Moving from Florida to Washington State

Moving from Florida to Washington State

Are you thinking of moving for a new job, education, or atmosphere? In any of those cases, you'll find a lot to offer in Washington State. People gave Washington the nickname of The Evergreen State. It lives up to this reputation with abundant evergreen forests, lakes, and mountains to explore. On top of that, Washington has a burgeoning wine, beer, and seafood industry for those of you who are foodies. When it comes to the economy, Washington has plenty of work and education opportunities. It's also close to Canada. You can make it to Vancouver within a 3-hour drive for a weekend trip. Here, we'll cover what you should know to prepare for moving to the Evergreen State.

Benefits of Moving from Florida to Washington State

Milder Climate

Florida has a subtropical climate. It stays around 80° F year-round, making you live in a near-perpetual summer. In winter, it may only drop to about 50° F. In comparison, Washington has a temperate climate that experiences all four seasons. It's not as humid as Florida and stays in the 70°s during the summer. Many people find they can turn off the air conditioning in the hottest months, unlike in Florida. It's also not as humid, so you won't see as many mosquitos in your new state. It rarely snows in both states. But in some Washington winters, you can enjoy at least a few inches of powdery snow.

Mountainous Outdoors

People know Florida best for its beaches, tangerines, and maybe Publix. Florida does have beautiful landscapes like the Everglades. However, it doesn't have mountain ranges. The highest point in Florida is Britton Hill, which is 345 ft above sea level. Compare that to Washington State, which has the Cascade Range, Cedar Hills, and Boylston Mountains. Those are just a few of its mountain ranges. One of its mountains, Mt. Rainier has a peak elevation of 14,410 ft above sea level. These mountains make skiing, mountain biking, and rock climbing possible in Washington state. If you love outdoor sports, you might enjoy Washington's landscape more than Florida's beaches and swamps.

Economic Opportunities

Florida's primary industries include tourism, agriculture, and healthcare. By comparison, Washington State has a concentration of STEM industries. It plays a vital role in international trade, too. The Port of Seattle receives plenty of trade from Asia. It's also worth noting that it's the second-biggest wine producer in the United States, behind California. Both Washington and Florida have no personal income tax. Overall, Washington may be slightly more expensive to live in than Florida. However, you will generally find groceries more affordable in Washington.

If you're going back to school, you'll find good institutions in Washington. It's home to the University of Washington, Whitman College, and Gonzaga University.

Cost of Moving from Florida to Washington State

The average line haul cost of moving from Florida to Washington State with North American is $4,200.

A few factors will determine exactly how much it costs for you. We can examine how many belongings you have, the exact distance between your cities, and the transportation weight to give you a reasonable estimate. When calculating moving costs, you should also consider the cost of packing, unpacking, and transporting fragile items. Please note that these estimations do not account for your flights or drive across state lines. The best way to get your personal estimate is to fill out the Quote on Demand tool above.

The average linehaul moving cost from Seattle to Florida with North American is $4,200

Most Popular Cities in Washington State


Seattle is the largest city in the Northwest United States. It's a seaport-city with a strong LGBT community, coffee culture, and technology scene. Some of the strongest industries in Seattle are aircraft manufacturing, biotechnology, IT, and retail. You'll find headquarters for renowned companies like Microsoft, Starbucks, and Boeing there.

The city isn't far away from nature, either. You can access Discovery Park, Alki Beach, and the Volunteer Park Conservatory. You might recognize its iconic Space Needle from several films and TV shows. The Needle is a 605 ft tall building offering 360° views of the city. Seattle's evergreen nature and views have given it the nickname 'The Emerald City.'


People call Spokane the 'lilac city' for how much the purple plant thrives there. It even has an annual Lilac Festival with parades.

In Spokane, you can access plenty of arts and culture centers. It houses the Fox and Bing Crosby theaters and the Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture. In downtown Spokane, Romanesque-revival style buildings add an artistic feeling to the city.

Spokane has industries in aerospace manufacturing, health sciences, and clean technology. Dozens of lakes and rivers near the city make it ideal for kayaking or fishing. And you're still close enough to the mountains for biking.


You might consider Bellevue an 'edge city' because of its proximity to Seattle. You can reach it in a 15-minute drive, separated only by a lake and bridges. But Bellevue has charms of its own to offer. It is home to several beach trails, parks, and playgrounds for a green atmosphere. You can also visit the Bellevue Botanical Garden and Arts Museum for leisure.

Bellevue is French for "beautiful view." In some of its high-rise buildings, you can spot the Olympic and Cascade mountains in the distance. It's also a majority-minority city. Many of its residents are Asian, with Hispanic and Black populations as well.

As for the economy, Bellevue is home to more technology headquarters. Some of these include T-Mobile and Paccar.

How to Move from Florida to Washington State

Moving across state lines is hard work. You can't pack up all your items and transport them alone. That's where our team at North American can come in to give you a hand. We have over 88 years of experience as professional movers. We'll help you by packing, loading, storing, and transporting your goods smoothly across the country. We'll give you a personal consultant to save money and plan for your move. It even includes a tracking service to know where your goods are in transportation.

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