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If you’re preparing to move to Elk Grove Village, IL, selecting North American Van Lines to be your moving company can lessen some of the stress that's so often associated with moving. What makes us stand out among other moving companies is that we have more than 90 years of experience helping a variety of people relocate to cities such as Elk Grove Village. Our agents work hard to hire movers that will safely get your possessions to Elk Grove Village and conduct your move with efficiency. Get in touch with us today if you’re ready to begin the process of moving to the city of Elk Grove Village.

What a Move to Elk Grove Village Has to Offer

Elk Grove Village is a suburb of Chicago that’s roughly 40 minutes away from its downtown and right next to Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport. It boasts North America’s largest industrial park, with more than 3,600 businesses that call the nearly 5.5-square-mile business park home. While the town is named for the small herd of elk that live in the Busse Woods preserve, its citizens often embrace the business identity for which the city is known.

The companies that inhabit the business park employ nearly 100,000 people, many of whom work in manufacturing and freight. Data centers are also often prevalent, as are multiple Fortune 500 companies. If you’re looking for a business-friendly suburb that’s near a big city as well as numerous transportation options, then Elk Grove Village may be ideal for you.

There is much more to Elk Grove Village than work. There are, of course, numerous entertainment options in Chicago, and the proximity to the airport gives you access to a variety of other locations. You don’t have to travel very far to reach a lovely recreational area, however, since the town includes the Ned Brown Preserve (also referred to as the Busse Woods). Boat rentals, biking trails, picnic areas and elk-spotting locations are all available for visitors to enjoy. For those who want to spend time near a fairly large body of water, Lake Michigan is less than an hour away.

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Whether you need a moving company just for the moving process or you require further assistance with temporary storage and vehicle transportation, North American Van Lines is up to the challenge of giving you the service that you want and deserve. Our moving company strives to handle as much of the move as our clients require, and our movers are equipped to handle services like loading, unloading, installation and assembly. Contact us today so that we can give you a free, straightforward estimate on your move to Elk Grove Village.

Reviews from illinois Customers

  • The whole cooperation and politeness and friendliness. Everything came through great. NorthAmerican handled my personal antiques with kid gloves. Everyone there was very nice and showed up on time.
  • The way NorthAmerican handled the furniture. There were no scratches, nicks, or anything wrong with anything. It was great.
  • The rep and crew was very professional. I was blown away. The crew was very helpful and they made the overall experience less stressful.
  • It was Mr O'mera. He is the greatest. The driver was great. They were very helpful at both ends. I appreciate the service.
  • The detail of the packing and the care of our home in Chicago. The crew worked so hard. The crew was very pleasant all day long, and very honest.
  • I have moved two thousand miles across country and I have never been happier. North American did everything that was supposed to be done.
  • I was influenced by the respect to the furniture in both houses. I was informed w/ communication throughout the move. I was impressed w/ the response to my special requests.
  • The attentiveness of the move coordinator and the fact that my special request was fulfilled is what influenced my rating.
  • The loaders and unloaders and the driver was excellent. The service through the scheduler was really good. The communication was great. I have moved with NorthAmerican Van Lines 3 times before.
  • I requested for a crew that was confident and experienced at going this kind of work. I was given a team that consisted of husband and wife that made sure everyone did their job. I was very happy.

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