Moving from Colorado to Florida

Moving from Colorado to Florida

According to Stacker, which used statistics from the US Census Bureau, Colorado was ranked 17 among the states with the most people that moved to Florida in 2019. The total number of moves recorded was 13,656. Read on to get some insights if you've already explored all the beautiful landscapes in Colorado and you want to try the active beaches along the Florida shore. Consider learning about the benefits and costs of moving, how to relocate, and popular areas in Florida before you relocate from Colorado to the Sunshine State.

Moving from Colorado to Florida

Benefits of Moving from Colorado to Florida


The first thing you'll probably think of while trying to weigh between relocating to Florida or staying in Colorado is the stunning beaches Florida has. You can't resist being part of the many Florida residents that enjoy the cool breezes, surfing, and swimming at the sandy beaches during summer. The state has many beaches, covering over 663 miles of the state's shoreline. Apart from swimming and surfing, you can also go boating in the deep waters of the beaches.

State-of-the-art Attractions

Also known as the Sunshine State, Florida features multiple attractions to make your stay active after your move. Orlando alone can make you busy, courtesy of its famous theme parks, including SeaWorld, Universal Studios, and Disney World. Get an in-person experience at Kennedy Space Center if you're an enthusiast of rockets. Other fascinating attraction sites you can find in Florida include Busch Gardens and Adventure Island in Tampa and The Overseas Highway.

Unique Wildlife

One of the few states where you'll witness wild animals such as alligators in their natural habitat is Florida. It features diverse wildlife in multiple parks, including Everglades National Park, where you can have a chance to spot bottlenose dolphins, manatees and bald eagles, sea turtles, snakes, and lizards.

Good Weather

If you love the summer sun on sandy beaches, Florida should be your new home. While in Florida, you'll enjoy about 300 days of sunshine and get treated by winters that go up to 70 degrees. Although the summer temperatures are high, you won't struggle to live in shorts and T-shirts all year round, courtesy of the extensive pools and beaches in the state.

Many Outdoor Activity Options

The presence of warm weather and a tropical landscape makes Florida an ideal destination for outdoor activities, including parasailing and yachting. If you aren't a fan of surfing or swimming, there's still something you can spend your precious time doing. You can golf, bike, or fish, depending on your preferences.

Quality Seafood

Although many states offer different kinds of sumptuous foods, only a few, including Florida, boast about their fresh seafood. You won't need to make a reservation to get a bite of mouthwatering food prepared on Florida's beaches. It's because there are multiple seafood restaurants in beach towns within the state.

How to Move from Colorado to Florida

Moving from Colorado to Florida is a process that can take approximately three to four months. The most important steps to follow are four, namely:

  • Create an ideal moving plan
  • Hire a trustworthy moving company to offer professional assistance
  • Make arrangements to have all moving documents at hand
  • Pack your items on time

Create a Moving Plan

You'll need a plan before starting the engine of your moving truck rental and relocating to the Sunshine State. Develop a moving timeline that entails step-by-step tasks you need to accomplish and assign the estimated completion time. Ensure you stick to the plan for things to run smoothly.

Hire a Moving Company

You can use DIY moving ideas to relocate from Colorado to Florida. However, the process can be hard to execute or fail at times. It needs a lot of time and energy, and the only way you can avoid the struggle is by involving moving experts. You can ask a friend that recently moved to recommend a moving company. Another option is to look at customer reviews of various companies in your area and compare their prices to pick the most reliable one.

Moving Documents

Without the necessary moving documents, you may land into legal troubles with American transportation authorities, including traffic officers. It can only hinder your move, making it a time-consuming or impossible process. Ensure you have a driver's license if you opt to drive your truck rental across states from Colorado to Florida.

Additionally, ensure you carry your birth certificate, social security card, car title, kids' medical records, and vet records for your pests to your new residence destination.

Pack your Items on Time

When it comes to relocation, packing and unpacking are the lengthiest activities in the whole process. Before moving from Colorado to Florida and you want to handle packing by yourself, ensure you start arranging your possessions as early as possible, usually a month before your move. However, if you have delicate and expensive valuables, including antiques and glass furniture, you'll need assistance from a moving company to pack them properly. It will help prevent structural damages during loading, transportation, and unloading.

The Average Cost of Moving from Colorado to Florida

You'll need to consider various factors to calculate your moving costs. These include the number of possessions to be moved, distance, packing and unpacking services, and the quality of your items.

Without an ideal budget, you may get stuck on the way as you move from Colorado to Florida. Since long-distance moves are costly, you should work with quality moving professionals from a reliable company such as NorthAmerican Van Lines to help you create the most economical budget.

The average line haul cost of moving from Colorado to Florida with North American is $4,200. This pricing structure is based on the route, size, and timing of the move. Hiring a moving company could be an expensive option compared to using a moving container or a rental truck. Seek professional help to weigh your options and pick a budget-friendly relocation alternative.

The average linehaul moving cost from Seattle to Florida with North American is $4,200

Most Popular Areas in Florida

With a shoreline of over 8000 miles, Florida is a premier destination for residential living. The Sunshine State has coastal cities with sprawling residential premises, landlocked towns, and locations dotted with canals and lakes. Read on to learn about your options while looking for an ideal hood you can live in when you relocate to Florida.


Apart from being the most populated area in Florida, Miami is a culturally diverse city with lively nightlife. In the recent past, the city has been ranked among the best international businesses worldwide. If you're in the financial and trade industries, consider moving to Miami to expand your success options.

Apart from the busy business life, you can also spare some time to wind up at the beaches and eat authentic Cuban sandwiches. You'll also get to have a glimpse of attractions such as Everglades and Biscayne Bay.


Tampa is an ideal place for young families and professionals. It has a low cost of living and features multiple recreational activities. If you enjoy Baseball, you'll get an in-person experience on the stands of baseball parks in Tampa to watch training sessions.

Many baseball teams participate in the Major League Baseball camp in the city for spring training. However, if you aren't a fan of sports, you can enjoy the plenty of boating and fishing opportunities and succulent food Tampa offers.


Orlando is well known for its famous amusement parks, including Legoland and Disney World. However, other amazing things can make you pick Orlando as your next home destination. These include prime business and recreation locations.

Although the cost of residing in Orland is higher than the US average, you'll still spend less living there than in some Florida cities. The city is home to Orlando Magic (NBA) and Orlando City SC (MLS), meaning you'll be among the cheering fans in home games. That's if you're a sports enthusiast.

Why North American Van Lines?

Moving from one state to another is a process that requires help from a professional moving company such as North American Van Lines. Our company is the ideal option when relocating from Colorado to Florida. We are licensed to deliver moving solutions internationally and over long distances in the US.

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We can also offer you storage solutions if you don't want to move to Florida immediately. Don't hesitate to call us if you need to relocate. Our specialists will discuss with you to create and implement a suitable plan to satisfy your moving needs.

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