it’s important to use a professional moving company that is both reliable and affordable. At North American, we understand how stressful moving can be and we offer up-front pricing and competitive rates so you can rest assured you are getting the best possible price. The average line haul moving cost from Boston to Texas with North American is $3,000. Of course, there are many variables that determine the exact cost such as the actual distance of the move, the number of items being moved, and additional services such as packing and unpacking. Call us today for a free quote or start by using our Quote on Demand tool listed above.

Cost of moving from Boston to Texas

How to Move from Boston to Texas

Moving is stressful enough but it can be even more challenging when you are moving from one state to another. If you are planning a long-distance move, choose a company you can trust, such as North American Van Lines. Ranked one of the best moving companies in the country, North American knows exactly what it takes to handle a long-distance move. Let the professionals at North American take some of the stress out of your move so you can focus on the excitement of starting your new life in the great state of Texas.

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