The Ultimate New Home Restock Checklist

Whether you are moving to a newly constructed home or a different apartment, there are plenty of things to pack up and take with you. However, there are some items that won't make the move or aren't worth packing and unloading. In many cases, these items are inexpensive and can be purchased new for your new space to make it feel fresh and ready for your new life to begin. Let this checklist be your guide for what needs to be restocked throughout the entire home after you move.


Entire House
There is a number of items that every homeowner or renter should have accessible in the home. These things are used throughout the space, and it is virtually impossible to live without them. It's unlikely that many people will pack up partially used cleaning supplies for their move to a new home. That's why it is so important to stock up upon arrival. Cleaning supplies like toilet bowl cleaners, sponges, bleach and window cleaner should be purchased new and ready for a quick clean upon arrival in the new home. Trash bags are also a must, and they should fit into the new or existing trash cans placed throughout the home. Don't forget large outdoor yard or leaf bags if you also have a lawn.

There are several items that always need to be stocked in the home for safety. Batteries are key, and you might want to stock up on multiple sizes to fit everything from the remote control for the television all the way up to the smoke detectors. Make sure there are new batteries in a flashlight for emergency illumination as well as candles and a lighter or a pack of matches. Bottled water and some emergency rations of food may also be necessary in order to give you peace of mind in inclement weather.

For those who have pets in the family, packing up and transporting half-opened supplies for your cat or dog is a hassle. You'll want to buy a few bags of pet supplies such as food, litter or medicine to have on hand in the new residence.

There are several items that most people need on occasion but rarely remember to stock up on. Typically, this includes office supplies. Once you're settled into your new place, restock things like pens, paper and toner for the printer. Scotch tape and duct tape are two more items that are often needed in a pinch, so don't get stuck without them.


What to Restock in the Bathrooms
No one wants to clean and pack a dirty toilet brush to take to a new residence, so it makes sense to toss your old cleaner and get a new one once you've arrived. The same goes for your toilet plunger. Buying a few additional things for the bathroom can mean a fresh, clean and hygienic start in the entire room.

Shower curtains and hooks are typically not expensive, but they can add a decorative touch. If you're moving to a home with a new decorative scheme, investing in something as simple as a new shower curtain can upgrade the space affordably. A new trash can could also tie the look of the room together.

Bathrooms should always be stocked with some key toiletries, but you may not feel comfortable packing up partially used bottles of body wash in case they leak in transit. Instead, invest in some new toiletries for your new home. Stock up on things like shampoo, conditioner, soap and body wash. Also, don't forget to buy plenty of toilet paper to keep on hand in your new bathroom!


What to Restock in the Bedrooms
Although the bedroom isn't always the focus of a new home, it may be the space where you spend the most time after you move. To make the new room a relaxing and appealing area, you'll want it to be completely stocked with all the essentials.

To start, buy hangers for the closet. Make sure you have enough so that all your clothes can get a proper place for easy access when you're getting dressed in the morning. You may also want to add in some scented sachets or cedar balls if you're dealing with an older wardrobe and you want to keep the smell fresh and pleasant.

When you move to a new home, be prepared to need different light bulbs, particularly in the bedroom. Take into account any overhead lighting in need of new bulbs as well as any new floor or desk lamps that will need bulbs in order to illuminate the space for you. On your nightstand next to the bedside lamp, don't forget to stock some tissues and any other items you reach for while you're first waking up or just heading to bed.


What to Restock in the Kitchen
The kitchen is often considered the heart of the home, and it can also be the one place that takes the most time to restock after a move. Transporting opened bottles of condiments, herbs and spices can be tricky, so many individuals opt to restock everything after they have arrived and settled in. Eating takeout that first night in the new place might be fine, but be sure to stock up on everything else so that you can enjoy your new kitchen and start making the space feel like a home.

The first place to stock up might be with the cooking essentials. This means things like salt, pepper, dried herbs and olive oil. With these items available, you can start to cook up a storm up or just make the basics in between unpacking. If you're serious about expanding your culinary prowess in the kitchen, you'll also need some pantry staples. The exact staples you'll need will depend on your style of cooking, but some of the most needed pantry items include things like canned food, peanut butter, pasta, beans, oats, flour, sugar, bread, honey, tea and coffee.

Next, focus on fresh items that can supplement what's in your pantry. This could mean a big haul from the local grocery store or perhaps a trip to the nearest farmer's market. Fresh items can include things like meats, fruit, vegetables and cheese. Stock your fridge with delicious items, and you're more likely to cook, eat and enjoy your new home's kitchen and dining spaces as soon as you move in.

Don't forget that after preparing a great meal, or even just a quick cup of coffee on the way to work in the morning, you'll need to do some cleaning in the kitchen. Since it is unlikely that you brought partially used kitchen cleaning products with you to your new home, stocking up as quickly as possible will be key. Some of the most important items to keep on hand in your kitchen for cleaning will be paper towels, dishwashing detergent or dishwasher tablets, sponges, scrubbers for pots and pans, scouring pads and gloves.


What to Restock in the Laundry Room
It's hard to imagine packing up half-full bottles of bleach or laundry detergent and shipping them or moving them to a new residence. Because of the logistics of moving these items, and because of their relatively affordable nature, most individuals just prefer to stock up on new items when they arrive.

Outfit your laundry room with all of the essentials to keep you looking great. That starts with laundry detergent. Whether you prefer pods, powder or liquid, make sure you have plenty on hand to wash new sheets, curtains and anything else in the new home. Things like bleach for washing white fabrics, dryer sheets or softener sheets may also be necessary.

Many people like to keep a small sewing kit on hand in the laundry room. If you don't have one, your upcoming move is the right time to invest in a small but versatile kit. Even if you're far from a sewing expert, a miniature sewing kit should be enough to reattach a button or make tiny adjustments to clothing. Additional items like a spray bottle or vinegar can be instrumental in removing stains from clothes before putting them into the washing machine.

Half-opened cleaning supplies and other items can be a hassle to move, especially when moving long distance. However, when you move to a new home, it is important to have everything you need on hand. Be sure to consult this list in order to restock the most useful items in multiple rooms of the house. When you can readily access everything from cleaning supplies to fresh groceries, you'll be able to settle in faster and start to truly enjoy your new residence as quickly as possible