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Life in Clearwater, Florida can feel like a perpetual vacation. As one of America’s top vacation spots, Clearwater’s beautiful beaches and ample sunshine make it a welcome place to call home. Yet, life often throws a curveball, and you may face the need to move. When you do, you need one of the country’s top moving companies to help. North American Van Lines has the skills, knowledge and expertise to safely get your belongings from Clearwater to your new location.

Why sweat under the Florida sunshine when our professional movers can load the truck for you? For those long distance moves, North American is the household moving company of choice for many Clearwater homeowners and future homeowners. From helping you pack to making sure every detail is taken care of at your new destination, we provide a personal approach to moving. Our employees are committed to your satisfaction every step of your move.

One benefit of working with North American is that we offer more than just moving services. If you want to spend a few more days lounging on one of Florida’s award-winning beaches while your belongings are in transit, we’ll arrange storage for your things at your new destination until you arrive. That is just one of the many ways we go above and beyond for our Clearwater customers.

At North American, we want your input every step of the way. We have several moving packages for you to choose from that will make your transition out of sunny Florida a little less jarring. We will also provide education about the household moving process, so you can use the best techniques when packing your belongings. You can even choose to have our qualified movers pack for you. Our goal is to make your move away from Clearwater as smooth as possible while giving you a little bit of extra time to enjoy your favorite Clearwater activities, such as visiting the Clearwater Marine Aquarium or catching one last performance of Sunsets at Pier 60.

If you are preparing for a move away from Clearwater, partner with North American to make your move as smooth as possible. From packing the first box to setting up your bedroom set in your new home, we will ensure that everything gets done efficiently, so you can make this transition without hassle.

Reviews from florida Customers

  • I was promptly given an estimate and its possible changes were explained to me. The total cost was extremely close to the estimate given.
  • I think that the guy who did the estimate and the driver were professional and good natured about evrything. The reps did what was said was going to be done.
  • Del tm was outstanding. I had moved w/NAVL prior to this move. I was really, really satis with everything del tm did. I would go w/NAVL every time I move.
  • The driver was just excellent. The driver's attitude and how driver took care of everything. Also the driver that unloaded. I was very happy w/driver. Same driver for pick up and del.
  • The quality of the service and the price. The price was what we expected. I had good service from the people I called.
  • The movers provided care and attention to detail. Everything that was taken apart was placed back together.
  • Just how everything went from place to place with everything being in good shape so far. The crew was friendly and courteous. Mike was really good & did a great job. Mike did everything & comes highly recommended.
  • I was extremely satisfied with everything, the price was fair, everyone was cordial, and everything went well.
  • ten. the driver and his helpers were exceptional, very conscientious, and very careful with everything they touched
  • Everyone involved was polite and professional. I only had two small items damaged and everything else was in perfect shape. My stuff arrived so quick! The driver was super helpful and knew his crew.