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North American Van Lines - West Lebanon, NH

At Hanover, we specialize in more than simply providing a temporary place to set your goods down. As a professional transfer and storage center for almost 20 years, Hanover has dedicated a great deal of time to honing unmatched levels of customer service and secure storage, ensuring that citizens in and around the Alexandria area can rest easy relying on the professional indexing, long term storage, and file retrieval services that have been cultivated with care since the beginnings of the 21st century tech boom, providing an unmatched records storage and transfer service to all of those living in the Central Louisiana area.

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Customer Reviews

Overall Rating: 4.78 / 5

  • ANDERSON A. The people who packed my goods and the driver who delivered my goods were fun to be around. It was a very enjoyable process, in spite of the heat down here in Florida.
  • PRINCE A. The furniture came without any nicks or scratrchesand came a couple of days earlier than the rep said.
  • YOUNG M. Wayne Lindsey, our delivery driver was great. Wayne kept in touch with me the whole time from when our goods was picked up from storage throughout the cross country trip and until the arrival.
  • SHOWALTER D. The communication, friendliness, and quickness of thr move everyone was great including setting up furniture.
  • ANNA S. Everything was done so well. The people that did the packing was very sociable, and the people who did the unloading was great.

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