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Affordable Moving Services

At North American Van Lines, we want your moving process to be as easy as possible. That’s why we offer professional moving services and supplies for both long-distance and local moves, customized to meet your unique needs. 

Want someone to pack up and load for you? We’re on it. Need specialty boxes or extra supplies to secure your things? Give us a call! Whether you need a few helping hands or a complete moving plan, our experienced staff and sophisticated logistics system will help keep the process smooth and simple.

We offer full service moving to suit any budget or need. Check out our options below!

Moving Service and Packing Options

Proper packing is the key to a successful, stress-free move. Your items should arrive at your new home quickly, safely, and well-organized for easy unpacking. 

Packing is often the most daunting part of the moving process. Our teams of full-service local or long-distance movers can do all the packing for you, saving you time and energy so you can focus on other parts of your move. We offer the following packing services:

  • Full-Service Packing: Sit back and supervise while we do the packing!
  • Fragile-Only Packing: With years of packing and moving experience, we know how to get fragile items safely from point A to point B! We can help you create a custom packing plan for your heavy or breakable items.

Don’t want help packing? No problem. We also provide packing supplies like boxes, bubble wrap, tape, and more, so you can pack up by yourself (or with some buddies). Use our helpful packing tips for expert advice to make packing a breeze!

Packing Materials

Boxes from friends or the post office can be helpful in a move — but they’ll only get you so far. Some items need to be packed with specialty moving supplies due to their size, shape, or weight. 

North American Van Lines is here to help when the standard boxes don’t cut it! We offer professional packing materials like:

  • Standard moving boxes in sizes that range from 1.5 to 6 cubic feet.
  • Wardrobe boxes for the contents of your closets.
  • Mirror boxes in which to pack mirrors, pictures, and glass tabletops for safer moving.
  • Mattress boxes in all sizes. Protect your mattresses from dirt and damage.
  • Dishpack barrels. This super sturdy packaging includes built-in dividers to keep your dishware and china safe during the move.
  • Stretch wrap to envelope your furniture as protection from snagging, tearing, and dirt.

Loading and Unloading Moving Services

Packing up your home is just one part of your moving journey. You still need to get those boxes onto the truck and into your new place! North American is ready to help. Our household movers perform a wide variety of services, including:

  • Disassembly and reassembly of items like beds, dining room tables, and swing sets.
  • Providing residence protection pads to prevent damage to doors, railings, and walls
  • Using carpet covers to protect the carpet from dirt or damage.
  • Systematic loading: We’ll inventory and label your boxes based on where they go and when they’ll be needed and load them on the truck accordingly.
  • Systematic unloading: You tell us where to put each box so your items end up in the correct rooms. We’ll even help with unpacking!
  • Debris removal: After unpacking, our movers can haul away your empty boxes and moving supplies so you can start enjoying your new, mess-free home.

Other Moving Services We Offer

Moving involves juggling a lot of plates and dealing with unexpected challenges. At North American Van Lines, we’ve seen it all — and moved it, too. Relieve some stress by taking advantage of our professional moving services, including:

Installation and Assembly Services

Need a little help getting your kitchen appliances connected or your furniture assembled? We can make it happen! Ask your Relocation Specialist to put our team to work making your house feel like home. We can even add additional cleaning services to make your new space feel fresh and ready to be enjoyed. 

Full-Service Movers

One of our most popular and affordable moving services is full-service packing, in which everything from start to finish is taken care of for you. Our movers will come to your home or business to pack and load your belongings. We can transport delicate or bulky items, break down furniture and provide custom packing materials. 

Once we arrive at your destination, we'll unload the moving truck and unpack everything for you. Our movers will handle everything with care and professionalism. We can reassemble furniture and appliances and make sure everything is in the room of your choice. When the job is done, we'll remove any debris to keep your new home or office free of clutter. 

Local Movers 

Whether you're moving from an apartment downtown to a family home in the suburbs or getting ready to move into a dorm on campus, northAmerican is here to help. Our local moving services are designed to help you achieve a smooth and stress-free relocation. 

We have professional movers in cities throughout North America to ensure our services are always available. Our movers are well-trained, so you can feel confident your belongings are in good hands. 


As a top-rated moving company, we go beyond traditional moving services. That's why we also offer affordable storage solutions in hundreds of cities across the United States and Canada. Our storage solutions feature flexible short and long-term contracts and temperature-controlled environments. Whether you need to store some of your belongings while traveling overseas or could use some extra space while downsizing your home, we have you covered. 

International Movers

Moving overseas or across the border is an exciting experience. However, international moves come with their own unique challenges. Without proper preparation, you can run into issues with customs, VISA requirements and shipping logistics. Our international moving services make these complexities simple. We’ll provide expert guidance and logistical support, including arranging international shipping, to ensure your move is a success.

Auto Shipping 

Not sure what to do with your spare car, SUV, boat or motorcycle? We provide door-to-door vehicle shipping services. Our team can typically complete a car shipment within 3 to 7 business days. Automobile moving services can help you save money in the long run without accumulating unnecessary mileage or planning a road trip. 

Custom Crates

Need help transporting antiques, wine collections, chandeliers or other large and delicate items? Ask about our affordable crating services. We offer custom-built wooden crates for items that require extra protection. 

Boxes and Packing Supplies

Avoid the hassle of gathering boxes for your move. We have everything from standard packaging to mattress boxes, wardrobe boxes and dish packs. Let us know what you need and we'll ensure you have the supplies for a hassle-free relocation.

Pricing for Moving Services

We get it: Moving isn’t cheap. While moving services may sound great, you’re probably already thinking about the cost. At North American, we work with you to find a moving service that meets your needs and budget.

We start by removing some of the “sticker shock” from the moving experience. Our online relocation cost calculator will give you a quick (and free) estimate of your final total, based on factors like the size of your home, the time of year, and the services you choose. We’ll also give you a written quote for your move before you agree to any service. 

Not sure which services are right for you? Ask your Relocation Specialist about any of the following:

  • Bottom-Line Pricing: Your total charge is our guaranteed price, based on your moving quote.
  • Not-To-Exceed Pricing: Your cost may end up being lower than the moving estimate, but will not go above it.
  • Customized Pricing: This option offers a combination of guaranteed and separate service costs.

No matter which moving service or pricing option you choose, the moving experts at North American Van Lines will treat your belongings like the precious cargo they are. Our team will always handle your move with safety and professionalism, so you can feel at home wherever life takes you. 

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