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How Much Does Moving a 4 Bedroom House Cost

In the United States, nearly a tenth of the population moved from one residence to another in 2020 and 2021. Just over 9% of the population moved to a new home in 2020, and 8.4% moved in 2021. Among the countless reasons for moving, many common motivations to seek out a new place to live include:

  • Being closer to work or new employment opportunities
  • Avoiding increases in taxes, utility bills or rent
  • Wanting a safer neighborhood
  • Accessing better schools or opportunities for children
  • Needing to leave a house that is damaged beyond repair

When you decide to move, one of the first things that you might ask is, how much does it cost to move? In short, the estimated average to move the contents of a four-bedroom home starts at $1,800. Read on to get detailed answers on how much money you’ll pay to move your four-bedroom house.

The Average Cost to Move a Four-Bedroom House

A mover will give an estimate for service after looking at your house's size and your belongings. Another crucial consideration is the type of move you want, whether you are moving just a short distance or across the country, for example. These two factors weigh into a mover's estimate.

Local Moves

Local moves are usually over a small distance, making them the simplest to organize and cheapest. Normally, these distances only require a short drive — around one to two hours long — like the distance between a city and a suburb. To keep moving costs low, you can opt for self-service moving by renting a truck by the hour or the day. If you require help from professional movers, choose those offering per-hour rates instead of daily rates, especially if your new home is very close to where you’re relocating from. Many companies usually charge an hourly rate for local moves. Based on a typical rate of $50 per hour, a short-distance move that takes nine hours and four movers to complete can cost up to $1,800.

Long-Distance Moves

Long-distance moves are classified into three types: intrastate, interstate, and international moves. Four-bedroom moves above 50 miles and up to 250 miles have different prices ranging from $2,000 to $5,700 or more, based on the company you select. Moving between 1,000 and 2,499 miles can cost anywhere from $4,900 to $8,100 or more. Additionally, your moving company may quote $9,400 or more to move your four-bedroom house over 2,500 miles.

Intrastate Moves

An intrastate move is usually longer than a local move. It may involve moving from one city to another or from one town to another in the same metropolitan area. Since this move requires a lot of labor and transport resources, hiring a mover to do the whole job is fairly cost-effective compared to self-service moving.

Interstate Moving

Interstate moving involves relocating from one state to another. It includes a more complex transport process compared to local and intrastate moves. Research the most credible moving companies to avoid inconveniences such as prevention by legal authorities to move your items to the new state.

International Moving

International moves are the most complex, and most U.S. companies avoid offering such services due to costs and legal procedures associated with logistics. The best services will come from renowned companies that specialize in international moving. For proper planning, you should contact your company well in advance, at least five months or so.

Packing Cost to Move a Four-Bedroom House

Packing is among the extra services you’ll pay for during the moving process unless you opt for the U-pack option. The cost includes the price of moving and materials you need plus the service fees for packing. This is determined by the number of items that need packed, the size and weight of your possessions, and the boxes and protective wrapping required.

The average packing cost for a move is $1,000, and the prices can range between $280 and $2200 or more based on the above factors. Additionally, if you request unpacking services at your new house, you’ll have to pay an additional cost.

Some packers may charge you a separate fee for specific items. For instance, furniture packing can cost anywhere between $100 to $1,450. Also, fragile items such as artwork, glassware and antiques require special care when boxing or wrapping. The process may be time-consuming, increasing labor costs — especially if you have many specialty items.

A four-bedroom house is approximately 2,000 to 2,500 square feet. One packer can stow 100 square feet of your home in one hour, and the professionals usually charge a $20 to $40 labor fee. You can view the table below to determine the price for packing your four-bedroom house.

Sq. Ft.Number of PackersEstimated Packing HoursAverage Cost Range for Labor
2,000210$500 – $800
2,40038$600 – $950
2,80039.5$730 – $1,150
3,200310.5$800 – $1,250

Trucking, Delivery and Off-Loading Costs

Transportation, delivery and unloading costs are part of moving expenses. You should expect to part with approximately $2,000 to $5,000 to cater for transportation and delivery services. Assistance with unpacking your items from the truck rental will require you to pay each packer $0.50 per pound of items in transit and $25 to $50 per hour for the labor services they offer.

Factors That Influence Cost

While planning for your move, it's ideal to understand all associated factors that can impact the total cost of the process. It helps you make decisions that cut costs. Let's discuss issues that determine your moving costs.

Type of Move

The cost your moving company quotes hugely relies on the distance between your current and future home. Local moves generally cost less compared to long-distance moves because a long-distance relocation process requires more resources to complete. These resources include manual labor, moving truck, packing materials and interim storage expenses if the move has stopovers during the journey.


Weight is another significant factor. Usually, the moving company will weigh your rented moving truck before delivering it to your doorstep. Your mover should issue you a receipt showing the truck’s weight before loading your possessions. After the truck is loaded, the movers will weigh the truck again to obtain your items’ total weight and determine the moving price. However, if you need an estimate before you request moving services, the professionals can issue a quote based on the size of your house. For example, a 2,800-square-foot, 4-bedroom house’s possessions weighs about 20,500 pounds.


The longer the distance to your new home, the higher the moving fees. In addition to weight-based charges, your mover can charge you a per-mile rate. Additionally, you may incur additional transportation charges such as fuel, trailing surcharge or tolls. For this reason, always ensure you ask your moving company about any additional transportation expenses before choosing a company.

Time of the Year

Moving costs differ based on the time of the year. The peak season of moves throughout the U.S. is during the summer months. Moving companies may charge you a higher fee during the peak months compared to what they’ll quote during the off-season. Also, moving during holidays, such as Christmas and Thanksgiving, can be expensive. If possible, ensure you plan your move during the off-season months. Also, consider moving on a weekday rather than the weekend. Your mover may offer discounts.

Things to Look Out For When Getting Moving Quotes

Even if you are in a hurry to move, always make sure to get quotes from different companies before deciding on the best mover for your budget. In the end, it will help you save on moving costs and prevent potential problems. Here are things you need to look out for when getting moving quotes.

Get Quotes Early

Acquiring quotes as early as possible can earn discounts. It also allows effective planning since your moving day will be confirmed earlier, permitting you to focus on other facets of moving, including packing your items. Another advantage of getting quotes early is you’ll have multiple options to choose from, allowing you the time to select the most professional company to meet your needs.

Get as Many Quotes as You Can

Getting four or more quotes will help you compare pricing for multiple companies. Here’s a list of some questions you can ask when getting a quote:

  • Are you consenting to offer an on-site binding written estimate?
  • Do you currently have any promotions or discounts?
  • How long will it take to complete my move?

Read the Reviews

Other than asking your friends or family who’ve recently moved about the companies that have served them, you should check reviews. This is another simple way to ascertain if the company you choose is the best for your needs. You can read the company’s Yelp and Google reviews to see if there’s a recent pattern of customer comments showing satisfaction — or raising concerns. Also, contact the Better Business Bureau to see if the company you pick has complaints filed against it.

Ways to Save on Your Move

Moving is an exciting adventure. However, it can leave a dent in your pocket if you don't plan properly. So here are some insights on how you can minimize the cost of moving your four-bedroom house.

Prevent Buying Supplies

Purchasing moving supplies such as mattress wrappers, bubble wraps and boxes can be very costly, especially if you have many items in your home. A better alternative is asking neighbors or friends who have recently moved to lend you any extra supplies. You can also visit grocery, appliance and furniture stores to request any leftover boxes from their recent sales and deliveries.

Get an Estimate

Online moving cost calculators play a big role in helping you know exactly how much you need for your move. You’ll prevent paying more for services you get.

Declutter Your Home Before the Move

You can organize a yard sale of items you don't need in your home, such as clothes, kitchenware and furniture. In addition to helping you downsize, this can help you earn extra money for the move. Reducing the number of items you have also brings down your packing and moving costs.

Don’t Be Tempted to Choose Lowest Bidding Movers

The popular saying, “cheap is expensive,” also applies to moving services. As a customer looking for moving options, you should choose the company offering the most reasonable price, not the cheapest. Picking the lowest bidder can result in inconveniences like running beyond schedule or broken valuables. You want to choose a company that offers professional and efficient services while ensuring your items are safe.

Move Your Four-Bedroom House With North American Van Lines

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