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North American Van Lines is fully dedicated to your satisfaction and peace of mind. In North America alone, over 500 professionally-trained and well-qualified agents are ready to help you relocate anywhere in the country or around the world. Unlike the average moving company in Deland, we will never just load everything in a truck without any prior planning. We look at how we can make our resources work for you and make your move as smooth as possible. At North American Van Lines, the movers employed by our agents track their drivers by satellite, train their drivers on simulators before taking them out onto the open road and possess crane vans to transport more difficult items.

Other Deland moving companies lack the same discipline, flexibility and expertise that we have. Call us today and see the difference for yourself.

What a Move to Deland has to Offer

Located along I-95 between Orlando and Daytona Beach, Deland is a quiet inland community with a climate not unlike the rest of Florida. Expect to see humidity near 90 percent year-round, summer highs in the 90s, winter lows in the 40s and nonexistent snowfall. If you are coming to Deland to escape the snow in the north, Deland makes for an excellent place to call home.

Deland is home to almost 30,000 people, more than a third of whom are minorities. The average cost of living is much lower than the national average, with home prices at a little under $180,000 and average rent of $885 per month.

The city was famous for its wild persimmon trees in the past and a man from New York named Henry DeLand fell in love with the area. He financed the city’s development himself, turning Deland into an officially recognized city in 1882. It was even the first city in Florida to obtain electricity. Today, Deland is home to Stetson University, named one of the top universities in the South by U.S. News and World Report.

Deland also has a wealth of natural beauty as seen in the many parks around the city. Deland is home to a theater, a fishing hole, a baseball field, a stadium, multiple golf courses, an art museum, a reptile center and much more. The city also has a Fourth of July fireworks show every year and a classic car show once a month for the automotive enthusiasts.

The North American Van Lines Difference

North American Van Lines is a moving company with the resources, expertise and movers in Deland to help your move go smoothly. No other Deland moving company provides climate-controlled storage, appliance setup and installation, assembly and disassembly, full service and fragile-only packing, debris removal and loading and unloading services all in the same place. Call today to schedule your move with North American Van Lines.

Reviews from florida Customers

  • I think that the promptness and the attitude of the driver who helped with the loading and unloading. The driver was very helpful and friendly.
  • I requested for my things to be delivered on Saturday or Monday. The rep asked could we deliver Sunday, got nasty & told me to read my contract. Bill and Paul were great and helpful.
  • I had used NorthAmerican Van Lines once before andliked the service. The driver and crew were both courteous and professional.
  • I felt comfortable with the rep who came to my home and did the assessment, and the crew was fantastic. The crew took care of my stuff and asked questions.
  • It has been a long time since I last moved and I think this was the best move ever. Everybody was nice and friendly. Everyone was very pleasant. It was a good move overall.
  • The job was done well and I was very pleased, Although the actual price was higher than the estimate.
  • The professionalism of the entire process, from the sales representative to the packers to the movers. But one member of the crew kept getting phone calls which interrupted that person's work time.
  • The quality of the ppl we worked with. The timeliness. Everything was in good shape when it got here. The ppl at the main office were extremely great to work with.
  • The crew was very good & informed me with everything We communicated very well & the crew was very cooperative with everything.
  • Any question I had was answered. The ppl at North American were helpful. The driver called frequently and kept me informed about the move. The driver tried to reassure me about the move.

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