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Michigan Moving Companies

If you're planning a corporate relocation or a residential move in Michigan, we have moving agents located in Grand Rapids, Farmington Hills, Lansing and throughout the state who can assist you and answer any questions. You'll find agents who can arrange services such as moving, unloading, reloading and even storage. Our agents are always happy to give you a free quote on a move whether it's in town, from one peninsula to the other or across the country. All of our agents are accredited by the BBB and always continue to strive to make customers like you happy. If you need something loaded, unloaded and transported just a few miles away or hundreds of miles to their new home, you can feel safe knowing that we have over 85 years of experience in finding qualified movers under our belt.

You can make the decision to pack your own items or let us help, but you'll probably want to take advantage of our ability to arrange the connection and disconnection of larger items such as appliances. Our agents are licensed and bonded to make your moving experience as pleasant as possible. Contact one of our agents today to get started.

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If Michigan is next on the horizon for your family's future or your career's demand, northAmerican has got you covered in more ways than one.

If variety is on the agenda of your next move, heading to the northern region encapsulated by Michigan will be your best bet. The state of Michigan features the unique geographical characteristic of being made up of two separate peninsulas, which are mitigated by the Great Lakes that account for a significant amount of the state's culture and identity. They have even earned the state of Michigan the official nickname of the “Great Lake State”. Other affectionate colloquial nicknames for the state include the Water Winter Wonderland, and the Mitten State, thanks to the bulk of the state having a shape that resembles a large, woolen mitten, of course. While the two peninsulas of Michigan comprise the singular state, there are significant distinctions that distinguish the peninsulas from one another. The upper peninsula holds down its own industries, neighborhoods, and identity, while the lower peninsula (which heavily resembles a large mitten) arguably holds a greater quantity of the state's history and culture, and once accounted for the entirety of the state's borders. Michigan's largest city, Detroit, contributes to the population of the Metro Detroit region, bringing the total population of the Great Lakes state to nearly ten million.

The urban centers of job growth afforded by Michigan are currently unmatched. Detroit is also largely responsible for giving Michigan its identity as a state that has historically revolved largely around an unmatched automotive industry—one that has, in recent years, experienced a highly unpredictable amount of major ups and downs. The size and scope of this automotive industry is highly evident by its ability to affect the world economy on an immediate and global scale, based on its current developments and overall performance. Many Michigan residents recall events in recent years that have caused major economic ripple effects throughout the state's many separate industries. Everything from real estate to food industry long suffers a close tie to Michigan's automotive industry, for better or for worse, and many Michigan residents likely wouldn't have it any other way.

In contrast to the heavy industrial identity of the lower peninsula, Michigan's upper peninsula has garnered a reputation as more of a tourist destination that brings new faces to the state every year. The natural beauty and wonder of Michigan's upper peninsula are a hallmark of what it means to be a Michigander (or Yooper, for those who reside in the upper regions of the great lake state). Are you looking to make your way to either of these distinctive peninsulas? If so, we hope that you'll look toward North American Van Lines as your all in one moving solution to help you along your way.

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