Types of Moving Boxes

No matter what you're trying to pack, North American Van Lines has the box.

As you can see below, our boxes come in all different strengths and sizes to help ensure safe and efficient moving. Your local North American Van lines agent will recommend the appropriate cartons for your moving needs.

  1. 1.5 cu. ft. in U.S., and 2.0 cu. ft. in Canada (book box)
    Use for heavy or dense items including books, records, shoes, canned goods, kitchen canisters, small appliances and hand or power tools.

  2. 3 cu. ft. in U.S., and 4.0 cu. ft. in Canada
    General-purpose size. Good for toys, lampshades, pots and pans, kitchen utensils, etc.

  3. 4.5 and 6 cu. ft. in U.S., and 5.0 cu. ft. in Canada
    For large, lightweight items such as pillows, bedding and toys. Do not overload these moving boxes.

  4. Stand-Up Wardrobe
    Equipped with a bar for hanging clothes, curtains and draperies. The bottom is not designed to support weight; do not pack other items in the bottom of these cartons. Lay-down style wardrobe moving boxes are also available.

  5. Dishpacks
    Specially designed with available cell dividers for transporting dishes, glasses, bowls and other kitchenware. Also good for lamps, small pictures, knick-knacks and light appliances.

  6. Mirror Boxes
    Telescoping, large and small sizes. Provides extra protection for mirrors, large pictures and glass tabletops.

  7. Mattress Boxes
    Available in crib, twin, standard, double and queen/king sizes.

  8. Custom Crates
    Wooden crates can be custom built in various sizes. These crates are ideal for marble, large glass table tops, chandeliers, antiques, statuary, trophies and other large, bulky or delicate items requiring extra protection.

  9. Padding
    Provided for furniture and larger items. All non-packed or crated items will be padded using the highest quality materials available on the market today.