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Illinois Moving Companies

Looking for reliable moving companies in Illinois? Find the professionalism, dedication, and service you’re looking for with North American Van Lines. Whether you are moving into or out of Illinois, North American Van Lines should always be your first choice when relocating your valuable property.

Regardless of what might happen to bring you to Illinois, you can rest assured that North American Van Lines will be right there with you to help make it happen!

In need of a move somewhere that epitomizes the heartlands of American culture and opportunity? You're in luck. The state of Illinois is something of an underrated cultural influence on the United States as a whole-- from the historical going ons of its capital city of Springfield, to the monolithic 20th century influence of its largest city of Chicago that continue to play a power house role in shaping the national cultural identity and political ideals today, Illinois is a somewhat quiet but unyielding U.S. state in regards to its contributions to the country in both its cultural influence and its economic presence.

The opportunities afforded by Illinois weren't by any means born yesterday. The early history of Chicago largely revolves around its western quadrant and its unique growth, with early settlers deriving somewhat uniquely from French Canadian settlements of the time, from the north. As such, the state's name is derived from these French language roots, while its nickname of the “Prairie state” derives largely from the early role that the state's geography and climate played in contributing to the region's agricultural (and subsequently economic) success.

You'll be in good company among the greats throughout American history. Illinois may have a mysteriously consistent tendency to influence the political climate of the United States, for reasons not quite known. From Abraham Lincoln and Ulysses S. Grant, to more recent presidents Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama, a considerable quantity of current and former U.S. presidents have derived from the “Land of Lincoln,” with almost all being sworn in as president while residing in the state of Illinois at the time. If you're looking to become a United States president one day, you might consider having North American Van Lines ship you out to the Illinois prairies as a smart career choice.

Early railroads and other industrial advancements slightly ahead of the curve at the time allowed Illinois (and namely Chicago) to become a place for immigrants which came from both far and wide. The historical Great Migration from the American south gave rise to a large number of African Americans who were able to enjoy calling Chicago home, and the modern city proudly maintains the effects of this movement today –much of Chicagoan culture and history is shaped around African American heritage, and particular features along these lines include major musical contributions in the genres of blues, jazz, and more. Some immigrants even came to Illinois from as far as Germany and Sweden, hoping to take advantage of the state's booming agricultural advancements that were something of a technological anomaly at the time. Self-scouring steel plows and other prairie cultivating technologies are prime examples of what was once a major innovator in the agricultural field.

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