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The decision to move is a big one; it needs premeditation and planning. First, you must come up with an abstract budget that covers the rent of your new residence and the cost of the move. The next step is to find a suitable place that fits your budget.

Free moving quotes

To find the estimated cost of moving, it's best to approach a moving company. North American Van Lines is one of the most suited moving companies. We have been the industry leader since 1933 and have a network of more than 500 agent locations across the country. When you approach us, we will inquire about the details of your move and use this information to design a moving quote that you can use to budget for your move.

What Is a Quote for Moving?

A quote for moving is a nearly accurate prediction of the cost it would take to move from your current residence to the future location. A moving company uses its calculating tools to provide you with estimates of the amount you would pay for the movers to move you.

How Are Moving Quotes Calculated?

Typically, the cost of a long-distance or interstate move is calculated using the information you provide. We calculate it by considering the estimated weight and sizes of your business or household items, the mileage to cover, the cost of labor, and the destination. If the move is local, we charge a flat dollar rate per hour. The money you pay is the result of multiplying the number of hours it takes to move you, times the flat rate.

What Is Typically Included in a Moving Company's Cost?

A quote accounts for everything needed for your move, from the packaging material to the fuel, labor, and truck essentials.

We also factor in the supplies it would take, the number of loaders you need, and the trucks required. If you have additional requests such as packing and unpacking, assembling furniture, and other add-ons, we account for that too.

Every little detail of your moving must feature in the quote, including the cost of moving special items like a motorcycle, a pool table, special machinery, and other bulky items. If you want to make some stops or use our storage facilities, the company quotes must reflect these details.

You must be as precise as you can when indicating the list of items you own so that we can calculate the accurate total cost before the move. It helps you be more prepared because the figure we give will be accurate. If you leave out some details, the moving charges may shoot up, throwing you off-budget.

What To Look For in a Mover?

The decision to take up the services of professional movers simplifies the moving process. Although it raises the cost of your move, it rids you of all the back-breaking work and the agony of moving.

Unfortunately, not every mover will give you the smooth moving experience you are looking to have. Some people have had horrific experiences after picking the next mover available. Take your time and conduct in-depth research of the company before committing to it.

Here's What To Look For When Evaluating Movers:

  • Reputation – go for a mover with a good reputation by getting recommendations from friends and family who used moving services.
  • Good reviews – if no one in your circle can recommend a good mover, look for one online. People often leave reviews based on their experiences. Pick the mover with the best reviews and head on to their website.
  • Life of the business – it is essential to give young companies a chance, but you would be better off working with a company that has operated for a few years. The experience gained may come in handy, especially when resolving problems that may come up during your move.
  • Is a good fit – a moving company is a right fit if it has the resources to accommodate all your belongings. It should be available when needed, have the right size truck, and have all the packing materials required.
  • Legitimacy – you should be able to verify that the company is legitimate. Ask for a current business license, search for their service records, and ensure that the company has a physical address. A legitimate company also has insurance cover to compensate for any breakages and accidents that may happen in the course of your move.

Instant Ballpark Quotes vs. Moving Quotes: What's the Difference?

An instant ballpark quote is a rather rough estimate based on the incomplete information you give to the moving company when you first ask for a quote. It is not the actual cost of your moving but only a starting point to understanding what it might take to move you to the preferred location.

A moving quote, also called a moving estimate, is a quote that is more accurate than the instant ballpark quote. You get the moving quote when you are certain about moving and have provided more information to the moving company regarding the items in your house or business location. You might even have called in a representative from the company to estimate the cost of the move with more accuracy.

You may also send us a virtual walk-through. It is a video that captures all your belongings and gives your home layout. It indicates the entrances and exits to your home.

The estimators take note of all that would be required to move you, including any special equipment. They also answer any questions or concerns you may have, then move to calculate the cost of your move.

The company then notifies you of the amount, and this becomes your official moving quote.

Start Your Online Moving Quote

The process of getting your online moving quote is easy. Get onto the North American Moving Services and click on "Get Quote." You will be led into a new page and asked to input the zip codes of your location and where you are moving to, the size of your current house, the date of the move, your name, and contact information.

Once we have your details, our customer service representative will schedule a phone interview with you. During the interview, we ask you to confirm the details you input, talk about other needs you may have, and ask for any further information you want us to have.

Our next step is to survey the items in your house. Our estimators study the virtual walk-through and work with you to create a moving plan that accommodates your budget, timeline, and other moving needs. We then send you a moving quote indicating exactly how much you need for your move.

When it is time to move, we assign a move coordinator to work with you and plan your move down to the details. We give you some valuable tips, resources, and tools you need to finalize your plans.

Choose North American Van Lines

When in search of a reliable moving company, choose North American Van Lines. We have a long-term experience and the resources to turn your moving into a seamless experience. Visit our website or call us at 800 228-3092 to get a free moving quote.