Moving from California to South Carolina

Moving from California to South Carolina

If you are preparing to pack your bags and head to South Carolina, you won’t be disappointed. This southern state offers beautiful beaches, access to nature, charming cities, and loads of southern hospitality. Located along the Atlantic Coast, South Carolina offers the sandy shores you have grown accustomed to as well as plenty of history, a thriving economy, high quality of life, all at an affordable price. People are drawn to the warm climate, the abundance of natural green spaces, and the welcoming warmth of southern hospitality. As you prepare to relocate from California, here are just a few reasons why you will fall in love with the beauty and charm of South Carolina.

Moving from California to South Carolina

Benefits of Moving from California to South Carolina


California has plenty of amenities to offer, but affordable living is not one of them. Many people leave California due to the high cost of living. Luckily, South Carolina offers an abundance of amenities at a price that is actually affordable. In fact, the cost of living in South Carolina is nearly 56% lower than in California. While this certainly depends on where you live, you can definitely expect to save money on housing costs, food and groceries, utilities, transportation, and health care. South Carolina also has the 5th lowest property tax in the country.

Southern Hospitality

Southern hospitality is a real thing and it’s definitely present in South Carolina. Whether you are taking a walk down the street, checking out at the grocery store, or dining at a restaurant, you will find a community of warm and friendly people ready to welcome you to their home state. This creates a sense of community and calmness that is unlike the typical hustle and bustle of many other states. With such kind and friendly people, it won’t take long for South Carolina to feel like home.

Beautiful Landscape

There’s no doubt that California is a beautiful place, but you will find yourself in awe of the natural beauty of South Carolina as well. Here you can find scenery to fit any lifestyle. From mountains and waterfalls to beaches, lakes, and trees, South Carolina’s varied landscape makes for gorgeous views. Whether you are driving through a coastal town, hiking through the trails, or checking out one of the many state parks, you will find panoramic views everywhere you look. From the rolling hills of the Blue Ridge Mountains to the incredible palmetto trees and stunning coastline, South Carolina truly is a beautiful sight to behold.

Historical Charm is Everywhere

South Carolina is not only packed with beauty, but it is rich in history as well. Throughout its cities and small towns, you will find the state’s history reflected in the buildings and statues all around you. Charleston, the state’s oldest city, is bursting with gorgeous architecture reminiscent of important history. From the original church steeples that rise above the city to the lavish plantation estates that still exist, you will learn about the history of the south everywhere you turn. You can visit Ft. Sumter National Monument, which is the site of the Civil War’s first battle, and discover hundreds of incredible stories on a tour through the streets of downtown.

Delicious Food

Life in South Carolina means enjoying plenty of good food. From grits to barbecue and oysters, you will find a regional cuisine unlike any other in the country. Boiled peanuts are a local favorite along with fried green tomatoes and cornbread. You can expect to enjoy delicious southern home cooking but you can also treat yourself to a fine dining experience at one of South Carolina’s many award-winning restaurants.

Most Popular Cities to Live in South Carolina


With its cobblestone streets, colorful antebellum homes, and rich history, Charleston ranks among the most charming and beautiful cities in the country. Here you can take a horse-drawn carriage through the city and learn about civil war stories or dine at one of the city’s many incredible restaurants. You can also take a walk along the stunning coastline or spend a day visiting a plantation and learning about the history of the south. It is a historical haven and is home to some of the country’s most fascinating history dating back to before the Civil War. Charleston's boasts warm weather, a unique culture, and some of the friendliest people you will meet!


This traditional southern town has been voted one of the best places to live in South Carolina. The abundance of oak, pecan, and magnolia trees helps it retain a rural southern feel while the downtown skyline is representative of the city’s growing economy. Not only is Columbia a bustling college town, but it is the state capital which means there is plenty of opportunity for employment. Residents get to enjoy all the charm of a small town along with great amenities such as trendy shops, cafes, bars, and other entertainment. It is full of students who attend the University of South Carolina and the city shares a love for Gamecocks football. With great public schools and family-friendly neighborhoods, Columbia is a great place for young professionals and families.

Cost of Moving from California to South Carolina

Moving across the country can be both stressful and expensive, so it’s important to choose a professional moving company to help you navigate the process. North American has been in the moving industry for more than 85 years and we strive to provide customers with exceptional service at a price they can afford. Although moving long-distance can be costly, the average cost to move from California to South Carolina is $5,076.55. Of course, there are many factors that will determine the actual cost such as the exact distance of the move, the number of items being moved, and additional services such as packing and unpacking. The best way to get an accurate quote is by using our Quote on Demand tool listed above.

Cost of Moving from California to South Carolina

How to Move from California to South Carolina

Cross-country moves are certainly exciting, but they can also present a number of logistical challenges. That’s why it can be helpful to hire a professional moving company such as North American who can help make your move as efficient, affordable, and stress-free as possible. Coast-to-coast moves require a little extra help and planning and our experienced movers are fully equipped to handle the logistics of your long-distance move. We can help you every step of the way to ensure your cross-country move is a pleasant experience.

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