How To Move Across the Country

Moving across town or to a new area of a city can be challenging enough, but moving across the country can be downright stressful.

However, you can tame the stress of a cross-country move with careful planning and the help of a reliable moving company. Whether you’re moving to enjoy a different climate, for a new job, or to be closer to family, you can use these cross-country moving tips to help you manage every stage of the move.

Before Your Move: Tips

Planning your move well is crucial to its success. A flexible yet detailed plan will ensure that you have thought about each aspect of the project and made informed decisions about how to proceed.

The fact is, there is a lot to consider. Not only do you have to determine how your belongings will travel from point A to point B safely, but you’ll have to decide how you and the rest of your household will travel as well. It takes considerable coordination and a dependable moving company to achieve a smooth transition from place to place.

So as you prepare for your move, be sure to follow these tips:

Purge and Declutter

Before you develop your moving plan, you’ll want to narrow down your household to the items you want to take. There’s no sense in getting quotes for your move if you intend to get rid of large furnishings and other unwanted items. You can get rid of these items by donating them, selling them, recycling them, or simply discarding them.

Investigate Moving Companies

Selecting a moving company is one of the most important decisions you’ll make for your moving project. Before you choose one, it's a good idea to do some preliminary research.

First, begin by looking into pricing among various moving companies (some movers charge by the hour, while others may charge a flat fee.)

It’s also helpful to find a moving company that specializes in long-distance moves. These companies usually feature special pricing plans, as assessing hourly rates can get tricky when moving across the country. Having some ballpark prices in mind will help you budget for the move.

Finding out about the different services that movers can offer you is another way to make sure you're getting everything you need.

You may want help packing. Some moving companies like North American Van Lines provide relocation specialists that can help you coordinate aspects of your move, including making storage reservations.

But don’t forget to carefully check the references of any movers you select. You need to be able to completely trust the moving company you hire to safely and efficiently transport your belongings.

Organize, Pack, and Create an Inventory

The more organized you are when you pack, the better. Before packing, gather totes, sturdy boxes, packing tape, and bubble wrap along with any other special packing materials for your fragile items.

Pack by room so that you can clearly label your boxes. This helps movers know where to place items once they reach your new destination.

As you pack, keep an inventory of each box or tote’s contents. Yes, this will tack on some extra time to your packing process, but it will help you keep an account of all your belongings.

Pack Essentials

Be sure to pack essential items separately. These are the items you intend to move personally.

You’ll need clothing and toiletries, especially if you’re driving, as well as any medication and valuables that you want to keep with you.

Depending on how much room you have in your vehicle, you may personally want to move treasured heirlooms and family photos.

During the Move: Tips

If you’ve planned well, using the tips outlined above, the actual move should not be stressful.

If you’ve built in some flexibility for the move to account for travel delays, you’ll find that the moving process, left in the hands of your capable movers, should pose few, if any, frustrations for you.

Of course, it’s natural to worry, but having planned thoroughly, there’s every reason to expect a positive moving experience.

During your move, you may want to employ these helpful tips:

Provide Movers With Clear Instructions

When your movers arrive, be sure to provide them with any special instructions for moving specialty items. Your movers should already have a clear route to your destination in mind before they begin, but be sure that they have your contact information so that they can reach you if needed.

Be sure to also let the movers know how you’ll be traveling. This is especially important if you’re flying because you might not be within reach until your plane lands.

Go Over the Contract

Before your movers begin loading up, you might want to go over the contract with them. Be sure that no additional fees will be added. You should know all the fees upfront before the day of the move.

Communicate With Your Movers

During your move, you’ll likely be concerned with your own personal travel arrangements, such as getting to hotels on time, and ensuring that members of your household are enduring the journey well.

Even so, stay in touch with your movers. A good moving company will prioritize communication. If your movers experience any delays because of road construction or inclement weather, they should keep you apprised of such occurrences. You’re certainly entitled to know where your belongings are on the journey and when you can expect to receive them.

After the Move: Tips

If your move was well-organized and your movers placed furnishings and labeled boxes in the correct rooms, you’ll find settling in to be a more convenient experience. Too often, a disorganized move results in the unnecessary chaos of stuff being piled everywhere.

But once your movers unload your belongings and drive away, your moving plan is still not complete. You’ll want to use these tips to ensure that all of your belongings are accounted for:

Unpack With Your Inventory List

Use your inventory list as you unpack your belongings and settle into your new home. Check off each item you unpack from your inventory list. That way, you can take account of all items.

Anything lost or damaged during the transport is an issue you’ll want to address with your moving company. A high-quality moving company will have a clear process for making claims involving lost or damaged items.

Leave a Review

Help other people who are planning a move by leaving an online review of your moving company. If you’ve had a positive experience, let others know so that they can more easily select quality movers to assist with their move too.

Before leaving a negative review, talk to the moving company about your experience. Companies want to have your feedback so that they can improve their services. And if you had a problem during your move, broach it with the company’s management, which may offer you a positive resolution.

Choose North American Moving Services for Your Cross-Country Move

So many of the tips outlined above involve a reliable moving company. When you hire a moving company you can trust, you can eliminate much of the stress and fear involved in these types of long-distance undertakings.

When you partner with North American Van Lines to move your household, you can rely on their full support to help you coordinate every aspect of your moving journey. From packing assistance to climate-controlled storage options, the moving solutions customers needs vary. That’s why North American Van Lines features customized solutions designed to complement your moving plan.

North American Van Lines is known for its experience, exceptional customer support, affordable pricing, and dependability. Its movers are highly trained and devoted to taking the stress out of cross-country moves.