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Does your family hope to migrate out to the state of diverse coastal cities, incredible national parks, and more? Look to North American to get you started on your move there!

Many movers envy the opportunity to hit up the fantastic southern coastal locale of Florida, and for good reason. The state of Florida is widely known by its official nickname of the sunshine state, and for very good reason-- the considerably large and subtropical state is almost entirely coastal by nature, curving for hundreds of miles around the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico, forming something of an outline for what United States residents and outsiders alike often regard as something of a “tail end” for the country itself-- the sunny southern state certainly accounts for a noteworthy bit of North America's identity, not only in geography, but in history, continued cultural contributions, unique contributions to the United States economy, and much more.

A seemingly endless number of career opportunities will await you once you touch down in the prime spot of southern culture. While the cities of Tallahassee and Jacksonville respectively account for the state's capital and largest cities, it's worth noting that the city of Miami has accounted for a considerable deal of the state's outside reputation, internal culture, and overall pallets of diversity and culture, particularly in recent decades in the late 20th century, through the present, which have earned Miami something of a reputation as being a required destination for tourists and travelers looking to get a taste of what the sunshine state has to offer beyond beaches and shores—it is also the largest overall metropolitan area, with its agglomerated population surpassing even that of Jacksonville.

No matter what wall of life you may be moving from, you can rest assured that Florida will offer everything that you may need. The ethnic makeup of Florida is an extremely relevant part of both the state's history and its modern cultural identity. African American history, Hispanic heritage, early Native American history, and that of a variety of European immigrants can all be found evident throughout the state's modern culture. It is also worth noting that a considerable number of expatriates from Cuba reside in the city, and have for some time. It can even be argued that Florida's substantial history of surprising cultural and ethnic diversity renders it something of a melting pot, akin to a U.S. state popularized around similar notions, such as New York or California—Florida is perhaps the underdog state among those that pride themselves on rich, historical diversity, yet maintains a formidable level that allows it to compete with the front runners.

While it may almost go without saying, if you like warm, comfortable weather for much of the year, along with close proximity to coasts and beaches that are ideal for vacationing year round, Florida is also a prime candidate for your next location-- the state's reputation for being a fun coastal paradise is far from an urban legend, and even those who choose to simply visit the Atlantic port state for brief periods of time tend to be glad they went through the trouble.

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