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Need to pack for an upcoming move? It can be very difficult to figure out how many boxes you need, as well as what kinds and sizes of boxes are necessary. That’s because it’s difficult to envision how much room your belongings will take up in a box when they are currently on display in your home! But with our packing calculator, you can easily get an estimate of how many boxes you need based on your family size, home size and amount of storage space.

Some moving calculators are based on home size or number of bedrooms. Ours not only includes the number of bedrooms, but also takes into account the kind of rooms you need to pack and how full they are. Dining room? Walk-in pantry? Living room, family room, home office or den? You can choose not only exactly which rooms need to be packed, but even whether they are clutter free or stuffed to the gills.

You can also select the number of years you’ve been in the home, as well as if you have a storage facility to pack. All of these factors are good predictors of how many belongings you’ll need to pack, and help our packing calculator give you a more accurate estimate.

Once you have put in all the information, we’ll show you the results -- our estimate of which and how many supplies you’ll need. From wardrobe boxes to lamp cartons to dish packs, this supply list can serve as a good starting place to help you ensure you don’t buy too many or too few supplies. Our packing calculator even tells you how many rolls of tape, packing paper and bubble wrap you’re likely to need!

When you’re planning for a move, it’s hard to make an accurate decision about how many packing supplies to buy. Too many means wasted money, while not enough means you have to scramble to find more boxes in the middle of packing! Take the element of surprise out of the equation with our packing calculator. You’ll be glad you did!

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