Preparing for a Move: Six Tips for Wrapping It Up With Packing Paper

If you’re not hiring a packing company to neatly wrap your belongings and get them ready for the long haul ahead, there are some things you can do to ensure their safety. For instance, rounding up sturdy boxes and investing in high-quality tape and packing paper is critical – but how you wrap your things is just as important. Below are seven tips that will help keep your belonging safe inside your boxes:

  • Crumple several sheets of packing paper and place them at the bottom of each box. Once the items have been wrapped and placed inside, crumple more paper and place it in the top of the box before securing the lid. This will provide added cushioning where you need it most.
  • Dishes should travel standing on end, so wrap each plate, saucer, etc. in two or three layers of packing paper, then place them on end in boxes that have been designed especially for dishes.
  • Stemware should be wrapped in several layers of packing paper then placed vessel-side down in specially designed boxes.
  • For figurines, first wrap each item in tissue paper, and then wrap them again with packing paper that has been crushed then flattened out. Once complete, place them in a well cushioned box.
  • If you’re moving small mirrors, plaques and pictures, try wrapping them individually in packing paper, then using a bath towel or small blanket makes as an outer wrapping before placing on edge in a box.
  • Small kitchen appliances, like coffee grinders, and home accessories, like clocks, should be wrapped be wrapped in at least one layer of crumpled (then flattened) packing paper, then their cords should be wrapped around the paper, then they should be wrapped in another one to three layers of paper before being placed in a cushioned box. This way, the cords won’t scratch the appliances.

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