Moving from Texas to North Carolina

Moving from Texas to North Carolina

Texas is a beautiful and massive state, but if it’s not for you anymore, you may be considering the lovely state of North Carolina. North Carolina has some wonderful things to offer residents, from the gorgeous weather to accessible beaches.

People that feel landlocked in inner Texas can experience a similar southern charm and the warm environment by moving to the Tar Heel State. While the state nickname may not be super enticing, the state is!

We’ll cover just a few of the enticing benefits of moving from Texas to North Carolina and how to do it.

Moving from Texas to North Carolina

Benefits of Moving from Texas to North Carolina

If you aren’t convinced of the appeal of North Carolina, there are many benefits to learn about. North Carolina offers plenty of bright southern culture mixed with technology and science hubs. And, of course, the weather and nature are ideal for any outdoor enthusiast.

The Research Triangle

Located in the Piedmont region of North Carolina lies the Research Triangle. The Research Triangle is a hub of business, technology, and education.

There are many universities and high-tech businesses in the area, such as Cisco Systems, IBM, General Electric, Microsoft, and Toyota. For those looking to further a STEM career and similar industries, there is a thriving job market in North Carolina.

The best part of the Research Triangle is that parts of it are very metropolitan, while other parts are sleepy suburbs. So you have options for what kind of area you want while still being near the technology hub!


Texas can sometimes seem like a dry and hot mass of land. But North Carolina has rolling green hills and stunning national parks to explore.

Unlike Texas, North Carolina doesn’t get blistering hot during the summer months, meaning you can still enjoy your favorite outdoor activities without melting! Hike the Great Smoky Mountains or visit Grandfather Mountain for delightful views and the fresh mountain air.

The Beaches

North Carolina has lovely hiking trails and deciduous forests, but their beaches alone are a reason to move. While Texas is not technically a landlocked state, it can feel like one. But the beach is just a few hours away from most cities and towns in North Carolina.

Some of the best beaches in the state include Carolina Beach, Cape Hatteras, Nags Head, and Emerald Isle. Rather than swelter on the hottest days as most Texans do, you can take a quick trip to the beach and enjoy the cool ocean water and soft sand.

Carolina Barbecue

Every southern state has delicious barbecue food, but Carolina barbecue is special, and you’ll get the best of it in North Carolina! Carolina barbecue emphasizes vibrant spices and smoked meats that fall off the bone.

The meat is full of flavor, usually doused in the classic North Carolina BBQ sauce offering a mustardy taste. Relish in the whole-hog barbecues that come with sides of comfort food like corn pudding and slow-baked beans.

Friendly People

Texas is a friendly state with generally kind people, but they can’t hold a candle to the southern charm you’ll find in North Carolina.

When you move to North Carolina, you’ll have the friendliest neighbors and experience an overwhelming sense of welcome, making you feel right at home. Even in the larger metropolitan areas, people maintain an attitude that exemplifies southern hospitality.

Cost of Moving from Texas to North Carolina

Moving from Texas to North Carolina can be a costly adventure. Long-distance moves can be a massive financial strain that dulls the excitement of moving to a new place.

At North American, we offer customizable moving plans, so you don’t need to spend more than you have to. But it always helps to know what cost to expect when moving. The average line haul moving cost from Texas to North Carolina with North American is $3,900.

Many factors go into calculating moving costs, including the number of belongings, the moving distance, packing and unpacking services, special items, and much more. So the best way to know the true cost is to fill out the Quote on Demand above.

Cost of moving from Texas to North Carolina

Most Popular Cities in North Carolina

If you aren’t sure what area you want to relocate to just yet, consider finding a place near these magnificent and welcoming cities in North Carolina. These locations have a lot to offer residents, from historic landmarks to innovative businesses.


Charlotte is the most popular city in North Carolina, with tourists visiting for bachelor parties or family vacations.

There are amusement parks, live folk music, fine dining, casual eateries, sports events, and enticing museums, so you’ll never be bored in Charlotte. And if you’re into car racing, you can check out the NASCAR Hall of Fame!


Raleigh has been nicknamed the Smithsonian of the South because of the abundance of free museums and historic attractions. A decent portion of the Research Triangle is in Raleigh.

It’s a hub of technology and innovation, making for a vibrant and well-educated population. It’s also famous for the stunning and majestic oak trees which line many streets. Raleigh offers the ravishing but humble vibe of a southern state paired with the hustle and bustle of a spirited metropolis.


Greensboro is a lesser-known city in North Carolina but boasts plenty of activities that rival the fun of Raleigh and Charlotte. One of the most popular places is the Greensboro Science Center, where you can see rare red pandas lounging or freaky sharks swimming around.

Visit the Big Garden to view colorful and delicate flowers, or check out landmarks from the American Revolution for a taste of history. Greensboro is a great city to move to if you want to avoid tourists but still live near tourist-worthy spots!

How to Move from Texas to North Carolina

The best way to move from Texas to North Carolina is to trust your belongings and the moving process to professionals who know what they’re doing. North American will take the weight of moving off your shoulders, so you can be excited about transitioning to your new home!

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