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If you’re moving to Plattsburgh, you can count on one of our three local North American Van Lines agents to facilitate that move. With average customer ratings from 4.75 to a perfect 5 stars, these agents provide excellent value and customer service to their clients. All of our agents are licensed, bonded and accredited by the Better Business Bureau as well as dedicated to providing a pleasant moving experience for their clients. We offer a wide variety of custom services, and our estimates are always free.

Instead of worrying about the move, North American Van Lines helps you to plan your adventures. We offer free packing materials, transportation for your vehicles and belongings, temporary storage solutions and more. We bring 85 years’ worth of experience to the table, and we work with customers planning residential, commercial, corporate and even international moves. No matter what brings you to or away from Plattsburgh, North American Van Lines will make sure your journey is pleasant.

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What a Move to Plattsburgh Has to Offer

Plattsburgh is the seat of Clinton County. With about 20,000 residents, the city is actually surrounded by a town of the same name. Adding to the confusion, for nearly half a century, the U.S. Postal Service listed it as "Plattsburg," until the city got postal officials to make a change in 1950. Even to this day, some signs and the engraved name of at least one bank in the city use the incorrect spelling.

White settlement of the area began before the American Revolution, at a time when French colonial settlers under Samuel de Champlain moved into the area and made it an outpost for the fur trade, which was centered in Montreal. Originally an Iroquois Indian land, the site of Plattsburgh transferred from French rule, to English possession, and finally to American acquisition, through treaties and ultimately the American Revolution.

The city was founded by Zephaniah Platt in 1785 when he was granted the land by colonial New York governor George Clinton. Despite English and subsequent American dominion, the citizens of Plattsburgh stuck to their French roots and named streets and squares of the city after local businessmen and politicians (or sometimes their daughters). The names of Champlain, in particular, along with French general Louis-Joseph de Montcalm are fairly common in this area, with the former being used for a college, the lake whose western shore the city rests on, and two shopping malls, among other sites.

Due to past influxes of French-Canadian tourists, many signs are bilingual (English and French), and Canadian visitors often come over the border to shop in Plattsburgh's many stores and shopping centers.

Large industrial companies such as Georgia-Pacific, Bombardier and Nova Bus have manufacturing plants here, and until 1995 Plattsburgh was the location of a major Air Force base from which the primary wing of the Strategic Air Command operated.

The North American Van Lines Difference

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