Conquer that Mountain of Packing Materials

There’s nothing messier than your house during a big move. Whether you’re changing apartments, moving across the country or setting out on an overseas adventure, all those boxes, labels and packing peanuts can build up before you know it.

Ideally, it’s best to choose a professional mover that goes beyond just driving the truck and loading the moving boxes. The mover you choose should use high-quality protective coverings to safeguard your home and items, prepare a detailed inventory of items to be moved, and then label boxes and furniture with coded stickers.

If your budget requires that you tackle some of packing yourself, here are some ways to stay organized and cut down on the stress of clutter:

  • Set up a packing station. Whether it’s in a garage, a study, formal dining room or in a guest bedroom, choose an underutilized space with a flat surface to work on (like a desk, mattress, or table). This will be your packing “headquarters” and it will help you keep things a little less cluttered in the spaces you use the most. Set it up long before you move! That way, whenever you get a few minutes, you can pack up a closet, items under a bathroom sink, or any space— saving time down the road as the big move draws nearer.
  • Invest in a tape gun. Trying to tear off individual pieces and cut them with scissors is a clumsy process that’ll only slow you down. A tape gun is your best friend. It’ll not only save time, it’ll save your sanity.
  • Take this opportunity to de-clutter. Moving is a great excuse for getting rid of the items you no longer need. Not only will this free up space in your new home, it will create extra room for storing packing materials and other items in your current space. Have a garage sale or donate the items to a favorite charity.
  • Clear out the chemicals first. Movers can't take aerosol, flammables or ammunition. It's best to use them up or give them away before you move.
  • Get cooking. Now’s the time to start clearing out the pantry! Plan to use up most of your food before the move in order to clear out some space. Movers can’t move propane tanks, either, making it a great excuse to have a family barbecue.
  • Keep it virtual. There are tons of new apps out there for iPhone and Android that help make your move a breeze. Whether you want to create moving budgets and timelines, make a home inventory list, or even take pictures of your furniture and add measurements for your new space, it’s all at your fingertips.

Or course, hiring the right mover can make all the difference. North American Van Lines has more than 80 years of experience, plus highly-trained professionals, state-of-the-art equipment and nationwide and global resources. Our movers will come prepared with the latest tools and high-quality packing materials so your move will go quickly and smoothly.