When Professional Removal is Necessary

Whether you’re moving yourself or hiring a team to transport your things from “point A” to “point B” – there are just some items that should be professionally removed before being loaded onto a truck that’s headed for your new home.  Professional removals should include:

  • Antiques & Artwork: Firms that specialize in packaging, transporting and otherwise handling antiques and artwork can assess the state of the items, wrap them accordingly and transport the item in a way that mitigates damage.
  • Gas Appliances: Because gas appliances can be dangerous for the average person to connect, disconnect, and/or service, you should call a professional technician to provide the services you need prior to moving day. This may mean disconnecting the dryer or stove and preparing it for transport, then servicing and connecting it at your new home.
  • Satellite Dish Components: To ensure that your system is properly disconnected, packaged and reinstalled, professional movers advise that you contact your satellite service provider to help prepare for your move. They can then reinstall the items and get your service back up once you’re at your new home.
  • Specialty Electronics or Medical Equipment: If you’re a DJ, musician, have sensitive computer equipment, or medical equipment that requires special handling, it’s advisable to hire a professional technician to disconnect and package the items for transport.
  • Volatile Combustibles: If you have oxygen tanks for medical use, fuel cans that cannot be emptied, or other volatile combustible or hazardous materials that require special handling, contact a local professional to help with their packaging, removal and transport.
  • Trees and Built-in Items: Although it may be rare, families do occasionally want to transport trees, pergolas, and other custom built-in items. In this case, it’s advisable that you have an arborist or the artisan who created the item remove it and prepare it for transport.

To ease the burden of arranging for so many technicians while you’re preparing to leave your current home for another, moving companies like North American Van Lines can often arrange for the third-party services – including removals – you’ll need. Such services generally come with an added administrative fee, but for the convenience, most families think it’s worth the cost.