Moving from Indiana to Kentucky

Moving from Indiana to Kentucky [Benefits, Cost & How To]

Are you thinking of moving from Indiana to Kentucky? Be prepared to be immersed in the charming Southern culture famous in this Blue state. However, the blues, rock n roll, southern accents, heartwarming hospitality, and Kentucky Fried Chicken are not all Kentucky offers. For starters, Kentucky makes 95% of the world's bourbon. There are more benefits and privileges that this move brings.

Moving from Indiana to Kentucky

Benefits of Moving from Indiana to Kentucky


Although Indiana and Kentucky share a border, there are variations in their weather. Kentucky experiences a temperate climate, with temperatures ranging between mild and moderate. Indiana has a humid continental climate where the summers are hot and muggy, and the winters are icy cold.

The Bluegrass state gets four seasons, with the summer months being the hottest—particularly between June and September. Locals enjoy the clear skies and rising heat with water activities on the state lakes like Wolf Creek, Nolin, and Green River. They also enjoy state fairs, picnics, cookouts, swimming, canoeing with loved ones around the state lakes.

Autumn is a favorite for locals and tourists for the beauty and fall festivals. Temperatures are mild and inviting with the burst of leaf colors, fall traditions like apple and pumpkin picking, and pleasant weather.

Winters are snowy and last from December to March. In Spring, the cold season relents as plants bloom and the lakes return to life. Spring also experiences occasional showers and thunderstorms. Tornadoes are also common in the area.

Physical Features

The east side of Kentucky contains part of the Appalachian Mountain chain. The highest peak of the stretch extending to Kentucky is called the Black Mountain, surrounded by coal fields. The Appalachian terrain has green forests, high ridges, and valleys.

In the west, Kentucky has knob-shaped hills called monadnocks. The area also contains Daniel Boone National Forest. The middle section has the famous blue-green grass that gives Kentucky its famous nickname, The Bluegrass state. The region is also home to Lexington Limestone. The limestone formed the largest cave system in the US found in the Mammoth Cave National Park.

Aside from the highlands and rocky region, Kentucky also has low lying plains because it borders two Lakes—Lake Barkley and Kentucky Lake. The state has plenty of rivers and lakes. Its border with West Virginia is the big Sandy River. It also has the Ohio River, which functions as the drain for most rivers in the state.

Recreational Activities

The rich geography in the Bluegrass state makes it a hub for outdoor activities. Locals enjoy rock climbing or zip-lining on the complex canyon systems at Red River Gorge. You can also hike to enjoy the sunrise at the mountain trails in Berea.

Enjoy the national and recreational parks in the state with plenty of recreational activities like exploring the Carter Caves State Resort Park or visiting the Nolin Lake State Park to enjoy fishing, camping, and seeing the Mammoth Cave National Park. You can also visit the Abraham Lincoln Birthplace Memorial Park for some history on the nation's 16th President.

The intricate water features in Kentucky provide plenty of water activities during summer. You can try stand-up paddling in Cumberland Falls State Resort Park, Grayson Lake, or Elkhorn Creek with your loved ones. If you are up for more adventure, you can stand-up paddle underneath Kentucky's underground limestone mines.

If you are not into fast-paced river activities, you can enjoy canoeing, fishing, and boating in Mammoth Cave and National Park. Enjoy whitewater rafting for anyone seven years and older and kayaking in Elkhorn Creek, little Sandy River, Russel Fork in the Big Sandy River, and Cumberland River. You can also enjoy paddling in Red River Gorge, enjoy all water activities in Kentucky Lake, or rent a boathouse in Lake Cumberland and enjoy its waterfall.

Low Cost of Living

Kentucky also has a lower cost of living compared to Indiana. According to statistics, It is 8.2% more costly living in Indiana than in Kentucky. Transportation is 10.9% higher, childcare 24.9% higher, and housing 3.9% higher. As a new Kentucky resident, you get to save a few coins on living expenses across the board.

Friendly Locals and Unique Culture

The Bluegrass state has genuinely considerate, friendly, and helpful residents. They show care and concern to the stranger and are especially kind to women ensuring their safety.

Locals love hunting and show overwhelming support to the Wildcats. They also call mutton shoulders with a dip or pork shoulders with vinegar and pepper sauce barbeque.

How to Move from Indiana to Kentucky

The best and easiest way to move from Indiana to Kentucky is by hiring the services of a moving company. Moving companies are convenient, fast, reliable, and inexpensive. At North American Van Lines, we provide a seamless transition for movers.

  • We have heavy-duty trucks and containers that safely carry heavy loads over long distances.
  • We have special equipment to contain delicate or expensive freight.
  • We have skilled workers to load and offload cargo.
  • Our clients get their load insured against transport-related risks.
  • We cover other transportation costs like fuel, legal documentation, and requirements for crossing interstate lines with freight.
  • We maintain professionalism during the move by showing up on time, maintaining swiftness during operations, and ensuring minimal mishaps.

Cost of Moving from Indiana to Kentucky

The average cost of moving between Indiana and Kentucky is $2,695.14. The price varies according to certain variables.

  • Distance: The distance between your current location and your new address affects the cost of moving. We calculate the distance to determine fuel cost, time, and schedule.
  • House Size: Your house size helps us estimate the load weight. Larger loads may require two or more heavy-duty vehicles. The more the load, the higher the cost of moving.
  • Period of Moving: During peak seasons like the holidays, which come with time restraints, are more expensive than low-demand seasons.
  • Labor Complexity: If loading, hauling, and unloading are labor-intensive, the cost increases.
  • Insurance Policy: We provide different levels of coverage. A comprehensive cover is more expensive than a basic cover.

Cost of Moving from Indiana to KentuckyMost Popular Cities in Kentucky


Louisville is the 26th biggest city in America. It is an industrial city with shipping and manufacturing plants. The city has a dense suburban feel, and most locals are homeowners. There are also plenty of recreational facilities, restaurants, eateries, and family-oriented activities to do in this city.


Lexington is at the center of the Bluegrass region. It is the second most populated city in Kentucky. It emerged 26th in the ranking for the best places to live in the US because it provides job opportunities, safety, quality health care, and affordable living costs. The family-friendly city is quite affordable despite being a place for high-end living.


Owensboro prides itself as the barbeque capital of the world because of its mutton barbeque. The riverfront has lovely downtown residential places, buzzing with activity from its well-organized social amenities.

Fort Thomas

Fort Thomas is excellent for someone who prefers easy-going country living. It also ranks high in the best cities to live in Kentucky because of its low employment rate and adjusted median income. Additionally, it has lower crime rates than most cities in Kentucky.


Bellevue always lists favorably among the best places to live in the US. It is a suburb of Cincinnati with friendly neighborhoods, excellent food, quality education institutions, and a thriving economy. The city's unemployment rate is lower than the nation's average.

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