Moving from New Jersey to Texas

Moving from New Jersey to Texas

Not only is Texas the biggest state in the country, but it’s among the most popular for newcomers. Thanks to its expanding job market, affordable cities, and recreational opportunities, more people move to Texas than any other state. In fact, five of the top ten fastest-growing cities in America are located in the Lone Star State. Known for its delicious food and friendly people, it’s easy to see why so many people absolutely fall in love with Texas. As you prepare to relocate from New Jersey, here are just a few of the fantastic amenities that await you in the great state of Texas.

Benefits of Moving from New Jersey to Texas

Employment Opportunities

The booming job market is one of the main reasons so many people are moving to Texas. The unconventional oil and gas boom is what drove the state’s economy initially, but there has recently been tremendous growth in technology, manufacturing, and business services as well. In fact, 95 of the biggest Fortune 500 companies are located in Texas including Exxon Mobil, McKeeson, AT&T, Phillips 66, Valero Energy, Dell Technologies, Sysco, and American Airlines just to name a few. Texas also has a large military presence along with plenty of high-wage jobs for college graduates.

Warm and Favorable Climate

Texas is a very large state, meaning that there is a wide variation of climate. However, much of the state enjoys seasonably warm weather for most of the year. While it can get quite hot and humid, especially along the southern shoreline, the warmer weather makes it possible to enjoy a variety of outdoor activities any time of the year. You can certainly forget about those snowy New Jersey winters and expect a more tropical climate.


Although real estate costs have increased in recent years due to the boom in population, most of the state still remains relatively affordable. The cost of living in Texas is only slightly higher than the national average, but with lower unemployment rates, it makes Texas an attractive place to live for many. It is certainly more affordable than New Jersey, with Dallas coming in around 45% cheaper than Jersey City and Houston nearly 52% cheaper. The biggest factor in the cost of living difference is housing. The median home price in New Jersey is about 42% higher than it is in Texas. Texas is also more tax-friendly and is one of only seven states that does not collect a state income tax.

Scenery and Outdoor Recreation

Texas is full of natural beauty and wonderful outdoor places to explore. From the beautiful shores of South Padre Island to the Palo Duro Canyon and Enchanted Rock State Natural Area, there is plenty of scenery to behold. The warm climate also makes it possible to enjoy a number of outdoor activities like swimming, biking, walking, hiking, golf, and tennis year round.

Excellent Schools

Texas is known for having access to excellent education. It’s public school systems rank well above the national average and there are also numerous opportunities for private schooling. The state also boasts more than 200 colleges and universities including top-ranked schools like Rice University, Texas Tech University, Texas A&M, and Southern Methodist University just to name a few.

Great Food and Entertainment

The Lone Star State is best known for its delicious barbeque and there are plenty of places to get your fill. There is no shortage of BBQ joints vying for the best ribs in town. Texas is also known for serving authentic Tex-Mex cuisine along with some of the best chili you will taste. Aside from its great food scene, Texas is also home to a number of top-notch sports teams including “America’s football team,” the Dallas Cowboys. Combine that with great shopping and plenty of live music venues and you will find that there is always something exciting to do in Texas.

Most Popular Texas Cities


A booming job market combined with a low cost of living, sunny weather, and great amenities are just a few of the reasons why Houston is such an attractive city for so many people. In fact, it has seen tremendous growth in the past few years thanks to its expanding economy and affordable housing. It is a great place for young professionals looking to start their career and it is also a great place for families. It offers great neighborhoods, top ranked schools, excellent sports, and a legendary food scene.

San Antonio

Filled with so many desirable qualities, San Antonio offers unique charm and a fascinating history. Known for being the home of the Alamo, San Antonio is the second largest city in Texas and one of the most family-friendly cities in the state. Residents will find plenty of employment opportunities along with an affordable housing market and plenty of picturesque neighborhoods. With plenty to do for families, outdoor lover’s, and sports enthusiasts, San Antonio has no shortage of exciting entertainment and fantastic food.


With an abundance of job opportunities and a growing number of corporations choosing to make their home in Dallas, it’s no wonder the city attracts so many newcomers. Aside from its thriving job market, Dallas is also appealing thanks to its low cost of living and fantastic amenities. Home to excellent sports teams, plenty of wide open spaces, outstanding healthcare, and top-notch education, Dallas has loads to offer its residents.

Cost of Moving from New Jersey to Texas

Moving from one state to another can be both stressful and expensive, so it’s important to choose a professional moving company that you trust to do the job right. North American has been in the moving industry for more than 85 years and we strive to provide customers with exceptional service at a price they can afford. Although moving long-distance can be costly, the average linehaul moving cost from New Jersey to Texas with North American is $4,200.

Of course there are many factors that will determine the exact cost such as actual distance of the move, the number of items being moved, and additional services such as packing and unpacking. The best way to get an accurate quote is by using our Quote on Demand tool listed above.

Average Cost to Move: $4200

How to Move from New Jersey to Texas

Long distance moves require additional attention to detail to ensure the move is as seamless as possible. With so many components to consider such as packing and loading, safe transport, scheduling conflicts and time constraints, it’s best to enlist the help of a professional moving company to ensure your move is executed properly from start to finish. North American has over 85 years of moving experience and we know exactly what it takes to conquer a long distance move. We are available to help you every step of the way to ensure your move is as hassle-free as possible. We take the stress out of moving so you can focus on the excitement of starting your new life in Texas!

Call North American today for more information about our moving services and let us help you relocate with ease.

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