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There are two North American Van Lines moving agents in the Jacksonville, FL, area, both of which are rated at least 4.8 out of 5 stars and fully licensed, bonded, and accredited by the BBB. Whether you're moving your young family from Riverside out to an oceanfront property in Atlantic Beach or you're relocating to Orange Park to be closer to the naval base, our agents can ensure that every step of your move is free of stress or hassle.

You can count on North American Van Lines to help you with residential, business, or large corporate moves. Our agents can connect you with movers who can provide packing materials or even do the packing for you. No item is too large for our agents to arrange for you to move. We can even ship cars if necessary. We can also assist with out-of-state or overseas moves and arrange for short- and long-term storage of your items if you need it.

It's come time for you to choose a Jacksonville moving company with experience and expertise. You want a guarantee that your residential or corporate move is NOT going to add stress to your life and need someone to help with planning. You want a trustworthy and credible service that isn't going to break the bank. If these concerns and requirements sound like things you've vocalized lately, North American Van Lines is your exceptional Jacksonville moving company!

Here at North American, we want to make your move as professional and personable as possible. We want to work with you to meet all of your moving needs, whether your move be from one apartment to the next, an upgrade to a larger office space or a downsize to a smaller condo. We have a full list of services designed to cater to you!

With a metropolitan area of over a million people in greater Jacksonville, we are on top of changing neighborhoods, business districts and sections of the city. If you're relocating within Jacksonville but want to be closer to one of the many urban parks, we'll help you achieve that goal! If you've decided to leave your Jacksonville home and plan to reside in another part of Florida, our van service will take you there. Yet still, if you've decided to change gears and head towards colder weather, North American is your company of choice. We know Florida, downtown Jacksonville, the surrounding sections like Arlington and North Jacksonville and are familiar with the smaller neighborhoods.

Are you relocating to Jacksonville to be closer to one of the three military facilities in the city?

If so, we've got that covered too. Call us today to hear how we can help you with your upcoming move!

North American is a Phenomenal moving company - Period.

Some of our qualifying characteristics include:

  1. FREE In-Home Written Estimates
  2. Unique Array of Moving and Storage Services
  3. Competitive Pricing
  4. More than 80 Years of Experience
  5. Nationwide and Global Presence
  6. Professional, Highly-Trained and Background Checked Staff
  7. Quality Assurance Programs

The North American Way

Our exceptional services don't just start from the day we show up at your door to load your boxes and don't stop when we've arrived at your new location. We provide much more than an extra set of hands to help. We want to be an integral part of your move, helping where you need it most. That's why we focus on moving AND customer services.

Moving Services

Our moving services include a pre-move, during move and post-move plan. Once you've expressed an interest in North American, we'll send one of our experienced moving consultants to your home or office to help assess your moving needs. Your North American representative will accurately estimate your moving costs and will notify you of any additional services you need to properly relocate all of your household or office things. Consultants assess all rooms and belongings, paying special attention to your items that may need extra care or require safe handling.

We offer three different packing options because we know that every move and mover is different! Opt for our FULL-SERVICE PACK and don't worry about a thing! North American will come in and do everything from the pre-move planning, the packing and inventory, the loading and unloading and the clean up!

CHOOSE FRAGILE ONLY PACKING if you have your move under control but worry about fragile china, antiques, large and expensive artwork, etc. We will come in and pack only the items you tell us to. We want your belongings to make it to their new destination in the same condition too!

PREFER TO SELF PACK? We let you do all of your packing but will provide you with the proper materials to do it. We have a variety of specialty moving supplies for sale including:

  • Standard boxes
  • Wardrobe boxes
  • Mirror boxes (for all fragile glass products)
  • Mattress boxes in all sizes
  • Dish barrels for kitchenware
  • Stretchwrap for upholstered furniture

We go above and beyond to guarantee that your move is easy and enjoyable. We'll disassemble and reassemble any large items like your entertainment center or your swing set. We also cover railings, tight corners and doors with our residence protection pads and cover high traffic carpeted areas to make sure your new and old homes or offices are left in good condition.

When your packer comes to inventory and load all of your boxes, he or she will mark every box, carton or piece of furniture with a numbered and color-coded label. This meticulous process ensures that we account for all shipping and moving items AND gives you a piece of mind that we know exactly what needs to be loaded into the van and unloaded at your final destination.

Customer Services

Our customer services extend much farther than the phone call we make to every mover 24 hours before their belongings reach their final destination in a long distance move. In addition to North American's Customer Service Center that is available to field all of your calls and respond to your concerns, we have an online tracking service to give you a piece of mind the exact location of your possessions. We've been working since 1933 to bring you the best quality customer service and have implemented an array of company policies to measure and track our success.

We focus on TRUST so that you never have to question who is handling your belongings or if they will get to their final destination in the same way they left. We have INTEGRITY and are ethical and honest.

Our employees are FRIENDLY, personable, respectful and pay extreme attention to detail. We invest time into our employees so they can invest time into you and your move. All of North American's office personnel, drivers and packers are educated and understand the importance of an exceptional moving experience. We assign our drivers a quality performance rating that ensures proper loading and unloading. Our Agent Safety Officer Program guarantees safe vehicles and appropriate moving techniques.

Start your move on the right foot by requesting your FREE in-home written estimate today! Just fill out our online quote form on the top of this page!

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Reviews from florida Customers

  • The driver was professional and had me laughing through the whole experience. The rep had a very pleasant attitude.
  • The driver and packing team showed great effort. This was the first time I had great service like this move and I would recommend North American.
  • The day the truck was loaded I found out that the local office had went out of business. The deliver was supposed to be made on Tuesday but it was scheduled to for Monday in the driver's contract.
  • Someone I know told me to use them. I had priced out the smaller companies, and North American was cheaper and was more professional.
  • The delivery was uncomplicated. The team did what they said they were going to do and followed through.
  • The packing went really well and the movers were on time for the pick up and delivery of my items and they wrapped my items very well.
  • The delivery driver was the one who sealed the job for the company. He should receive a raise for the quality he put in. The Jackson crew, the loading, needs improvement. I was satisfied and happy with the delivery driver. He was professional, efficient,
  • I would recommend because NorthAmerican has good value and good prices. All the items arrived as scheduled.
  • It all got here and everything is ok. I had one piece of furniture that I was worried about, but by the end of the move, I had all the pieces.
  • North American was able to be on time with the loading and unloading. It was just a great experience.

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