Packing Tips: Garage/Hobby Room/Storage

Garages and storage sheds typically take the longest to prepare for moving, as they are filled with odd-shaped, sharp or heavy items that require special care to pack correctly.

Professional movers recommend starting by safely disposing of items that cannot be shipped, like pesticides, fertilizers, oil and gas. See our list of Items That Cannot Be Shipped. Next, group items of a similar size or shape together, like long-handled tools with pruning shears. Then, make sure you have an assortment of moving boxes and newsprint to properly wrap and cushion items.


Long-handled garden tools, as well as brooms and mops, should be bundled together securely for moving. Attachments should be removed from power tools and packed separately.

  • Hand tools may be left in toolboxes. Fill spaces with crushed paper, or pack according to general packing rules. Always use small cartons for heavy tools.
  • Use old towels to wrap and tape any sharp-edged tools.

Don't Forget

Power tools must be completely drained of oil and gas before moving.

Rakes & Brooms

Shovels, rakes, brooms and the like need not be packed; gather them together for your mover to bundle in a pad.

Lawn & Patio Furniture

Remove cushions and clean frames. Pack pads in a large moving carton or wardrobe box.


Keep umbrellas clean and dry during moving by wrapping them in paper padding or a plastic bag and taping shut. Do not pack the weighted umbrella stand.


Dispose of any unused charcoal. Remove tank -- it cannot be transported in the moving van. See our list of Items That Cannot Be Shipped.

Outdoor Equipment

Before moving day, dismantle TV antennas, garden sheds, and swing sets that you plan to take with you.

  • Place small hardware in a plastic bag or old coffee can and label.
  • If possible, securely attach the parts bag to corresponding equipment.
  • Prepare lawn mower by safely draining gasoline prior to moving day.

Pots and Planters

Pack small ceramic or pottery planters for moving like any fragile item: individually wrapped with plenty of cushioning. If you plan to move any large or unusual planters, consult your moving professional.

Packing Help

You'll need to re-pack boxes that are torn or falling apart, or that cannot be sealed. This is often the case with items found in attics and crawl spaces, like seasonal decorations and toys.

Trash Cans

It may be easier just to buy new garbage cans at your destination.

  • Clean cans if you plan to take them with you.
  • If your cans are sealable or rollable, you may pack items in them, just don't make them too heavy.


Consult with your Relocation Consultant on the following items:

  • riding mower
  • gas-powered leaf blower
  • snow blower
  • motor scooter
  • moped
  • trampoline
  • above-ground swimming pool
  • hot tub
  • satellite dish
  • storage shed
  • swing set
  • jungle gym
  • dog house or kennel

If you're not sure about any item, just ask your Relocation Consultant.