Moving from New York City to Miami

Moving from New York City to Miami

Nicknamed the Magic City, Miami is a wonderfully dynamic city that is filled with diversity, culture, and beautiful people. Much like New York City, Miami definitely offers plenty of excitement, but residents get to experience the thrills of the city in shorts and t-shirts all year long! Boasting incredible weather, beautiful beaches, and plenty of things to see and do, Miami is packed with all of the amenities you would expect from a big city and more! As you prepare to relocate from NYC to sunny Miami, here are some of the fantastic things that will be waiting for you in Florida.


Benefits of Moving from New York City to Miami

The Weather

If you love warm weather and sunshine, Miami is the perfect place for you. Temperatures average around 85-90 degrees for about nine months out of the year and the winter highs top out in the upper 70’s. You will certainly be able to trade in your winter coats and sweaters for tank tops and shorts. While your friends back in New York will be shoveling snow, you will be relaxing on the beach in a swimsuit! The warm weather and ample sunshine makes it easy to enjoy the outdoors all year long!

Beautiful Landscape

There is something truly spectacular about the beautiful blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean, the white sandy beaches, and the lush greenery in and around the city of Miami. You also feel like you’re in paradise as you stroll along streets lined with palm trees. You can even pick fresh oranges, grapefruit, and avocados right from a tree in your yard! Though Miami is best known for its stunning beaches, there is actually so much more to discover about South Florida’s unique landscape. Miami is only about an hour from the Everglades, which is the largest subtropical wilderness in the U.S. This incredible landscape provides a habitat for numerous rare and endangered species like manatee, American crocodile, the elusive Florida panther, and several species of exotic birds.


Cultural Diversity

There’s no doubt that New York City is a melting pot of diversity, but Miami gives you a taste of Latin America right here in the United States. In fact, about 70% of the city’s population is of Latin descent. Here you will find Cubans, Mexicans, Brazilians, Venezuelans, Colombians, and Peruvians sprinkled throughout the city. Some even refer to the city as the “Capital of Latin America.”

Exciting Nightlife

NYC may be the “city that never sleeps” but Miami certainly has one of the best nightlife scenes in the country. There are dozens of oceanfront clubs that are considered to be premiere party destinations but the city has plenty of bars, live music, and dance venues dotted throughout the city. People in Miami love dancing the night away until the wee hours of the morning and are even known to enjoy late night dinners at some spectacular restaurants.

Great Food Scene

The culinary scene in Miami is bursting with a variety of cultural dishes and cuisines. You can find authentic Cubuan food on nearly every corner in the city along with delicious food trucks, dives, and open-air eateries. Residents can also indulge in plenty of local favorites such as stone crab, pulled pork, Cuban sandwiches, street tacos, plantains, and key lime pie. The city has plenty of restaurants including five star fine dining restaurants as well as local bakeries and cafes. It is the perfect place to try new foods from around the world.

Loads of Recreational Activities

If you love finding new and exciting things to do, Miami has plenty to offer. Aside from awesome dining and shopping, there are countless ways to get out and explore the surroundings. You can relax on the beach, taking in the sun and surf. You can also charter a boat to go deep sea fishing, snorkeling, or scuba diving. You can spend a day in the Everglades, checking out the exotic and unique wildlife. You are also just a short drive to the Florida Keys, known for its fishing, snorkeling, and delicious seafood. The city also offers thrilling professional sports, excellent live entertainment, casinos, museums, parks, and so much more.

Cost of Moving from New York City to Miami

Moving long distance from one city to another can be costly, but North American strives to provide exceptional service at a reasonable price. We understand how important it is to stay on budget, and that’s why we offer upfront pricing and customizable moving packages to fit every budget. The average cost to move from New York City to Miami with North American is $2,321.42. Keep in mind, however, that there are several variables that will determine the exact cost. You can get a free quote today using our Quote on Demand tool or call to speak with one of our friendly representatives.


How to Move from New York City to Miami

Long distance moves require a great deal of planning and organization. Since you don’t have the luxury of making multiple trips back and forth, you need to make sure everything is well executed right from the start. That’s why it is recommended to enlist the help of a professional moving company to assist with your long distance move. North American has over 85 years of moving experience and our professional movers are equipped to handle every aspect of your move from packing and loading to full transport and unpacking. Relocating can be stressful, but with the right help, your transition can be smoother and less hectic.

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