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Cross-Country Movers

As an industry-leading cross-country moving company, we are committed to making your relocation a success. From transportation to storage, we have a customized solution that meets your every need. Whether you’re moving from San Diego to Manhattan or from Ontario, Canada, to Orlando, Florida, we have moving agents in your area to help you every step of the way. Regardless of how simple or complex your relocation, we have the resources and services to get you and your belongings safely from coast to coast.

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Cross-Country Moving Service

North American Van Lines offers a comprehensive selection of moving and storage services that ensure we remain the premier choice for moving cross-country. We offer a wider variety of affordable long-distance moving services than typical cross-country moving companies, including full-service packing, fragile-only packing, custom crating, unpacking/uncrating/debris removal, short- and long-term storage, auto shipping, piano moving, third-party services, specialty packing supplies for purchase and so much more. Wherever life takes you, northAmerican will help you get there.


Resources You Can Rely On

Educating yourself about the cross-country moving process in advance will allow you to enjoy a less stressful relocation. North American Van Lines provides an array of free moving resources to customers who are moving across the country. Browse our website for packing guides and calculators, shipment trackers, online moving videos and much more. As one of the premier cross-country moving companies, we want to ensure you feel comfortable with the moving process for a smooth, seamless relocation from start to finish.

Experience You Need

When moving cross-country, you can benefit from North American Van Lines’ 90+ years of experience and unparalleled knowledge. Our expertise in performing relocations throughout the country provides us with an incredible advantage in executing worry-free, seamless relocations. Our cross-country movers undergo extensive training before ever handling your interstate move, furthering our commitment to total quality. Our incredible customer service and outstanding performance ratings speak for themselves. You’ll experience an exceptional relocation, every time. It's the North American way. Request a free, no-obligation quote for our cross-country moving services today!


How Moving Cross-Country with North American Van Lines Works

When you're relocating to a new home across the country, moving all your belongings can be a daunting task. Fortunately, our professional cross-country movers can assist you with this process. northAmerican’s across-country movers will come to your current home and carefully load your possessions onto our large trucks. We’ll transport them safely to your destination or our secure storage facilities, whichever you prefer.

If you're looking for additional support during the move, we offer packing and unpacking services as well. For an extra fee, we will not only transport your items but also assist you in packing everything up securely and unpacking it once you arrive at your new home. This can take a lot of stress off your shoulders and give you more time to focus on other aspects of the move.

With our expertise and equipment at your disposal, you can rest assured that your belongings will arrive safely and efficiently at your new home.

10 Steps to a Successful Cross-Country Move

Preparing for a cross-country move is about much more than just making the decision to pack your belongings or have the moving company do it! The most successful, least stressful moves result from planning and following these steps:

  1. Declutter. Everything you move will cost money, so about 6–8 weeks before the big day, go through items like clothing, books and other items to decide if some can be sold or donated. Furniture you don’t want can be listed on Craigslist or a neighborhood app, with the added bonus that someone may pay you for something you don’t need—and haul it away in the bargain. The cash you make can even help defray your moving cost.

  2. Itemize and organize. Take stock of what you can go ahead and pack for your cross-country move, such as books, small kitchen appliances you won’t need, knickknacks and other items. Label every box clearly with the room and the contents. Take photos of valuable items and order any additional boxes and packing materials you’ll need.

  3. Prepare for your new home. About 4 weeks before your move date, you can go ahead and make arrangements to have the utilities and cable turned off at your old home and on at the new one. If you’ve been renting your current home, clean it as you pack so you have the best chance of getting your full deposit back.

  4. Close, cancel and transfer. About 2 weeks before moving day, fill out a change of address form at the post office or online. Have your car serviced if you plan to drive it across the country to your new home. Cancel your local memberships

  5. Keep your valuables and necessary items close. As safe and conscientious as our movers and drivers are, you will probably still want to carry valuables such as jewelry, fragile items and small antiques with you for your cross-country move. Of course, you should also bring suitcases packed with whatever your family will need while traveling.

  6. Budget and prepare for unexpected expenses. You never know what might happen when moving. Car troubles, weather delays and surprise repairs to your new or old home are all too common. An emergency budget will give you peace of mind and help you prepare for the unexpected during your cross-country moving experience. Keep in mind that northAmerican will never charge more for your move than the price you agreed to.
  7. Look into cross-country moving services. Interstate moves can quickly become complex undertakings. With a trustworthy cross-country moving company by your side, you’ll be prepared to approach every aspect of your relocation with the utmost confidence—and the team at North American Van Lines is the best in the business. We’ve helped thousands of individuals and families manage the ins and outs of long-distance moving with ease. No matter what you need help with, we're here to lend an extra hand.

  8. Consider the moving costs. While DIY moving can save money, it will certainly cost time and peace of mind. Many people are surprised by the amount of work it takes to safely pack, ship, and unload everything they own while also managing the logistics of living in a new place. While some cross-country moving companies may charge more than is worth it, northAmerican offers custom moving packages, ensuring you only pay for the services you need.

  9. Look into auto transport and car shipping services. Driving yourself on a cross-country move will put thousands of miles on your odometer. With auto transport services, you can successfully get your car from point A to point B without planning a big road trip with your kids, family, or pets. Plus, it's more affordable than selling and buying a new car in a new state!

  10. Create a checklist. Maintaining a moving checklist will help you stay organized throughout the process. Your checklist should include not only your personal belongings, but other tasks like transferring subscriptions, clearing out your storage unit, transferring utilities and notifying your children’s school about your upcoming cross-country move.

A cross country move is no simple task. To ensure everything is prepared for the big day, check out our Moving Resources page for a moving checklist, how-to’s, and other information on how to make any move easier. Contact us today for more information about our cross-country moving services and to receive a free estimate. Our team of professional cross-country movers are here to help.

Cross-Country Moving FAQs

What is the cost of moving cross-country?

The price of your cross-country move will largely depend on the volume of belongings you need moved and the number of services you choose. For example, we offer everything from full-service packing to fragile-only packing to selling quality packing materials so you can do the packing yourself. We also offer storage, vehicle shipping and specialty moving services (such as piano moving). As a leading national moving company, we can offer many more affordable cross-country moving services than our competitors, allowing you to tailor your move to your needs and budget. For an exact price on your cross-country move, get a quote today!

How long does a cross-country move take?

The transit time for your move will vary depending on how far your old home is from your new one, but generally, a cross-country move will take around 2–5 business days once the moving van is loaded.

Can you provide moving services anywhere in the country?

Absolutely! As one of the country’s largest moving companies, North American has agents throughout the country. And, to extend our reach, we work with trusted third parties when necessary. So, when you choose us for your cross-country relocation, you can stress less about the move and focus on what you need to do to make the transition easier for your family.

Why should I hire a cross country moving company?

Moving anything by yourself can be very challenging. At the very least, you’ll probably need someone to help you load your personal items onto trucks and unload them at your destination. A professional moving company can provide a seamless experience, including packing services and storage options, and even help you get settled in your new location without stress.

What is the cheapest way to move cross-country?

The cheapest way to move across the country will always be DIY. Still, it's an intimidating task that can often be more expensive than hiring a mover once you factor in packing, driving, unpacking, decluttering, etc. To get a cost estimate of what you can expect, fill out our Quote on Demand form above.

Why North American?

500+ agent locations

North American Van Lines has been a leader in the moving industry since 1933. With over 500 agent locations nationwide, we have movers wherever “home” is for you. We specialize in corporate relocation, long distance and local household moving.

90+ years

Our experienced agents will assist you with all your needs; including packing, loading, and transporting your belongings, whether you’re headed down the street or overseas. We understand that you have more to worry about than the physical move. If our more than 90 years of reputation doesn’t entice you, read some of our testimonials and request a quote.

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