Moving and Storage Services that Meet Your Needs

At North American Van Lines, we are a moving and storage company offering the most convenient and efficient moving storage facilities. The need for moving storage often arises when transitioning between homes. There are endless reasons as to why people use moving storage to house some of their belongings during a transition.

Making your old residence appear cleaner and less cluttered to a prospective buyer is important. Moving storage can be used to store these extra items when trying to sell your home. Sometimes, you purchase furniture or appliances in advance for your new residence and don't want to implement them until you move. North American Van Lines' moving and storage facilities can stow these items until you're ready for them. When you are transitioning between residences, there may be times when you will downgrade in size. All of your old possessions may not fit into your new space, which is when our moving storage can be of aid.

Our Agent's storage facilities:

  • Are Centrally Located and Convenient
  • Offers Short or Long Term Storage
  • Can  be Stowed Until You are Ready to Have them Delivered

The convenience and security of North American Van Lines' moving and storage facilities are what makes us the best option for your moving storage needs. Whatever it is you need to store, we can cost-effectively accommodate your belongings.