How to Pack Shoes for Moving

Whether you're a family of one or five, learning how to pack shoes for moving will always be a challenge. You'd be surprised how much room shoes take up — especially if you don't have shoe boxes or experience with packing shoes. 

Here's a breakdown of the best ways to pack shoes for moving.

Get Rid of or Donate Unused Shoes

There’s no point packing something you won’t use! Before learning how to pack shoes for moving, go through your current collection and consider donating or throwing away old shoes you don’t wear or that no longer fit.

Box Nicer Shoes Individually

Always pack expensive shoes in a separate box to ensure they don't get dirty or scuffed in transit. Label these boxes to ensure you're extra careful when packing, loading, and unpacking. 

Tie Shoes Together

Don’t wind up with half a pair! One of the best ways to pack shoes for moving is by loosely tying each pair together before packing them. 

Pack Essential Pairs

Prioritize the shoes you wear every week. Consider packing your everyday pairs in the same box to ensure you have easy access when you arrive at your new home.

Pack Out-of-Season Shoes Separately

Winter boots, summer sandals, and special occasion heels should go into a separate box since you're less likely to use these shoes every day. Don't forget to label the boxes as “seasonal shoes” to help keep your packing and unpacking process organized. 

Use Clean Paper When Packing Shoes for Moving

Did you know newspapers, used packing paper, and colored tissue paper can actually stain your shoes? Stick with unused packing paper, clear bubble wrap, or clean paper towels instead. This will give you the peace of mind you need (especially if you don't get to unpack your shoes for a few weeks).

Pack Shoes with Tea Bags and Paper Inside

No one wants to open a box and be welcomed with an unpleasant odor. When you pack shoes for moving with tea bags, you can reduce the smell and keep them fresh and clean when you bring them into your new home. Place directly inside the shoes or in a few socks you pack in the same box.

Pack Heavy Shoes at the Bottom 

Adding your heaviest shoes, heels, and boots to the bottom of the box will help with weight distribution and protect delicate or expensive shoes during transit. 

Use Bubble Wrap Instead of Plastic Bags

Shoes, heels, and boots wrapped in plastic bags can rip through the material, leading to unwanted scuffs and marks on your other pairs. Bubble wrap helps prevent shoes from rubbing against each other during transit. 

Additional Tips for Packing Shoes for Moving

  • If shipping your shoes in suitcases or plastic storage bins, always keep them separated from your clothes to avoid unnecessary rips or tears.
  • When loading the moving van, never place heavy boxes on top of your shoe boxes. Place shoes on or near the top to avoid crushing them.
  • Ensure your shoes are completely dry before packing to prevent mold or bacteria from growing in your moving boxes. 

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