Moving from Detroit to Atlanta

Moving from Detroit to Atlanta

Moving from Detroit to Atlanta can be an exciting adventure. Atlanta is becoming one of the most popular cities for newcomers, attracting people from all over the world thanks to its mild winters, affordable housing, booming job market, and diverse communities. The city’s southern charm, an abundance of entertainment options, and welcoming attitude only add to its appeal. All that said, the allure of Georgia’s capital city doesn’t end there. Check out a few reasons why living in Atlanta is awesome.

Moving from Detroit to Atlanta

Benefits of Moving from Detroit to Atlanta

Warm Weather

Although Atlanta may be infamous for its humid summers, the rest of the year has pleasantly mild temperatures. Unlike Detroit, you will get to experience a change of season without having to worry about freezing cold winters and abundant snowfall. The city enjoys plenty of sunshine and average temperatures around 70 degrees in the spring and fall, allowing residents to enjoy outdoor festivals, sporting events, and public parks all year round.

Strong Job Market

Young professionals are flocking to this city to take advantage of its booming job market. In fact, Atlanta has one of the fastest-growing job markets in the country. Home to more Fortune 500 companies than any other city besides New York and Houston, it has also been ranked among the top 3 cities to start a career. In addition to the abundance of job opportunities, you will also find that salaries are typically higher than the national average. Not only is Atlanta an ideal place for large corporations, but it is a great place for entrepreneurs. Thanks to low startup costs, business-friendly regulations, and affordable taxes, Atlanta is a fantastic city for starting your own business.

Low Cost of Living

Despite being the 9th largest city in the country, Atlanta still remains a fairly affordable city and falls 2% below the national average. The average salary in Atlanta is $59,000 and the median home price is $259,000 while average rent is $1,200. In addition to reasonable real estate costs, Atlanta residents enjoy lower costs associated with food, utilities, and entertainment as well.

Abundant Green Spaces

The abundance of expansive green spaces is one of Atlanta’s best features. From the larger Chastain Park and Freedom Park to the charming and quaint Piedmont Park and Fourth Ward Park, residents can enjoy access to picturesque views, picnic areas, playgrounds, cycling trails, community gardens, and dog areas. The warm Atlanta weather also means residents can enjoy the fresh air and beautiful city parks any time of the year.

Excellent Food Scene

Atlanta is also known for its impressive food scene. You will find plenty of amazing restaurants from fine dining to great sandwiches and even food trucks. You will be surprised at how diversified the city’s food scene has become, with a wide variety of cultural cuisines in addition to local staples like BBQ and southern comfort food. There’s also plenty of farmer’s markets as well as bars, breweries, and bakeries so you will never go hungry in Atlanta.

Easy Access to Travel

Atlanta is home to the busiest airport in the world, the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. This means residents have easy access to travel and can get pretty much anywhere in the world with ease. With non-stop flights to virtually anywhere, there’s no better place to live when it comes to travel accessibility.

Plenty to Do

There is no shortage of fun things to do in Atlanta. Often referred to as “Hotlanta” for its rich and diverse nightlife, Atlanta is definitely the party capital of Georgia. From dance clubs and comedy clubs to karaoke bars and live music joints, you will find plenty of ways to enjoy a night out. Let’s not forget about the city’s incredible sports scene. They have three major professional sports teams for baseball, basketball, and football. You will also find a great college sports scene. There are also loads of festivals, concerts, and events as well as a great music scene.

Cost of Moving from Detroit to Atlanta

Moving can be expensive and it’s understandable that you want to stay on budget. That’s why North American provides customers with upfront pricing and customizable moving packages so you can find a moving package that fits your budget. The average line haul cost to move from Detroit to Atlanta with North American is $3,000. It is important to keep in mind, however, that many factors go into determining the cost of a move including the exact distance you are moving, the number of items being moved, special shipping or handling needs, and additional services such as packing and unpacking. At North American, we understand how important it is to stay on budget and that’s why we have made it easy to get an accurate quote using our convenient Quote on Demand tool above.

Cost of moving from Detroit to Atlanta

How to Move from Detroit to Atlanta

Long-distance moves require a great deal of planning and organization. That’s why it is recommended to enlist the help of a professional moving company when you are moving from one state to another. North American has over 85 years of moving experience and our professional movers are equipped to handle every aspect of your move from packing and loading to full transport and unpacking. Relocating can be stressful, but with the right help, your transition can be smoother and less hectic. North American is here to take the stress out of your move so you can start enjoying your new home in Atlanta.

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