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If you’ve made the decision to move to Palm City, we at North American Van Lines want to be the moving company for you. We offer affordable rates and high-quality moving services. Our agents and the movers they hire to help on your journey to Palm City are all incredibly reliable and devoted to helping your move go as smoothly as possible.

Look no further than North American Van Lines when searching for relocation services in the Palm City area. To learn more about why we are the moving company for you, contact us today.

What a Move to Palm City Has to Offer

Palm City is a medium-sized coastal city in Martin County. An affluent city, real estate prices in Palm City rank among the highest in the nation. If you can afford the city’s high living expenses, it is definitely an ideal location to move to, particularly if you are looking to settle down and raise a family.

When it comes to education, Palm City is one of the most well-educated cities in the country. As opposed to the average Floridian city, in which only 26% of the adult residents have four-year college diplomas, an impressive 43% of Palm City’s adult residents have at least a bachelor’s degree. In addition, 95% of the city’s adults have high school diplomas. The result is an environment where education is important and students are encouraged to thrive academically.

One of the many aspects that make Palm City a great place to raise a family is that it is one of the safer communities in the country. It has a crime index of 52, placing it in the top half of the safer cities in the US.

Another attractive feature of Palm City is that it is nautical, meaning that many parts of it touch the ocean or other bodies of water. In fact, 2 square miles of the city’s 16.5 square mile total area is made up of water. Aside from the great scenery these water-based locations offer, there are also a number of waterfront activities available.

The North American Van Lines Difference

We at North American Van Lines pride ourselves on meeting and exceeding your expectations in every area of our services. We offer affordable rates, and our agents only hire movers who are hardworking and will meet all of your needs. Over 80 years of experience in the moving field has taught us that in order to be a leading moving company, we must always strive to be ahead of the competition. Accordingly, we were the first to implement many different innovative moving technologies that would go on to revolutionize the world of moving, including the 24-hour package tracking system, WorldTrac.

North American Van Lines is the right choice for Palm City moving companies. Contact us today for a free moving quote.

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