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What You Should Know Before Moving to Green Bay, WI

Without a doubt, Green Bay is a football town. The Packers have played to sold out crowds since 1960. 86,000 people are currently waiting in line for season tickets and from September through January, there’s hardly a house without a green and yellow flag (Packers colors). Fans pack Lambeau Field on game day, until the parking lot is an endless sea of cheesehead hats. Bars and restaurants are crowded with people rooting for the Packers. And when there's a touchdown, you can hear them cheering from blocks away.

But as much as Green Bay loves football, it’s not why people put down roots here. Green Bay is a tight-knit community with a robust economy and high standard of living. Consistently rated as one of America’s best cities, Green Bay has finally caught the attention of people outside the Midwest. If you’re looking for a fresh start in a prosperous town, then here’s what you should know before moving to Green Bay.

Diverse & Resilient Job Market

Like its football team, Green Bay’s economy has taken hits but always bounced back. In fact, its unemployment has been historically low for the past ten years. Recessions don’t strike often, and when they do, recovery is quick. Green Bay’s remarkable strength comes from its investment in three key industries, which play an outsized role in its economy:

  • Food. Green Bay processes foodstuffs from all over Wisconsin, producing a steady outflow of milk, cheese, butter, yogurt, steaks, sausages, hamburgers, and canned vegetables, as well as a wide range of vegan and kosher products.
  • Trade. The Port of Green Bay ships over two million tons of cargo a year. The city’s extensive road and rail network connects farms, mines, and dairies across the Midwest to markets all over the United States and the world.
  • Manufacturing. Green Bay ships both raw materials and finished goods, such as farm machinery, auto parts, bricks, tile, sheet metal, furniture, fertilizer, clothing, and industrial equipment. The city is also heavily involved in the paper industry, which employs roughly twenty percent of its workforce.


Because it houses so much of the state’s economy, it’s not surprising that Green Bay is also home to some of the state’s leading legal and financial institutions. Several major insurance companies operate out of the area as well, as do a number of major hospitals.

Tourism is the city’s fourth largest industry. While Green Bay is a small market, the Packers fan base extends across the state and through the Midwest. Out of towners are a common sight on game day, and their presence is a significant boost to the city's restaurants and hotels.

Low Cost of Living

Green Bay is one of America’s most affordable cities. Residents pay 7-13 percent less for groceries, healthcare, utilities, and transportation than they do in most American cities.

Homes are an even bigger bargain. Studio apartments currently rent for $379 below the national average, while a two bedroom rents for $493 below. Houses sell for more than $100,000 less than homes elsewhere. When added to the savings mentioned above, new arrivals can expect to see their cost of living decrease approximately twenty percent after moving to Green Bay.

Eclectic Arts & Entertainment

Football’s not the only way to have fun in Green Bay. In fact, there’s a lot to explore. The city has spent years revitalizing their downtown districts, transforming it into a thriving “Mall-ternative,” full of shops, restaurants, and small businesses, including the historic Meyer Theater.

Constructed in 1930, the Meyer Theater was originally a movie house before being repurposed as a live entertainment destination for America’s most celebrated musicians, comedians, and bands. The area is also home to Captain’s Walk Winery, which serves fresh varietals out of a converted Victorian townhouse. There’s also Jekyll & Hyde, a bustling nightspot featuring local bands and karaoke, where all the shots are poured as doubles. And the Rabbit Hole, Green Bay’s favorite 80s and 90s throwback bar with waitresses dressed in bunny ears.

People looking for a quiet evening should check out the Attic, a combination espresso bar and bookstore where patrons can browse and discuss their favorite authors or spend the evening playing cards. Or stop by the Cultivate Taste Tea Salon, which serves an intriguing blend of organic, fair-trade teas from across the world. For a fine meal, head to the Republic Chophouse, which offers traditional American beef with a modern twist in a refined and sophisticated atmosphere.

There’s over 100 places to explore in the Broadway and Art District, including the Art Garage, an interactive gallery featuring workshops, exhibitions, live performances, and community programs designed to foster interest in the visual, performing, and literary arts. Not to mention Premier, the city’s leading art incubator, and CityDeck, Green Bay’s riverfront promenade, a social and professional space where people come together to work, play, and party, complete with a 5-tiered auditorium and theatrical lighting.

Exciting & Memorable Events

After cheering on their favorite team every Sunday, you’d think Green Bay would be too tired to celebrate the rest of the week. Yet the city calendar is chock full of events such as:

  • Farmers Markets. Green Bay has some of the largest farmer’s markets in Wisconsin. Over 90 vendors pack the streets selling fresh meat, cheese, coffee, tea, flowers, and vegetables, not to mention handcrafted soap, clothing, and beer.
  • igNight Market. A traveling night market showcasing the city’s finest artisans, performers, and musicians. Enjoy original music, full-sized games, live art demonstrations, and street magicians, as well as a wide range of food and drink.
  • Mural & Busker Festival. Watch art come to life! Tour Green Bay’s celebrated street murals while enjoying live performances by the city’s buskers (street performers) showing off their creativity and skill.
  • Fire Over the Fox. Every July 4, Green Bay lights up the Fox River with hundreds of fireworks. The bright and colorful explosion is preceded by an afternoon of partying along the riverfront, with live music on multiple stages, terrific food, and a bounce house for the kids.
  • Theatre in the Park. Picnic with your friends and family while Play-By-Play, Green Bay’s first regional, professional theater company, brings Shakespeare to life with fun and rousing performances.
  • Winterfest. Just because it’s cold doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. Come to the Broadway District for carriage rides, ice sculptures, animals, and live music. Or relax with some hot soup and cocoa from one of the many hot food vendors lining the streets. Kids won’t want to miss the Candy Land Scavenger Hunt!

Summer & Winter Recreation

Wisconsin is a beautiful state and living in Green Bay lets you take full advantage of it. No matter what time of year, there’s an exciting adventure only a short drive away. During summer, lakes and waterfalls are the most popular destinations, such as:

  • Big Manitou Falls. Over 165 feet high, the Big Manitou Falls sits in a sandstone and basalt gorge overlooking the Black River. The fourth biggest waterfall east of the Rockies, Native Americans claimed they could hear the voice of the Great Spirit in the crashing water.
  • Devil’s Lake State Park. Surrounded by 500-foot quartzite bluffs, Devil’s Lake contains over 27,000 acres of water and woodlands. Visitors can swim, fish, or kayak in the lake itself, or bike, hike, and birdwatch in the pristine forests nearby.
  • Apostle Islands. Located along the shore of Lake Superior, the Apostle Islands are a great place to swim, paddle, sail, or scuba. There are miles of underwater caves and dozens of shipwrecks hidden here for you to explore.


Not surprisingly, winter sports are also popular in Green Bay. When temperatures drop, residents head to:

  • Brown County Parks. Green Bay is surrounded by over 196 miles of snowmobile trails, groomed and marked for safety. Take a tour of the towns and farms around the city.
  • Beach Bay. The Beach Bay Wildlife Refuge is an urban nature preserve located near downtown, along the southern shore of Green Bay. Hikers and skiers can wander freely through snowy trails, decorated with frost.
  • Ledgestone Vineyards. Strap on a pair of skis or snowshoes and head out into the wilderness around Ledgestone Vineyards and Brewery. Watch the moonlight sparkle over the snow and, after making a circuit of the grounds, stretch out by the campfire with a glass of mulled wine or your favorite beer.


Moving to Green Bay, Wisconsin

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